A dead fish or a boss?.. A handshake shows personality traits

It may seem strange, but it is true. The handshake has many connotations and therefore describes your relationship with the other person, and it is the most popular means of greeting and peace.

handshake date

The handshake has been a way of greeting for more than two thousand years, and it was done this way by the ancient Greeks, who did not discover the connection between handshakes and the transmission of diseases.

It is believed that shaking hands with the right hand was considered a sign that the stranger did not carry a weapon and reassured the other party, and shaking hands warmly promotes harmony and closeness to those shaking hands.

In Western Europe, pressing the hand when shaking hands expresses firmness, while in Eastern Europe they avoid it so as not to suggest control, and impressions vary by society.

Handshake and infection

Many famous personalities avoid shaking hands and shaking hands, such as the American scientist and billionaire Bill Gates, for fear of transmitting a disease to them.

Medical studies issued after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic recommend avoiding handshakes in health facilities and hospitals, where many diseases and germs can be transmitted, whether to visitors, workers or patients themselves, according to DW.

Studies have shown that saluting by touching the fists is better, as fewer areas of the hand are touching, and therefore less transmission of infectious germs.

Character of handshake

According to the German “Focus” website, a study conducted by American researchers concluded that the handshake reflects our personality as much as it reflects affection.

According to the study, the strength of the handshake, the duration of communication and the exchange of opinions between handshakes are indicators of personal expression, and the way the handshake does not change over time, making it an imprint for each individual.

A gloved handshake conveys a sense of confidence, interest and a sense of reassurance, while a limp handshake generates a sense of caring and indifference and indicates a lack of confidence, as does a quick handshake.

But when the handshake is by exchanging fists between the handshakes, it is a sign of mutual intimacy and loyalty between the two parties.

Types of handshake:

A strong handshake A strong handshake is one in which a person holds his hand with strength and energy, and it is called the “king of handshakes”.

It establishes friendship and strength in the relationship and strength between the two people, and shows respect and trust towards the other person.

This type of handshake gives a certain feeling of good and positive vitality, thus strengthening a good relationship

Sweaty handshake However, people naturally sweat, and a sweaty handshake can have a different meaning.

No matter how hot the weather is or how busy a person is, a sweaty handshake indicates a nervous person.

The nervous system of a frightened person becomes hyperactive and leads to excessive sweating all over the body, including the palms.

One should always have a clean, dry handshake, no matter how anxious or nervous the person is.

dead fish

One of the types of handshake that ends the relationship, in this type of handshake there is no force, no enthusiasm, no interest, no love or respect, just a light touch.

In this type of handshake, the person clearly shows the fact that he may have low self-esteem.

It indicates that there is no room for any kind of relationship and brings negativity to the two people.

The handshake varies according to its meaning

quick handshake

This is a type of handshake when a person is clearly trying to avoid you, done at a fast pace and mainly just for the social status of the handshake.

This type of handshake conveys a feeling that the person is either angry with you, hates you, or is jealous of you.

The person who gives a quick handshake shows that he has an inferiority complex or a superiority complex, if the person has an inferiority complex, he will definitely try to compete with you or else if he has a superiority complex, he will not much does not give importance.

Shake hands with both hands

A handshake with both hands gives a gesture of trust and warmth, establishes an inseparable friendship and bond, and automatically brings a big beautiful smile to the face.

This type of handshake is often seen between politicians in a country or leaders of different countries, and here indicates a good agreement between the two parties.

bossy handshake

The dominant handshake is a type of handshake where the person, on the other hand, has a habit of controlling.

He who prefers a bossy handshake believes that the whole world goes according to his words, and therefore he will try to control.

A bossy handshake does not build a healthy relationship because one will always try to control the other.

bone breaker

A firm handshake is good, but one should not be too firm, being hard on someone will surely harm your relationship.

The other person may not do it on purpose, but if it is done on purpose, it is a clear sign of harm or torture.

lobster claw

This is called a handshake in which a person’s thumb and fingers touch the palm of the other party’s hand.

This type of handshake depicts a strong relationship between the two people and is only received by special people, as it is an indication of love and intimacy.

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