Comparison between Hyundai Staria 2022 and Honda Odyssey 2022

1 – Hyundai Starya 2022:

The Hyundai Starya 2022 has been officially launched after a long teaser campaign in which the prestigious Hyundai gives a new definition to future minibuses, embodying the company’s vision to provide vehicles that meet all the needs of passengers through the methodology of the innovative design style of the car that offers spacious spaces inside. It focuses on the comfort of the driver and passengers, in addition to its modern exterior design that combines innovation, flexibility and elegance.

The Hyundai Staria 2022 falls under the MPV category, and is characterized by its high and exceptional performance that represents the values ​​of inspiration, ambition and vitality of the Hyundai brand, which is always keen to provide cars with unparalleled driving experiences, with standards that exceed all limits.

Hyundai Starya 2022

Hyundai Starya 2022 Engine:

Hyundai Staria is available in the Saudi market with a single 6-cylinder engine, with a capacity of 3.5 liters, to generate 270 horsepower, and it is also available with an 8-speed automatic transmission, and four wheel drive.

The fuel consumption rate of the new Hyundai Staria is also estimated at 10.8 km/litre.

Security and protection systems:

The car has many safety and security technologies; Since the safety of the driver and passengers is a priority for the company, it has been keen to introduce many safety systems that have helped to reduce the risks of accidents and injuries, the most prominent of which are:

• Anti-theft system
• Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
Hill Start Assist System (HAC)
• Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)
Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist (BCA)
• Wireless Seat Belt Reminder (WM-SBR)
• Safe Exit Assistance (SEA)
Rear Passenger Alert (ROA)
• Sensors to alert the driver

look outside:

Staria comes with an exterior design inspired by spaceships; It has a smooth and harmonious curved look, and the car shines with its bold front end, which is evident to us through the striking vertically designed daytime running lights and its wide windows that give a feeling of spaciousness and spaciousness.

While we find chrome and brass finishes on the company logo, the front grille, the front and rear bumpers, as well as the side mirrors, which gave the car a distinct and unique look that suggests the modernity of the vehicle.

This modern car is also based on wheels with a very attractive design in the form of elegant diamond graphics high gloss, which are available in 17 inches.

Inside cabin:

Hyundai Staria - from the inside
Hyundai Staria from inside

This modern vehicle targets large families or important businessmen as it is supported by the extreme luxury to ensure complete comfort for the driver and passengers at the highest levels and on their various journeys. To facilitate access or maximize luggage space.

Staria is equipped with many innovative equipment and technologies that enhance the luxurious and exceptional quality of the vehicle, including:

• 10.25 inch infotainment screen
• Automatic door locks
• Multi-zone air conditioner
• Bluetooth
• Wicked sound system
• 6 speakers
• panoramic sunroof
• 64 ambient lights
As for the Hyundai Staria colors available for the interior design of the vehicle, they are:
• completely black
• black and beige
• black and blue

Hyundai Staria - interior photo
Hyundai Staria – interior photo

Hyundai Starya 2022 price:

Hyundai staria 2022 was launched in Saudi market in one category which is:
Hyundai Staria 9 passenger 2022 with a starting price of 124,700 SAR

2 – Honda Odyssey 2022:

We can classify it as a multifunctional vehicle designed for long road trips as well as short distances within cities, including bringing children to school within the city.

Inside, the car has plenty of space for either the front or back seats, in addition to a large trunk when the rear seats are folded for the last row. You can also count on the powerful engine in this 6-cylinder car when starting off strong make the way

Add to this the various interior technology features in the model that the car comes with, with driver assistance features that add additional safety factors in the car.
Despite all these features, the car is not the only one in this category, but its closest competitors are Chrysler Pacifica, Kia Carnival, Toyota Sienna and Kia Sedona.

Honda Odyssey 2022
Honda Odyssey 2022

What’s New in Honda Odyssey 2022?

The 2022 Honda Odyssey received facelift updates that included many parts in it, either externally or internally, compared to the previous year’s model. It also got a new choice of colors, which is Radiant Red Metallic II, which is metallic red is.

Odyssey 2022 prize for all categories

What has been announced so far is the launch of the car in the US market in five categories, all the differences between these categories come in external or internal luxuries, with the engine version given to all six-cylinder categories.

• Odyssey LX at a price of 33,000 dollars, which is equivalent to 123,000 riyals.
• Odyssey EX at a price of 36,000 dollars, which is equivalent to 135,000 riyals.
• Odyssey EX-L at a price of 40,000 dollars, which is equivalent to 150,000 riyals.
• Odyssey Touring at a price of 44,000 dollars, which is equivalent to 165,000 riyals.
• Odyssey Elite at a price of 49,000 dollars, which is equivalent to 183,000 riyals.

Both the first and second class LX and EX have good interior specifications, but the EX-L class has the most features compared to it, such as luxury leather seats, USB ports in the rear seats, and the electrically operated tailgate, and it is priced as considered average with the rest of the categories.

This category has 18-inch tires that can run comfortably on various roads, although the Elite category has 19-inch tires.

Odyssey 2022 Engine:

When you decide to drive an Odyssey, you won’t feel like you’re driving a three-row car, but rather you’re driving a sports car because of the engine power, direct steering and light effort.

The car has a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine that produces 280 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 262 pound-feet of torque at 4700 rpm with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

This car accelerates from 0 to 96 km in 6.5 seconds and has a top speed of 111 mph, which is equivalent to about 180 km per hour.

As for the fuel consumption of the car, it consumes an average of 19 miles per liter of fuel when driving in the city, and consumption on the highways varies greatly to match 28 miles per liter of fuel, and some statistics indicated that the car is efficient in the consumption of up to 30 miles per liter on the roads The fast.

Although considered very economical, the Chrysler Pacifica, which is a strong competitor, consumes 33 mpg on the highway.

Exterior specifications Odyssey 2022:

The design possesses the basic identity of Honda in terms of the front grill, which includes a number of wide black slats, which are connected to the headlights that are drawn to the sides of the car and contain LED lights.

The air opening at the bottom of the front bumper is small, with fog lights with a horizontal design, 17-inch sports tires, bends on the side structure of the car, handles and mirrors in the same color as the car’s body, with a door that opens can be by withdrawing.

The rear fascias are of a traditional design but are large in size extending to the side frame, with a sporty rear spoiler and shark fin on the roof.

Interior Specifications Odyssey 2022:

Honda Odyssey - Interior
Honda Odyssey – Interior

The minibus multitasking truck is comfortable in the city and powerful on the highway, with the possession of the second and third rows of seats that allow adults to ride in it comfortably.

And when we compare the Odyssey and Pacifica seats, we find that the second-row seats in the Odyssey are the best and most comfortable, and are movable in the EX class and the rest of the other classes from the sides, front and back , which makes the car many positions in its use.

In the car there is a camera for the seats in the second and third row, which is displayed on the front screen to transmit the movement of children behind you.

Honda Odyssey - wallpaper picture
Honda Odyssey – wallpaper picture

The standard class of the LX car can be considered as not carrying very important technologies, while the rest of the classes have an 8-inch entertainment screen and it is called Display Audio, which allows you to turn on the list of communications to match the feature of connecting to the smartphone, not only through Bluetooth, but from Through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

While the higher categories Touring and Elite come with a better entertainment system, which is a screen for the rear seats with entertainment apps for children.

Honda Odyssey - cabin
Honda Odyssey – cabin

Safety Odyssey 2022:

Some car companies when they release names for safety and security systems, including Honda, which unveiled driver assistance technology with a system called Honda Sensing.

And perhaps the most prominent safety features in this car are the brakes that work automatically in the event of an emergency, the lane detection function around the car, the lane departure warning function with lane keepers, the blind spot monitoring function, the sensors to assist in parking, and the adaptive cruise control on the car The Road .

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