To beautify men in Algeria … a local culture or an imitation of the West?

The obsession with beauty is not only limited to women, but it has attracted men to perform surgeries to get rid of facial wrinkles, which are one of the natural signs that appear with age, in addition to cleansing the skin and treating of hair uses keratin, dyes it with dyes and keeps up with the latest fashions.

Plastic surgery without surgery

“Before, my work was limited to regular shaving, with very simple and cheap machines, even the requests of my clients were modest,” Imad (38) tells Raseef22, his start in the field of barbering and how he became a specialist in cosmetics became without surgery after taking intensive courses.

Imad added: “Until the middle of the first decade of the second millennium, during which I started in one of the vocational training centers, and this is one of the most prominent paths followed by those who were not fortunate enough to have their academic path , we still used traditional shaving tools, and most of the youth depended on almost The marines’ hairstyle or the polaziro (military hairstyle) and some of them preferred the long curly hairstyle that was popular in the seventies of the last century .”

Cosmetic freely

Of course, there are many changes that have taken place in the field of cosmetic surgery, as Imad claims and says: “If we made a simple comparison between the past and the present, we would find many changes that have taken place. Young people today are to do cosmetic surgery freely without relying on the waxing of scholars and the opinions of clergy.”

Emad points out that “the field of work in barbershops has become very developed and wide, and is no longer limited to just shaving, but many have been able to train themselves in the field of medical cosmetics without surgery, which includes the treatment of acne. scars, sagging eyelids, chin, cheeks and lips, treatment of superficial burns And expressive wrinkles using various techniques, including the high-frequency beauty steamer, and the hydrafacial device used in cleansing sessions.

When we asked him about the beauty of men in Algeria, Imad replied: “The concept of beauty in men in Algeria is related to the treatment of acne scars, the treatment of burns and prominent superficial scars, as well as the cleaning of the skin with the help of some natural and industrial masks Men’s interest in hair transplantation has also increased due to their desire to appear outwardly Elegant and attractive.

Interestingly, Imad mentions that, “In the early days of the rise of plastic surgery for men in Algeria, the field of cosmetics was limited to famous artists and celebrities in Algeria, but today beauty is required by various social groups, even teenage children flock to barbershops to keep up with the latest haircuts. Poetry”.

As far as Imad is concerned, plastic surgery has not only remained the preserve of the rich, but has spread among all classes, including the poor: “Today it is possible to see a heroic young man who saves his expenses that he gets from some seasonal professions deserve to beautify his appearance and appearance, although it can cost him an amount ranging from 3 million to 8 million centimes, which is equivalent to 500 US dollars.

“The concept of cosmetics for men in Algeria is related to the treatment of acne scars, the treatment of burns and prominent superficial scars, as well as cleansing the skin with some natural and industrial masks. Men’s interest in hair transplantation has also increased due to their desire to appear in an elegant and attractive appearance.”

He reveals that the age of men who go to salons and clinics specializing in cosmetic medicine varies between their twenties and thirties, and “even elderly people who strive to hide the effects of aging by inhibiting the facial muscles and from excess fat and get rid of fat.”

In the same context, the specialist in cosmetic medicine, dr. Habboushi, warned that “the concept of cosmetology needs to be clarified, since Algeria is known for the spread of cosmetic medicine operations, such as the removal of facial wrinkles and the implantation of the beard, which is a way to restore lost hair or the desired to obtain density in the beard, and to remove traces of old burns from the body and scars.”

Dr. Habboushi pointed out that “the men who regularly accept these operations are originally Algerians living abroad and even foreigners. Most of them come to remove all kinds of scars, whether acne, wounds or burns, regardless of their degree. Clients usually go to the clinics scattered in Algeria to correct Some of the mistakes they have suffered as a result of performing plastic surgery in other places, may be abroad or in clinics whose owners do not have specialized certificates in cosmetic medicine has not.”

In response to the seriousness of these operations, Habboushi affirms: “The risk is almost non-existent in cosmetic medicine clinics, whose owners have studied this specialty and offered additional courses abroad and on medical equipment of international standards and high quality -means available.”

She noted that carrying out these operations in Algeria is half the price in other countries, such as Tunisia, France, Lebanon and the Gulf countries, where the costs are very high.

Western simulation

Kamal Amtout, a research professor of sociology at Taheri Muhammad University in Bashar Governorate, told Raseef22: “Indeed, the male component has become strongly inclined towards surgical or non-surgical cosmetic operations to change the shape, either for necessary for health reasons or for formal aesthetic reasons, or to treat natural or acquired defects On the surface of the body.

Amtout explains that the reasons for resorting to cosmetic surgery by men differ from a sociological and psychological perspective, starting with the latter, for example, dissatisfaction with the appearance, body and external appearance leads men to change their shape: ” The psychological situation of men is greatly influenced by the results obtained especially by these operations. It is done according to a desired purpose, and consequently a man feels confused.”

The professor, researcher in sociology, pointed out that this issue can be addressed from the angle of social acceptance in society, especially men who seek to obtain social acceptance in the external environment, which was confirmed by some thinkers, for example, he sees the symbolic trend in the presence of the body as a basic value in the analysis of the social phenomenon, so that those involved in this social phenomenon attempt to be lazy about the different cultural meanings associated with bodies, and the methods by which they are controlled, organized and reproduced in the social and cultural context.

“In the beginning of the appearance of plastic surgery for men in Algeria, the field of cosmetics was limited to famous artists and celebrities in Algeria, but today beauty is required by various social groups.”

According to the Algerian researcher, the body has social uses: “through it we express the culture and beliefs of the segment to which we belong or as a kind of social capital among individuals, which the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu called (dissection of the body) has. ), which is less behind the increasing interest in the field of the external body and links it to an era of High modernity, as it is called.

Kamal Amtout says that these activities are widely spread in the urban center, because the cities in this center have a high population density, and they spread strongly among the upper class classes.

He concludes by saying that “it can also be emphasized that these activities are an imitation of the West by simulating technology and social networking sites. Many young people have become the West in their clothes, hairstyles, movements and even the way on which they act.”

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