“I’m fine and the operation was a success.”

George Wassouf revealed his health condition after undergoing an operation, dispelling some of the rumors circulating on social media that talked about his removal of the vocal cords. From the presentation of his upcoming concert at the Fuheis Festival in Jordan on August 8, follow us for the details.

George Wassouf resolves the fact that he removed his vocal cords

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The Syrian star, George Wassouf, initially reassured his fans about his health condition and said he was doing well, indirectly denying what had been reported on social media about his vocal cord obliteration through a tweet he wrote on Twitter in which he his illness and details.

Abu Wadih pointed out that last week he was forced to enter a hospital in Beirut, where he underwent a resection of the vocal cords, and that he is recovering today after the success of the operation, promising his fans that he they will meet in time. for his concert in Jordan on August 8.

And George Wassouf wrote in his tweet through his official account on Instagram: “So that wrong news is not transmitted … I entered the St. George Hospital in Beirut and underwent adenoidectomy of the vocal cords by Dr. Jihad Khoury,” adding: “I’m fine and the surgery is fine.” Alhamdulillah succeeded.. see you on August 8th in Jordan.”

And the pioneers of the social network interacted with the Syrian star’s tweet, congratulating him on his safety and announcing the anticipation of his expected concert, but some of his fans advised him to rest and postpone the ceremony out of fear for his health.

Details of George Wassouf’s latest concerts in the Jeddah season

George Wassouf performed a concert about 3 weeks ago within the activities of the Jeddah season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is held under the auspices of the General Entertainment Authority.

George Wassouf was warmly received by the audience in Jeddah, who eagerly awaited him during the last period, and the moment of his appearance on the stage received a great reception from his fans. On the Lovers, and the song “Tabeeb Jarrah”, and the audience sang the lyrics of the song “Alam Qalbi Al Shawq” with George Wassouf, who played the lead role while singing on stage despite his dependence on Ajaz and his apparent weight gain.

Details of George Wassouf’s latest concerts in the Jeddah season

And the echoes of George Wassouf’s latest concerts in Saudi Arabia remained the focus of the audience’s love for him for weeks, eager to document clips of the ceremony on social media amid a state of happiness that the fans of the mighty star dominated after attending his latest concerts.

On the other hand, the audience of the star nicknamed “Sultan Al-Tarab” wondered about the secret of his excess weight and whether his health crisis affected his weight or not, while a large part of his fans wanted a cure for wished him. , especially when he appeared while leaning on a crutch, to set an example for the artist who is eager to meet the call of his fans despite his health suffering.

After the concert, George Wassouf was eager to support his fans, so he posted clips for his fans through his Instagram account, including a video featuring one of his fans who attended the concert in Saudi Arabia, and he echoes with him the words of the song “Ons Liefde” in a very enthusiastic and funny way at the same time.

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