The Minister of Higher Education attends the graduation ceremony of the group of the University of Science and Technology in Zewail City

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, witnessed the activities of the ceremony organized by Zewail City of Science and Technology, on the occasion of the graduation of a new group of students from the University of Science and Technology for the academic year 2021/2022, in the presence of Dr. Mahmoud Saqr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and dr. Mahmoud Abd Rabbo, Acting CEO of Zewail City, members of the city’s Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors, and a number of public figures, at the headquarters of the Administrative and Cultural Complex in Zewail City.

At the beginning of his speech, the minister congratulated the family of Zewail City on the occasion of the graduation of a new group of his students; To be in addition to their colleagues who preceded them to practical life, to express his pride and pride in the presence of a number of them at the postgraduate level in the most important universities of the world, and the involvement of some of them in various fields of scientific specialization in various work and production sites in our country. The owner of this creative idea, thanks and appreciates everyone who played an important role in building Zewail City for Science and Technology.

Abdel Ghaffar also expressed his sincere thanks to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi; Due to his constant zeal to support the city on many occasions, and the Egyptian community encouraged him to support and support it, which had the best impact in making great progress on the road to the completion of its infrastructure , praising the efforts of our armed forces and its engineering corps in implementing this dream and turning its engineering plans into a reality on the ground.

The minister emphasized that Zewail City is a national scientific building, the results of its work and the efforts of its founders and those in charge have begun to appear in the form of distinguished graduates, who are in no way inferior to their peers in the best universities in the world, in addition to the city’s excellence in the field of international publishing, which indicates that the size of the state’s investments in This project amounted to approximately 4 billion pounds in the first and second phases of the establishment of the city, in in addition to approximately 6 billion pounds, which was allocated to complete the rest of the city’s facilities, reflecting the volume of investments that the state is pumping to build the Egyptian person.

The minister emphasized that the Egyptian state is determined to complete the march and provide the necessary support to Zewail City; To complete her mission in education and scientific research, by announcing that the study will begin for the new academic year at the College of Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Science and Technology; To complement the role of the university in providing distinguished education to the sons of the country as a tributary of development in the Egyptian state.

At the end of his speech, Abdul Ghaffar encouraged the graduates to continue to succeed and excel in their working life, and to always believe that sincerity in work is the fruit of brilliant success, and to always be ambassadors for Zewail City and their country to be in all parts of the world, and raise its banner in every area.

In turn, Dr. Mahmoud Abd Rabbo confirms that the celebration of the graduation of a new group of the University of Science and Technology with its scientific and engineering at the city’s new and permanent headquarters represents a historic moment and a celebration of the tenth. anniversary of the city’s foundation, and note that the city of Zewail has stabilized and a great scientific breakthrough has taken place, and it has become On the right path set by its founder, Dr. Ahmed Zewail, who always claimed that the true scientific renaissance will only be achieved with the active participation of the country’s people with international expertise and skills.

Abd Rabbo pointed out that the University of Science and Technology in Zewail City aims to prepare a generation capable of making a true scientific renaissance. To become the first public and private university to obtain this accreditation in Egypt, in addition to being ranked first in Egypt and tenth in the Arab world, according to THE Times classification of Arab universities, confirming the excellence of the educational and research service in the city .

The acting CEO of Zewail City confirmed that the university is instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship in its graduates; It contributes to the creation of jobs for themselves and other young people, and points out that the city’s graduates have founded companies based on the adaptation of scientific research to deal with strategic challenges, including increasing the efficiency of power plants and the monitoring of fish farms; With the aim of reducing the waste of toxic wealth, which confirms the ability of the graduates of the University of Science and Technology to contribute to the solution of the problems of society and to transform them into an added value.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, the Minister dr. Reem Arafa, professor of biomedical sciences, honored by the Award for Excellence in Teaching, dr. Menna Al-Sarfi, a researcher specializing in genetics, by awarding her the Zewail Incentive Award. 2022, and Dr. Abdulrahman Mihoub, Associate Professor in the Nanoscience Program, by presenting him with an award. Zewail City Estimated 2022.

The student Ayman Mohammed in the Earth Physics program and Abdullah Shaaban in the Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics program were also honored; For their superiority in the undergraduate stage, by giving them the Dr. Awarding Ahmed Zewail Cup.

The Minister also honored a number of leaders and heads of Egyptian banks, companies and institutions who contributed to providing support to Zewail City students and researchers; Faith in the message of the city of Zewail.

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