Golf News | Bahrain University of Technology UTB is holding its inaugural exhibition at City Center today

Bahrain University of Technology (BUT)UTBIts introductory exhibition in preparation for the first semester of the 2022-2023 academic year, in the City Center Complex For a period of five consecutive days, from today, Wednesday, 27 to Sunday, July 31, in order to define Students, parents and employees of the public and private sectors of the university, its new and existing academic programs, and local and international academic and institutional accreditations The university enjoys, in addition to the various bursaries provided by the university in relation to tuition fees. This exhibition comes as a continuation of the success the university achieved through the open day it organized last month at the Al Areen Palace Resort and Spa, which attracted a large number of students and parents to learn about the university and its new programs and registration for the next semester.

Sarah Youssef, Head of Admissions Department at the University ofUTBThe first academic semester for the academic year 2022-2023 will begin on the eighteenth of September. She added that the Bahrain University of Technology has introduced 4 new academic programs from the next first semester. It is a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with three majors: Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Application Development, Network and Cyber ​​Security, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering, a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Finance, and the International Undergraduate Program. In collaboration withNCUKIn addition to the current programs, including three academic programs offered by the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, these programs are: Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems, Bachelor of Science in International Studies and Master of Business Administration, all internationally accredited from the European Council for Business EducationECBEThe College of Computer Studies also offers a Bachelor of Computer Science, and the College of Engineering offers a Bachelor of Engineering Information and Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering, noting that all new and existing university programs are licensed by the Council for Higher Education in the Kingdom from Bahrain.

On the other hand, Sarah said that the university recently introduced a package of scholarships, the largest in its history. The university in preparation for the academic year 2022-2023, where these scholarships reach 50.%of the tuition fees and includes several segments for students with high averages in high school and mathematics, in addition to People of determination, orphans, employees of large companies, medium and small companies and university graduates who wish to continue their studies in the Masters of Business Administration provided by the university , adding that students at the Bahrain University of Technology in the Kingdom of Bahrain not only enjoy receiving an internationally approved education, but also continuous support inside and outside the classroom, to ensure that students have an excellent academic experience get what helps prepare them to take responsibility in the future, thus dealing with his students as partners in education and with a great deal of responsibility, encouraging them to take the initiative to develop their educational abilities and helping to formulate and design their future in line with the transformations that they may encounter, adding that the university has advantages Many are unique to other universities such as the three-semester system, internationally accredited programs, morning and evening classes, bonus Affordable tuition fees and flexible payment plans, while registration is underway for the first semester of the year Academics 2022-2023, either by personal attendance at the admissions office at the university building in Salmabad or via platforms The Electronic University, and you can also visit us at our showroom in the city center, ground floor, Gate 3.

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