Rahafiya and beauty meet in the new Hyundai Tucson 2023 in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.. Amazing features and a very attractive price

Hyundai cars are very popular in all countries of the world, and the Hyundai brand is recognized worldwide as one of the largest Korean companies in the automotive industry.

Therefore, the Tucson class is one of the cars that enjoys a strong position, as it is integrated into the high-end car category in all countries of the world. The Tucson category competes with many suv cars, and through this article we will explain the new specifications and prices in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

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Hyundai Tucson has excelled in the design of its new car, as the all-new Hyundai Tucson has a beautiful and elegant design that represents luxury and elegance, and the car is equipped with reinforced aluminum wheels and is available with 17 inch or 19 inch wheels for the upper levels, which is enough for a distance of 170 mm from the ground, and it has round headlights to match the car’s exterior design, it also has a high rear trunk with a large trunk capacity of up to 503 liter and proportional zigzag taillights that give it a more impressive look at the rear, and the car comes with a unique sporty floor.

The new Hyundai Tucson 2023 comes with a unique interior design with great details and amazing features and capabilities that will give the passenger complete comfort and enjoy an amazing driving experience, especially for long distances in the car. The car contains five large comfortable seats made of luxurious leather, and the car comes with an interior space that matches the interior design. The large size of the car makes it spacious, and the car includes a large screen that is visible on all smartphone systems work.

The new Tucson 2023 comes with a wide range of safety features to protect the health of occupants, and the car works with a modern camera system with rear and front cameras and a surround view camera to stop the car, and it includes ‘ an electronic stability system with an anti-skid system, and systems that work with the latest technology to control the driver during sleep, and the car also includes Intelligent Parking Assistant.

The new Hyundai Tucson 2023 has an amazing completeness that provides drivers with driving pleasure. The car works with a 187-horsepower engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission, 2.5 liter cylinders, and is available in other classes, and the car works with a 1.6-liter hybrid engine with 166 horsepower and 349 Nm of torque.

The new Hyundai Tucson 2023 has a beautiful and integrated European sporty appearance that attracts all eyes, so many are looking for car prices in Egypt and Saudi Arabia

The all-new Tucson will be sold at different prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, depending on the grades, from 97,555 SAR for the first category and 102 thousand riyals for the second category with the Sammar system and for the third category working . with four-wheel drive at a price of 109 thousand Saudi Riyals, and 110 thousand riyals for the Comford category, at a price of 116 thousand riyals for the four-wheel drive price segment, and prices from 137 to 155 riyals for the premium and four-wheel drive.

So far, the price of the car has not been revealed in the Egyptian market, and it is expected that the car will come at the same price as the previous generation, despite the high dollar prices. For the first category, the car is expected to sell at a price of 470,000 pounds.

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