What did Ola Al-Fares say about the Ahlam Al-Ajarma crisis? – home country

home country The Jordanian media, Ola Al-Fares, together with her husband, Walid Saqlaki, entered the crisis line of her colleague, Ahlam Al-Ajarmeh, and expressed her support for Ahlam and her support.

Al-Fares published a tweet via Twitter, commenting on the video of Al-Ajarma’s meeting with her son, Al-Waleed: “I remembered when they said about me that I quit and I asked for a asked for vacation and went to America and then contracted with another place and resigned and the world went under, written by the first of their colleagues.”

And she added: “The girl asked for a holiday, which she passed, not easily. Finally, if I have any doubt that it was in harmony with the dreams of Al-Ajarma, or even intended to to insult people from Syria or others. , I will not write a letter.. Things have changed.”

She asked: “How can she accuse her husband, and there are courts among them? To legally use the thing against her? . He appeared in a video. No one referred to him. He came out and confessed, and on top of that he accused her of what was not in her to justify what he did and incited public opinion against her. I do not like injustice. not at all, dreams I had no intention of offending, and the days are enough to make it clear after the law has its last word.

Ahlam Al-Ajarmeh’s husband denies his wife’s story

Walid Saqlaki, husband of Jordanian media figure Ahlam al-Ajarmeh, detonated a heavy caliber bomb, which his wife’s account of what she revealed about the kidnapping of her son “Al-Waleed” by a human trafficking gang in Idlib , Syria, refute .

In video clips circulated on social media, Saqlaki, when addressing the Jordanian media, said he was fascinated by the “film” of the kidnapping, and asked her to give him the number of the director who made the story of the alleged kidnapping, as he described it.

He explained that his son was never kidnapped, noting that he was the one who took him through a Turkish court decision, adding that he had been at odds with his wife for 10 months, and so far she at his disposal and there was no divorce between them.

He continued that there is a dispute, a court and lawsuits, but without a divorce so far, which surprises his wife’s behavior and her exit on social media, adding that he can only see his son once a month see, and the fifth day of every month, and in the presence of policemen.

He said that by a decision of the court he received his son from Ahlam, and he received him and put him in his car, and then he gave it to a friend of his who drove him to the border.

He added, addressing his speech to his child: “My dear Al-Waleed, you will grow up with painful memories with you of a false abduction that the virtuous lady, Ahlam claimed as your mother, without telling the true story , and all this is to polish her image and highlight her name again.”

Saqlaki claimed that his wife was going through very difficult circumstances and accused her of trying to prevent him from seeing his newborn son, pointing out that Al-Waleed is his son as well as her son, and when he is with his father and being hosted by the generous people in Idlib, he is not kidnapped.

He revealed his intention that he intended to put his son in Idlib while he could catch up with him and then stay with him among his family in Lebanon for a period of months until the dispute between him and his wife was resolved, and then gave the newborn to his mother, indicating that he had no intention of depriving her of her son.

And he indicated that his son stayed in Idlib for 10 days and was in constant communication with the group via video that he trusted him, and he talked to his son daily to check on him, and he also has videos of Al -Waleed had while in Idlib describes the atmosphere in which he lived there and how he received good care and attention.

He said that he was the one who made the decision to hand over the newborn baby to his mother because the group that looked after him in Idlib was under pressure, denouncing the statements made by his wife and several thank parties for their efforts to dispose. her son from a false kidnapping story.

He emphasized that he is not afraid of any legal action, and that he will return to Turkey and not be required.

The kidnapping of Ibn Ahlam Al-Ajarma

Jordanian media Ahlam Al-Ajarmeh on Friday revealed impressive details about the sequence of events of what she described as the “kidnapping” of her son “Al-Waleed” in Turkey for 20 days, and her smuggling to the Syrian city Idlib, by a “people-smuggling gang.”

Al-Ajarma published a video clip on her social media account on Friday night, documenting the moment she met her child after his safe return, and attached the video to an explanation of what happened to her and her child during the last period, since July 5.

Later, the Jordanian media, which resides in Turkey, said that the nationality of her child’s captors who abducted and smuggled him to Syria three weeks ago were of both Lebanese and Syrian nationalities, denying that they were Turkish.

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