The state is powerless…and the “party” is forced to make a decision

Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, confirmed in an interview with Al-Mayadeen TV that “Lebanon has been protected from Israeli aggression since 2006 until today, and the enemy does not dare to commit any aggression, and the enemy admits that there is ‘ a balance of deterrence,” and indicated that “since the July war, Even today, the Israeli enemy is aware that any action against Lebanon will be met with a reaction.”

Nasrallah said: “The beginning of deterrence began in 1984-1985, when the enemy was forced early to withdraw from many of the areas it occupied.” From 1993 to 1996, a high level of deterrence was achieved. He explained that “the April 1996 understanding established victory in 2000, as deterrence had several headlines, including preventing the occupation from bombing civilian targets without a response.” 2006 until today, it dare not take any action against Lebanon.”

On the maritime borders, Nasrallah said: “Lebanon now faces a historic opportunity in light of Europe’s need to secure an alternative to Russian oil and gas. America and Europe need oil and gas, and Israel sees an opportunity in that,” adding that “Biden doesn’t want a war in the region, and this is an opportunity for us.” To exert pressure to obtain our oil.” He emphasized that “the issue is not Karish and Qana, but all the oil and gas fields looted by Israel in the waters of Palestine in exchange for Lebanon’s rights. ” “The ball is not in Lebanon’s court now, Lebanon is the victim and is prohibited from extracting oil and gas, even in the area that is supposed to be not in dispute,” stressing that “our goal is that Lebanon is extracting oil and gas because that is the only way Lebanon can survive.”

Nasrallah said: “The Lebanese state is unable to take the appropriate decision that protects Lebanon and its wealth, and therefore the resistance is obliged to take this decision.”

On the other hand, Nasrallah said: “If the Lebanese state informs us that it accepts fuel from Iran as a gift, and our Hezbollah is ready to bring the required amount.”

Regarding the resistance marches, Nasrallah stressed: “Our marches always entered the Galilee region and returned dozens of times during the past few years without being shot down by the enemy.” Everything has to do with Karish field.

He explained: “Within a certain level, we are able to confront the Israeli marches while working in difficult conditions.” Matters for war The Lebanese must have faith in their Lord and faith in this resistance, which Lebanon’s will on the enemy, and the possibility that other powers will enter the war is very likely.”

Nasrallah stressed that “there is a lie and slander that the Lebanese security services work under the command of Hezbollah and public security does its normal work and is present at all border crossings,” adding that “public security works on the basis of a judicial signal, since the bishop’s pockets were searched, and what did Hezbollah import? And if we had a relationship, we would announce it and not be afraid of anyone.” And he continued: “I say to all the Lebanese people, especially the Christians, be sure that Hezbollah has no relationship close or far with this matter. , and this incident is used for sectarian and sectarian mobilization.”

He pointed out that “Judge Akiki was betrayed because he signaled public security to search the bishop’s pockets. Today, the marginalization of the security services and the judiciary is being carried out by those who objected to us when we spoke about the incident. of the harbor bombing,” and considered that “this road is dangerous and does not serve the interest of the country and Lebanon is neither divided nor federalized. ceiling is known.” And he thought that “some people want to improve their position near the presidential elections,” he continued, “Imam Al-Sayyid Musa Al-Sadr issued a decision not to take help from the good wall that the occupation had previously erected .” He added, “The issue of the relationship with Israel and money from the occupied interior is against the laws and some people hypocritically say that Israel is an enemy,” and asked, “The issue of Iranian diesel is a violation of sovereignty , while money from the occupied interior does not violate sovereignty.”

Regarding the internal Lebanese affairs, Nasrallah said: “We see no benefit in talking about the specifications of the President of the Republic in Lebanon.” He stressed that “there are no so-called Hezbollah sources, and when we make a decision. , we issue a statement or appoint an official and announce our decision.” the presidency We are in a position to support one of the candidates.” Limited and limited, and the executive authority rests with the government as a whole.

He believed that “whoever His Excellency wants to evaluate the President should be evaluated in the light of his powers and the accusations go to the wrong place.” He added, “The government in Lebanon is responsible for the economic and social policy,” noting that “the solution in Lebanon begins with the formation of a serious and responsible government and not waiting for the election of the president of the Republic not.” He stressed that “what is required is a government that bears responsibility, and the parties that refuse to participate want to escape responsibility.” We still have to do it with this alliance, we did it, and General Aoun is a strong man who overrode the American veto and made the decision during the battle of the outskirts.

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