4 players represent the golf team in the Arab Championship in Egypt

Munther Al-Barwani participates in the Arab Union elections

The competitions of the 40th edition of the Arab Men’s Golf Championship, hosted by Egypt during the period of 16-23 December, will be held at the Dreamland Golf Club on 6 October.Azzan Al Ramahi, Hamoud Al Harthy, Fahd Al Kitani and a player from the junior team Ayman Al Busaidi. The delegation of our national team is led by Ahmed bin Faisal Al Jahdami, Secretary General of the Oman Golf Association. The selection of these players comes after a series of qualifiers held at golf courses in Muscat Governorate during the last period. Thirteen Arab teams will participate in the tournament, after the Moroccan team, the champion of the last version, apologized and due to the measures introduced in Morocco due to the Corona pandemic, and the participating countries in this version is: the Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Palestine, Libya and Kuwait, in addition to the host country and the runner-up of the version past Egypt.

Regarding participation in the tournament, Eng. Munther bin Salem Al Barwani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oman Golf Association, said: We are participating in this tournament with four players. This Arab golf tournament will undoubtedly give our national team players the required experience and also strong interaction with other teams. We thank the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth in addition to the entities from the private sector that support the Oman Golf Association, namely: Sohar Aluminum Company, Moro Company, Haya Water Company and Oman Liquefied Natural Gas Company, for their continuous support for the development of golf in the Sultanate of Oman.

Building a generation for the future

For his part, Faisal Al-Adawi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oman Golf Association, said: The participation of the Oman Golf Association in this tournament adds to the continuity of presence and to refine the technical abilities of the players and develop their abilities, especially if we know that the player’s goal and wish is to represent his country in official forums and wear the logo of his country, and we have a young group. Grenig to develop his abilities represented by the veteran player Azzan Al-Ramahi and the youth players Hammoud Al-Harthy and Fahd Al-Kitani and the young player from the junior category Ayman Al-Busaidi, who is 15 years old. Sports, and of course we aim to participate in building a generation of players for the future as well as spreading the game within the Sultanate of Oman through the spirit of competition in such important tournaments. Al-Adawi added: The sport of golf in the Sultanate of Oman has become a well-spread game and has gained its audience with the availability of stadiums and the follow-up of the local media, which we thank for its contribution to the launch of the game Compliance with international standards contributes significantly to the progress and development of golf.

It is noteworthy that the national golf team participated in the Arab Championship competitions in its 39th edition, which was held at the Amelkis Stadium in Marrakesh, Morocco during the period of December 12-15, 2019 with the participation of 14 out of 15 countries. which joined the Arab Golf Federation. In that tournament were 4 players: Azzan Al-Ramahi, Badr Al-Amri, Ahmed Al-Balushi and Muhammad Al-Busaidi. The general arrangement in that tournament came with Morocco winning first place and the championship. leads from his first round to the fourth and final with a total of 839 strikes, and the Egyptian team finished the summer with a total of 867 strikes and Tunisia third with a total of 874 strikes, Saudi Arabia is fourth with a total of 879 strikes, Bahrain is fifth with a total of 881 strikes, Qatar is sixth with a total of 885 strikes, Lebanon is seventh with a total of 898 strikes, Libya is eighth with 936 strikes, the UAE is ninth with 949 strikes, Palestine is tenth with 960 strikes, and the Sultanate of Oman is in eleventh place with 969 strikes, then Iraq and Kuwait are in last place.

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In turn, the UAE golf team will participate in the tournament with a delegation consisting of Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, President of the Arab and UAE Federations, Adel Al Zarouni and retired Major General Abdullah Al Sayed Al Hashemi, the two vice – Presidents of the Federation. Sheikh Fahim chairs the meetings of the Executive Office of the Arab Golf Federation and the meetings of the General Assembly. What will testify to the elections for the new cycle 2021-2025. 4 players, who have the ambition to perform well for UAE golf in the tournament, are: Khaled Al Jasmi, Ahmed Skaik, Abdullah Al Qubaisi and Obaid Al Helou, and the mission is led by Khaled Mubarak Al Shamsi, Secretary- general of the Federation and Director of the UAE teams.

The four players were selected from a list of 10 players who have undergone tests since last September, as well as intensive local training, with follow-up from the game administration, amid precautionary measures, and entering the final stages of preparation. for the tournament, the UAE players continued their intensive daily training throughout the week at a rate of 4 hours a day, in addition to their participation in local tournaments organized by the Game Association and various UAE golf clubs. Khalid Mubarak Al Shamsi, Secretary-General of the Federation and Director of the UAE National Teams, praised the commitment and enthusiasm that prevailed in the preparation phase of the team, during which all the players showed their seriousness in their quest to enter to establish the team. He added: The Federation has spared no effort to provide all means of success for the players in its endeavor to raise the level of players through intensive training and internal camps, and the Federation has also tried to bring players to the most tournaments. participating, each according to its Sunni stage in local and continental tournaments.


The Jordanian team has confirmed that they are ready to participate in the tournament, as they have one player, Hamza Salman, who will participate for the first time through this experience, He won the Junior League title, which qualified him have to participate in the Junior World Cup. in Ireland.

13 teams

In turn, the Egyptian Golf Association, led by Eng Ayman Hussein, unveiled the logo of the Arab Golf Championship, and the logo expresses the ancient Egyptian civilization through a golf ball in the shape of a human wearing the distinctive Pharaonic outfit and holding the golf club in his hand. About the Arab Championship, the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Golf Federation and member of the Executive Office of the Arab Games Federation, Timor Abu Al-Khair, said: Today is the tournament competitions, which are of great Arabs. interest, will be held on the sidelines of the meeting of the Executive Office of the Arab Federation, followed by a meeting of the Ordinary General Assembly of the Arab Federation, which will be held. The election for the Board of Directors of the Arab Golf Federation for the next session, which runs until 2025. Taymour Abu al-Khair confirmed that Egypt will host the African Junior and Men’s Golf Championships next year, in addition to reviving the international character of the Egyptian Open Amateur Championship by many European, African and Arab countries to participate in its activities. While Adel Al Zarouni, Secretary General of the Arab Golf Federation, on behalf of His Excellency Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, President of the Arab and Emirati Federations and members of the Executive Office of the Arab Federation, thanked those in charge of golf in the Arab Republic of Egypt, expressing its confidence in the success of this tournament with all its competitions and associated events.

Abu al-Khair indicated that the championship competitions will be held at the Dreamland Golf Course in the 6th of October City in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, over a period of one week. Over the course of four days, to determine the champion of the tournament at the team level and the Arab champion at the individual level, and each team consists of 4 players, emphasizing the adherence to the application of precautions to preserve the safety of everyone before winning and losing. On the other hand, many meetings that accompany the sport of golf will be held on the sidelines of the tournament, in addition to many meetings of the Arab Federation committees, at the level of the Executive Office and the General Assembly of the Arab Golf Federation, which will witness the election for the new session of the Federation, which runs until 2025.

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