With High School Results Approaching… 13 Most In-Demand Jobs in the Future That Top Colleges Don’t Provide

With the start of the countdown to the announcement of the results of the high school exams, scheduled for next week, the search for a college that has a future and a secure job has become the focus of the largest percentage of students and parents , in view of the loss of the top colleges of their glamor and job value, until they became unemployed graduates, and among them Engineering, languages, media and others, which are the reasons that prompted parents to go to colleges with a secure future to look for, both functionally and Socially. Therefore, Al-Ahram Gate discusses this issue by presenting a prescription to parents that helps them determine the university fate for their children away from top colleges, some of which have fallen into the abyss.

future jobs

The jobs of the future have become the most in demand in light of the development the world is currently witnessing due to the continuous technological boom it is experiencing. Highly formatted faculties.

According to some scientific reports on future jobs around the world, experts expected that 85 million jobs will disappear around the world, compared to 97 million new jobs that will appear by 2025, provided that the new jobs depend on software engineering, machine learning, data analysis – and marketing specialists.

It is also necessary to provide a number of skills, including personal skills, such as decision-making, innovation and communication skills, such as collaboration, project management and technical skills such as programming. Reports have indicated that more than one billion young people around the world will enter the global market in the period from 2015 to 2025, and 40 % of them will find suitable work for them.

Top future jobs

In the following lines, we review the most important future jobs that can be worked on because the demand for them is expected to increase in the coming years, and they can help you determine the fate of the university.

Software development will continue to be one of the most popular fields in the world as more companies turn to digital platforms and products, rapid advances in technology will create more than a million jobs for software developers in the next few years create, and there are plenty of online courses to help you learn programming.

The need for data is growing in different businesses, as companies have increased their use of data in their work by analyzing it and taking advantage of it in making various decisions, whether related to marketing decisions, production, sales or other activities of the company , so the demand for data analysts will increase in the future.

  • Information security experts

By relying on digitization in business, the threat of cybercriminals and criminal organizations has increased, so companies rely on information security experts to help them meet these difficult challenges that companies face, and information security experts are responsible for companies help improve their information security applications. be able to against hackers and malware.

  • artificial intelligence experts

The demand for artificial intelligence experts has recently increased, and they are responsible for the search for advanced solutions to increase the speed and performance of different system algorithms in the labor market, so artificial intelligence is one of the most important professions of the future, and it industry will be the next technological leap, and this field will become more competitive.

  • Blockchain technology experts

Blockchain is a large, shared and evenly distributed database on multiple computers around the world. It is a non-modifiable technology that facilitates the recording of transactions and the tracking of assets on its network. Anything of value can be tracked and traded on the Blockchain network, which reduces risks and lowers the costs for everyone involved, and the technologies based on it will revolutionize various areas, such as the areas of finance, health and logistics.

  • cyber security expert

One of the most important professions of the future. The biggest problem that plagues owners of companies, websites and e-shops and those who have a digital presence is electronic piracy. As the field of information technology evolves, so do the methods of hackers looking for loopholes to gain access to the systems of companies, banks and institutions, and then steal, sabotage or extort them..

  • Email Marketing Manager

Digital marketing is related to marketing the products or services of the company or organization in which you work to potential customers, as the marketing function includes finding creative ways to direct opinions and perceptions about the company, and this is one of the most important future occupations, as it also prepares marketing plans, oversees various advertising campaigns, and determines a budget Marketing and oversees market and competitor research operations.

  • SEO specialist

A person who specializes in marketing and uses some tools to improve the ranking of websites on search engines, such as the Google search engine, which helps search engines find those sites and present them to web users, which in turn increases the number of increases on websites, which contribute to an increase in sales.

  • Content marketing

Creative marketing, which involves creating and sharing online marketing materials, such as blogs, social media posts or online videos, that do not directly promote companies or organizations, but aim to increase interest in their products and services.

  • graphic designer

This is one of the most important professions of the future, because this field has become indispensable, and many companies need someone to help them design all kinds of designs, such as designing books, advertising destinations, logo design and publication images, and help companies transform their ideas and turn them into attractive designs. Express companies, which improves the user experience, so it is recommended for people who love graphics and designs, and have the creative freedom and ability to design things from scratch, the direction of professionalism in this profession.

  • Editing and animation specialist

This profession is not less important than the profession of graphic designers, because montage and animation are not less important than graphic design, and companies of all kinds need specialists to help them edit their videos, or create animated videos , which by their very nature aim to market a message or a product. Certainly for these companies, and since the career of video design is wide, it is a good idea to choose an area of ​​specialization to ensure that you can be creative in this field as one of the jobs of the future..

  • UI designer

They are the ones who design and improve the interfaces of websites for various clients, in aesthetic ways that suit their requirements, and user interface designers can work on completely new sites, or on existing websites, and good user interface designers are distinguished by their attention to the needs of the user and customers and effective communication with them, to create websites that facilitate Access and navigation.

The tasks of user interface designers include things like: designing web pages using the designer’s technical skills, determining not only how a website looks but how it works, creating sites with an attractive user experience , and to test it so that it is effective and responsive, with communication Continuous and effective work with site developers, to ensure that work is carried out with the required quality.

  • Alternative energy

Alternative energy sources such as wind, solar or water energy have created hundreds of new jobs that will inevitably remain for many years to come, from mechanical engineers and energy scientists to field sales and marketing experts, all future jobs you can start and ensure your safety in A world ruled by the machine, and various universities around the world have begun to offer technical degrees, bachelor’s and graduate degrees, and even MBAs in the field of alternative energy or green energy.

Choose the right college for your future job

Dr. Alaa Al-Ghandour, a psychological rehabilitation consultant, confirms that high school students should choose the college they want to enter according to their abilities and capabilities, not different grades.

Students must discover their needs and passion in study and the labor market afterwards, especially the jobs available in the future, and the type of study they want to study at university, which matches their existing skills, and the skills he needs to learning within the college so that he can meet his study needs, and qualify him for the future job he dreams of.

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