A hotel inside a “silo”! Would you like to spend a night in one of the strangest and most exciting hotels in the world?

When choosing a hotel for a summer holiday or annual holiday, most people look for fairly standard options, such as an excellent location in nature or near the sea with good Wi-Fi, a delicious breakfast and perhaps a swimming pool or spa.

However, some hotels around the world have adopted unique and innovative ideas in their interior and exterior designs, and in the services they provide.

From fantasy designs that look like a spaceship from another world to an erupting volcano and sandcastle, here is a list of some of the weirdest and most exciting hotels.

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For those who like to read, you can sleep inside the bookcase

Many of us like to relax in bed with a good book before bed. However, book lovers have a very special place in Tokyo where they can literally sleep inside a bookshelf at night.

The first “Book and Bed” hotel opened in 2015 in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro prefecture.

And soon the hotel was very popular among visitors; For its attractive, different and comfortable design to the point of opening six branches in six locations across Japan.

Hotels offer a large selection of books for guests to choose from, on shelves around the bed in a small bookcase in a library to which the guest climbs with a ladder.

If you are a fan of fairy tales, hotel rooms look like a tree trunk or colorful mushrooms

Do you want to sleep in the middle of a mythical fairy forest like the ones we see in the movies?

If you are a nature lover, the Norkvarn Hotel, located in the picturesque nature of Sweden, will definitely appeal to you.

Some rooms of this hotel are made of wood and concrete on the site of an old abandoned factory; Turning into a tourist attraction with its rooms that look like mushrooms spotted in red and white, or thorny tree trunks.

From the outside, the rooms look fantastic, as if from a children’s storybook. Inside, rooms can accommodate up to four people.

But given the cold Swedish winters, it’s best to book your stay there in the warmer summer months.

For lovers of tension and excitement, a luxury hotel on a high crane

If you are looking for a holiday hotel that combines comfort, a bit of excitement and adrenaline, you can try the Faralda Crane in Amsterdam, which is designed on an abandoned crane in the city’s old industrial center. For more excitement, you can also enjoy the experience of rope jumping from above.

The 45 meter high crane in Amsterdam has been converted into three luxury hotel suites, and the top of the crane features a Jacuzzi and bungee jumping platform.

The suites are entered via a glass elevator, which can make you dizzy if you look down.

But we have to warn you, the lever tends to swing sometimes when the wind blows. The good news is that guests can control the crane to move it to get a better view of the city from a different angle.

A hotel that looks like a wonderland

From the outside, the Hang Nga Hotel in Vietnam may look like a nightmare. But on the inside it is designed to look like an Alice in Wonderland and children’s fairy tale.

Known as the “Crazy House” to locals, the hotel was designed by a Vietnamese architect who somewhat designed it to resemble a large, twisting tree on the outside.

Inside, the house looks like a forest, with spiral staircases and bridges connecting the different levels, in a virtual maze of rooms and garden paths. In the corridors dug like tunnels, you will find statues of frogs, spider webs and even eagles in all ten guest rooms.

Hotel in a grain silo

The last thing you might think about one day is sleeping in a grain silo. However, someone seemed to have the idea when they thought of repurposing the shiny, round silver silos to create a unique stay experience at a hotel called Silo Stay in New Zealand.

From the outside, the nine granaries look like they belong to an ordinary factory. Inside, however, they have been transformed into hotels offering international award-winning eco-friendly accommodation.

Guests can enjoy an environment that includes a kitchen on the ground floor with a bedroom and bathroom on the upper floor. The silo lid opens at night for a starry view from the bed, as well as an efficient cooling system in the warmer months.

Hotels that look like spaceships

Science and space buffs might love spending the night inside a mysterious spaceship-like place.

A number of spaceship-themed hotels have popped up around the world to cater to sci-fi fans, or guests looking for something out of the ordinary.

That’s what a Welsh couple did when they bought a container from the London Olympics and renovated it into a spaceship-style lodge; The decor includes space suits and exterior lighting that looks like an object is coming from an unknown location.

There is also a similar hotel in Sweden, which also offers guests the opportunity to sleep in a giant wagon that swings from a tree. China’s UFOtel also gives guests the opportunity to enjoy underwater views in a partially submerged vehicle.

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A hotel that looks like a mountain and a volcano

Deep in the rainforests of Chile, Montana Magica Lodge is located in a remote nature reserve and has a mountainous appearance and a trough of water that rushes down like a volcanic eruption.

The cone-shaped hotel may look like it was made in nature, but it is actually man-made and covered with plants grown under the walls of the building.

The hotel has small windows that overlook the guest rooms among the natural foliage. It has many amenities such as hot tubs carved out of wood and a golf course in the surrounding rainforest. But you have to navigate a swing rope bridge to reach the hotel.

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You can spend a night in a sandcastle like the one you built on the beach in your childhood

Many of us have probably dreamed of living in the sand castles we built on the beach during our summer vacations.

But that dream can come true in the Netherlands, where you can book one of two specially designed sand castles to sleep in.

The temporary sandcastles were originally built in 2015 as part of an annual sandcastle-making festival in the inner cities. But the strange thing is that their location is not really close to the sea.

Unique and first of its kind, the sculptors of the Zandhotel build elaborate sand castles every summer, allowing guests to stay in rooms made entirely of sand as well as with towers and walkways.

The walls and ceilings are treated to prevent collapse, and the rooms are decorated with sand carvings, but the sand floors are carpeted for added luxury.

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