Faida Kamel.. She married the Minister of Interior and caused the bombing of Abu Zaabal Radio, and that’s what she did with Mubarak!

A singer, politician and the most famous member of parliament in Egypt, her membership in parliament spans 34 years of the caliph’s circle, so she entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest parliamentarian in the world.

Faida Kamel’s talent appeared as a singer at the age of eight through the Baba Sharo children’s program on the radio, and she joined the Music Institute and, together with the artist Abdel Halim Hafez, the diamond leader Ahmed Fouad Hassan and the composer Kamal Al-Taweel, and despite her inclinations and artistic studies, she joined the Faculty of Law and obtained a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Cairo.

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Due to her enthusiastic voice, Fayda Kamel presented a large group of patriotic songs that ignited the enthusiasm of the people during the tripartite aggression. Her voice sounded from the radio with the song “Let my heavens and my sky be burning. . Watch my channel get flooded.” It was composed by Ali Ismail, her colleague at the institute. The song alarmed the British, which is why they sent their planes during The aggression went to the radio area in Abu Zaabal – at the time – Faida Kamel’s confusion. voice, thus Faida Kamel earned the title “Sawt Masr”.

Among her patriotic songs is also “The Peace Is Returned Yanel After the Bitter Struggle”, written by Harem Al-Ghamrawi and composed by Mahmoud Al-Sharif, in addition to her participation in the song “My homeland is my beloved, my greatest homeland”. , one day after a day of glory with the greatest arrogance”, in which a group of Egyptian and Arab singers such as Abdel Wahab, Abdel Halim, Warda and Najat participated. and Shadia.

Yawad Yasmara Faida Kamel offered quite a few religious supplications, the most famous of which is “God is not for me, but you of help” and one of her popular songs is “Ya Wadi Ya Samara Kefaya Al Shatara” in 1959. 1948 Directed by Kamal Al-Sheikh, then Ali Qad Hafak, You and I, The Land of Peace.

forced marriage

Fayda Kamel married Al-Nabawi Ismail, who was a captain before becoming the Minister of Interior during the Sadat era, and she met him at the home of her friend Bahja Jaheen, the sister of the artist Salah Jaheen, and she retired from singing, hence the name Singer of Power.

About her life before she left, she said: “All my dreams came true and I didn’t plan to enter Parliament, which caused me to retire from singing, which was the dream of my life since childhood , and which my father encouraged me to do because of his belief in the power of my voice.”

She is a deputy in the Parliament and was elected as a member of the first parliament during the era of Sadat in 1971. She has taken up the defense of many issues, especially the political and social rights of Egyptian women. She accepted personal status issues and her requests. and interrogations led to women obtaining Egyptian citizenship for their children with a foreign father and she was an advocate of the divorce law. She was the first to introduce the slogan of the female half of society.

The most famous of those presented in Parliament was his proposal to amend the Constitution Article 77 by extending the term of President Sadat’s election for life, but President Sadat left a few months after the amendment and took advantage of the amendment of the article by ex-pres. Hosni Mubarak, who held power for 30 years.

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