Shocking secrets behind Samir Ghanem’s second wife, which he hid from everyone… Did he have other than Amy and Donia?

A symbol of comedy in Egypt and the Arab world, is the artist Samir Ghanem, who through a long artistic career has been able to confirm his star and uniqueness in the world of comedy also in film, theater and television drama, and he has over became one of the kings of comedy and laughter for many years.

He failed the Police College and founded the “Three Lights Theater” group.

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Shocking secrets behind Samir Ghanem’s second wife, which he hid from everyone… Did he have other than Amy and Donia?

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On January 15, 1937, Samir Youssef Ghanem, who chose “Samir Ghanem” as his artistic name, was born in Arab al-Atola, Assiut Governorate, in Upper Egypt.

After high school, he decided to enter the Police College, like his father, who was a police officer, but he failed for two years and decided to transfer his studies to the Agricultural College in Alexandria, and soon joined the technical group in it joined. to meet with Waheed Seif and Adel Nassif, and then they presented lyrical “sketches” on stage. However, the university did not keep this bond for long after the artist Waheed Seif withdrew to leave Alexandria and then Adel Nassif also withdraw.

At the time, George Sidhom and guest Ahmed were well-known in university theatres, so Samir Ghanem brought them together, and the trio formed the famous “Triple Lights of the Stage” troupe, during which they presented a wide range of films and plays, as well as “sketches” distinguished by fast and light melodies, including “Kotomo” Oh Sweet, Duck, “Bass Shouf Who, O Uday,” “Grilled Shrimp,” “Crazy Bs We Live,” “Congratulations, Our Groom,” and other songs and plays include “The Man Who Marries His Wife” and “Hawadet”, but the separation occurred. In 1970, after the death of guest Ahmed.

And the artist, Adel Imam, presented a theater performance instead of the guest Ahmed, but he was not suitable for the orchestra. After that, Samir Ghanem presented a series of plays with George Sidhom, but then separated from him to present works of his main role, as the last work that brought them together was the play “Welcome, Doctor” in 1981.

From the second roles in the cinema for the absolute championship, Samir Ghanem participated in many films, either with “The Trio of Theater Lights” or in a second role, starting in 1963 with the movie “Cairo at Night” and then participated in films like “Montaha Al Farah” and “Akher Shaqawa” “Student Memories”, “The Rioters”, “The Last Heavens”, “The Two Brothers”, “The Three Adventurers”, “The Journey of Happiness”, “Small on Love”, “Al-Shahatin Strike”, “30 Days in Prison” and “Hannah” Hamza”, “Very Crazy Youth”, “The Beach of Fun”, “The Second Groom”, “Fridays”, ” Naughty Girl”, “Marriage in the Modern Way”, “The Thief”, “A Pickpocket on His Nose”, “The Fun Squad”, “The Fire of Longing”, “City Lights” and “Warm Hugs”.

After that he also presented a number of films starring such as “The End of a Married Man”, “The Sniper”, “Hadi Badi”, “The Man Who Sneezes”, “We are in the Procreation of the ambulance”. “, “The Rioters in the Army”, “The Anas Station” and “The Trillion, Poor But Happy, A Groom In The Lotto, The Quorum And The Dog, The Bump, The Kill My Woman, My Greetings To You, The Case, The Three Fools And The Captain arrived.

Samir Ghanem also managed to host many dramas including “The Hunter and Al Hob”, “The Search for Happiness”, “Marry and Smile for Life”, “I and You and Long Time”, “Adventures of Zaki Al-Nasih”. “, “Daqqat Al-Sa’a” and “Good Men”. and “Mr. Haysa”, “Captain Gouda” and “Mizu”.

After achieving the absolute championship, Samir Ghanem returned to participate in many works, either as a guest of honor or a second role in the series “Sharbat Luz” with the Egyptian actress Yousra and “Al-Kabeer Awi” as a guest of honor, and “Diaries of a Frosted Wife” with Dalia Al-Behairi and “Fi La Land with Donia Samir Ghanem, Azmi and Ashgan with Amy Samir Ghanem, Hassan Al Raddad, Super Miro with Amy and Badal Al Hadouta Talata with Donia .

Success in the theater and Fawazeer Fatouta is a sign of his artistic career and although in the cinema he was not a first star, except in the eighties, but on the contrary in the theater he was able to get the championship early, either with the Trio Enlightenment Troupe or his theater works that he presented his championship and he started from the theater The university, but in 1964 he participated in the plays “Tabikh Al Malaika”, “Hard Labor Hotel”, “You Who Killed Eleiwa”, ” Musica in the Eastern Quarter”, “Julio and Romet”, “Forbidden Zone” and the play “Die Getroude Persone”, which achieved success. Great and still achieved success during his presentation on TV, and “Fares and Bani Khaiban”, “Akhwiya Hayes and Ana Lais”, “Bahloul fi Istanbul”, “Do Re Mi Foulas”, “Tra why not” and “Marati is ‘ a gang leader”.

He was also famous for presenting the Fawazeer, and he gained no less fame than the Fawazeer of Nelly, Sherihan, Amr Fouad and Gedo Abdo. He started it in 1984 with Fawazeer Fattota General Information, and the magical journey of Fattuta and the people of the singer.

His story with wigs and glasses Although the audience at the beginning of Samir Ghanem adjusted his facial features while he was bald, he decided to change after years and to always, whether in his work or personal life, wear wigs and one justified. of his television interviews, saying that wigs are more suited to the characters he presents, and poetry is one of the distinguishing factors of the character, and the wig has helped him while presenting Ramadan Fawazeer as well.

Since its inception, he appears with glasses that do not leave him, and he also likes to own glasses in all shapes and colors, even if they are among the things that distinguish his personality.

At the beginning of his artistic career, Samir Ghanem married a Somali girl, who was one of his fans and his mother loved her very much, and guest actor Ahmed convinced him to marry her, but he divorced her after a year of marriage because of the difference in nature between them and he had no children.

As for the second marriage, it is of the Egyptian actress, Dalal Abdel Aziz, after their meeting in the play “Welcome, Doctor”, and in a television interview with him, Samir Ghanem said that Dalal Abdel Aziz his betrayal of discovered her more. than 6 times during the courtship, but he did not cheat on her after marriage, as he revealed. She is the one who asked for his hand in marriage, and they gave birth to their two daughters, Donia and Amal, known for Emmy, and they also work in art and achieved great stars.

His death shocked the artistic community. The artistic community was saddened by the death of Samir Ghanem on May 20, 2021, at the age of 84, after he was exposed to a health crisis that led to intensive care, in a hospital in Egypt, and his wife Dalal Abdel Aziz followed him 3 months after his death.

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