20 fun team games to play

20 fun team games to play With friends and friends or with siblings and family, and games are a way to develop skills and pass the time and also a way to strengthen relationships between friends, and hours of play remain among the most beautiful hours that have an impact on let the soul and memory, and in a website we offer a number of the most beautiful group games with friends, as well as electronic games collectively.

20 fun team games to play

There are many unique and entertaining games that can be played with friends and peers, and the following are the most interesting games:

  • Connect Four Game: The game consists of a plastic board with holes in which colored circles are placed, and the player who makes a horizontal or vertical column is the winner.
  • bowling: It is a game based on rolling a heavy ball and hitting it into a number of bottles, and the winning player is the one who drops the largest number, and it is played in dedicated halls.
  • The ladder and the snake: One of the old games that depends on having a sheet of paper with a snake drawn on it and ladders and divided into squares, and the winning player is the one who can connect the snake to the last square.
  • Bash 10 game: In the game, a paper is taped to the opponent’s forehead, and he tries to drop the paper from his forehead when his hands are tied behind his back.
  • 20 questions game It is a team game that depends on asking questions to the participant of the game and trying to find the quick solution to this question.
  • Dark stories: In the game, the player asks a set of questions such as is that thing blue, or is it an animal and other questions until he gets an answer to what the other party is looking for.
  • Fishing game: And in it there is a game full of plastic fish that move in a circle, and the participants of the game try to catch the fish from their places with a stick dedicated to them.
  • Blind bear: In it, one of the players covers his eyes, and then tries to catch the other participants one by one.
  • sucking game: The game depends on the presence of two teams and a wall that tries to kiss the winners.
  • Silent Action: In the game, a person chooses the name of a series or movie, and through the silent performance introduces his team to the name of that movie.
  • Remember game: Where the player looks at a certain picture, then the contestant starts asking him about details in this picture and the winner is the one who answers all the details.
  • Taste: The game depends on the presence of two individuals in the game, and he closes his eyes and then tastes types of food and names the name of each type, and the winner is the one who names more types.
  • Clay game: The game is based on the presence of several pieces of colored clay that can be easily shaped.
  • Puzzle game: In it, the image of an animal, cartoon characters or a garden is cut into small pieces, and the participant tries to collect these pieces and reconstruct the image.
  • Mafia: It is a youth game based on planning, fighting and trying to escape from the chase.

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Group games for children

Group children’s games help in the formation of the interactive personality and let the child get used to cooperation and interaction with his friends and those around him, and it is better than internet and computer games, and the following are the most beautiful group games for children:

  • chair game: The game depends on the presence of a number of chairs and a number of children, and the chairs are less than the number of children with only one, and a national anthem is played, for example, and when the national anthem stops, each child sits on the chair in front of him, and the remaining child leaves the game.
  • land and sea: In it a line is drawn on the ground and its side is divided into land and sea, and the leader of the game puts the children aside, then calls for land or sea, and when he hears the children move to the place the leader wants fast, and whoever does the opposite is the loser.
  • tug of war game: In the game, the children are divided into two teams, and each team holds the end of a rope, and a line is drawn on the ground, and each team tries to lure the other team with the rope to make it the drawn to cross the line. , and the team that succeeds is the winning team.
  • Card game: The game depends on the preparation of a number of small cards with Arabic letters written on them, and the letters are randomly arranged, and the child chooses a card from the cards and reads the letter and then begins the names of animals or fruits that start with the same letter.
  • wear: It is a small colored glass ball, each child takes a number of these balls, and each of them puts two or three on the ground and the other child does the same so that all the balls are compact, and a line becomes on the ground one or a meter and a half further from the ball. Each child throws a marble at the rows of balls and tries to get as many of them out of the row.

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Group games with friends on mobile

Electronic games have spread a lot lately, and young people spend a lot of time playing these games. The following are some electronic mobile games:[1]

  • PUBG Game: It is one of the most famous collective electronic games, and the game depends on the presence of the participant in his group on an island and tries to obtain weapons that allow him to continue fighting and throughout the game survive and his teammates by protecting online communication.
  • Clash of Clans: It is a game that depends on building a number of towers, castles and fortress centers and trying to defend them from any attack by other participants in the game, and the player in turn attacks other people’s castles and tries to destroy it, which deserves it. money with which he can buy new weapons and stronger defenses.
  • Last Day or Earth: This is a new game that relies on trying to survive in the midst of all the zombies that are the zombies that are trying to enter the racer and eliminate it, and the participant continues to search for weapons and defenses that enable him to survive.
  • Brawl Star Game: In the game you choose your favorite character from a large number of characters that the game offers, and through the games you attack opponents and try to overcome them, and the more the player can win, the more money he has to buy more. powerful and skilled players.

Group games with friends

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Pen and paper games

Team games that rely on direct play and seeing the party involved in the game are often better than electronic games that require a lot of focus, and here are the best paper and pen team games:

  • point game: In the game, a set of points are drawn on the paper and two players participate in the game, and each player tries to connect every two points with a straight line, until he draws a square; Then he puts the first letter of his name in it, and after all the points are completed, the squares are counted, and the winner is the one who makes more squares.
  • Blind Draw Game: In the game, the player places a paper on the back of the opponent and starts to draw simple shapes on the paper, and at the same time the opponent tries to simulate the drawing he feels on his back on a paper. in front of him, and he is a winner if he can guess the drawing a lot.
  • XO: This is one of the famous games, especially among children, and the game depends on drawing a big square and then dividing it into nine small squares, and each player chooses an X symbol, and the other games choose An O symbol, and each player places the symbol he chooses in a square trying to form a column of his mark Be it horizontal or vertical while the other party tries to prevent it.

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Group games with friends online

Here we offer a number of group games with friends online via the Internet:[2]

  • Amange S game: It is a team game in which players are divided into fighters in the team or a professional killer, and survival is required after all the competitors are completed at the end of the game, and the game can be played on the mobile phone, whether it is Android is or iPhone.
  • RSC game: It is a game of war games that depends on planning and skill to set and execute objectives, and in the game the world map is studied, the territories to be conquered, and the friends who participate in the game are challenged and try to win it.
  • Golf Battle: A game suitable for golf enthusiasts, it depends on having a large golf course sketch and trying to beat the participants in the game, which can be up to five friends.

That’s how we got to know each other 20 fun team games to playAnd we have shown the most beautiful group games through the mobile phone, as well as the best games for children, group games with paper and pen and other games that can be spent time and entertainment.

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