Focus, meditation and optimism.. your weapons to overcome stress

There are many sources of tension in a person that make him in a state of mental preoccupation, and the psychologist Nasser Al-Rashed said that the desire for idealism can sometimes be a source of tension. About idealism, many of the human orientations in life and the way he deals with various situations in his life, and therefore it can be a source of tension for him It is in harmony with our human nature, man is social by nature, this kind of orientation on social relationships lead to calmness, on the contrary, the person who sees people as a source of problems and decides to withdraw and introvert, or the person who exaggerates the request for more social value and when he does not get it, is People are not good , the second and third models are a source of tension and unrest.

Repetitive hope, he added: Whoever thinks in an optimistic way will have his stress level limited, and he will remain in a state of repeated hope by making efforts Growth requirements that also help him prepare for opportunities, while some in deep levels live with frustration just because of a missed opportunity, these are models that make the difference between individuals in societies, as they make them in a state of vitality or a state of stagnation.

Cognitive assessment

Al-Rashed explained that the basis of a person’s handling of life events and their stressful situations is his cognitive evaluation of these events and situations, and this is done without direct awareness of the individual, so he must pay attention to the reformation of the subconscious, as he does not realize the role of cognitive evaluations and thoughts in any disorder that may occur to him due to the negative cognitive activity that It produces turbulent feelings, and here things mix between the real cause of his disorder and the event , the event is often not the cause of the disorder, but the person’s interpretation of the event is the cause, so awareness of the causes that lead to the disorder helps the person move toward more logical cognitive options to deal with Events. deal with, thus making him calm Feelings is a serious mental and cognitive situation that leads to emotion. If we can control mental situation, will control our feelings and emotion, as well as the physiological reactions that arise from the situation and that are reflected in our physical health.

Negative emotion He pointed out that stress and negative emotion and leaving room for the chaos of intrusive thoughts indirectly means tampering with the chemistry of our bodies, and the appearance of pathological levels of cortisol and adrenaline that fill the brain and digestive system, which we make in a chronic state of excitement and disrupts our vital and psychological functions, and continued: Meditate on your scores How is vitality disturbed, and with repeated emotions the health situation will undoubtedly be bad, so we must those thoughts that mess with the biology and physiology of our bodies, by replacing them with more logical thoughts, which help you get rid of harmful levels of cortisol and adrenaline, we are due to a simple situation. We may be consuming too many healthy cells in our bodies, giving the situation more than it is worth.

Satisfaction of Others He continued his speech by saying: A person should be loved by all, and have a place in the souls, which is a good thing, but that a person only seeks the satisfaction of others and not doing the right thing , it is a feeling that emphasizes feelings, and makes the mind busy with the satisfaction of the other that is promised It is difficult to observe, and this idea will make a person an effort to please others to get love, and also one of its results is a loss of self-confidence, and a person will be in a state of annoying excessive sensitivity, and a feeling of rejection is generated in the simplest situations , and this idea can be overcome with emotional adequacy. For the self, where a person is not dependent on deriving his value from others, but rather his value springs from within, and also gives without expecting anything in return, and serious matters must happen and we must prepared for it and for any pain, anxiety and psychological noise, and there is a type of people who experience tragedies before they happen in a state of constant vigilance and fear, and delusions of illness and anticipation of disaster, and he has a fear of losing money too, so he turns into a miserable person because he expects poverty and pain before it happens.

Positive emotionsAnd he added: Awareness, reasoning and insight are among the basic concepts that cognitive therapy specifically focuses on, and to control our mood and balance our lives through the regular practice of thinking that produces calm, we need this regular practice to daily moments to find calm in our lives, when was the last time you did Something slowly and of your own choosing? Can you remember the last time you got stuck in a crowd and did so in a state of contentment, enjoying the emptiness the crowd gave you, and using calmness and connection with your body and the environment around you instead of of impulsive behavior and anger? Mindfulness also helps us choose and prolong positive emotions, and we will enjoy the moments more and we will reduce the appearance of negative feelings and emotions in our diaries, and mindfulness means paying attention in a certain way, and deliberately in the present and without judgments, and this attention to the moment will improve our psychological well-being, our behavior and our feelings and give us a level of calmness and a better appreciation of situations.

Mental presence, he concluded by saying: Set a set of goals for yourself that you are trying to achieve, identify 5 actions that you are not used to doing and work to implement them within a week, exercise regularly, be alert while you eat your meals, try to taste the taste, and stay away from sources of stress, and you must think And regular meditation, and one of the best works that helps in obtaining spiritual alertness is prayer Psychologist as far as your vigilance.

Mindfulness helps to make good choices and prolongs periods of positive emotions

Social relationships are in harmony with our human nature and calm

Thinking in an optimistic way reduces stress and keeps hope alive

It is difficult to please others, it emphasizes feelings and reduces self-confidence

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