Faeq Hassan’s divorced wife attracts attention with her angelic beauty and the audience: a million times sweeter than Asala!

Marta Hamed, the ex-wife of the Iraqi poet Faeq Hassan, husband of the artist Asala, attracted attention with her features and the great resemblance to the beautiful American star Angelina Jolie.

As if they are twins or have the same genes, they are almost very similar in their features between the Iraqi Marta Hamed and the American Angelina Jolie, especially in the details of the face, the eye design and the shape of the nose.

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She also has the same eyebrows, in addition to full lips. Who is the beauty who caught the attention of social media pioneers with her facial features?

Who is Marta Hamed?

Her real name is Khawla Hamed, but she is known as Marta Hamed, after she participated in the artist Majed Al Mohandes’ video track “Mo Ala Kaifak” in 2013.

She is married to the Iraqi poet Faeq Hassan, and their relationship lasted for years, and she bore him two children, the first is Majid, who is 8 years old, and Jana is 7 years old. She was born in Utah, USA, and until she quietly divorced him.

The model Marta Hamed, the ex-wife of the Iraqi poet Faeq Hassan, the current husband of the Syrian artist Asala Nasri, caused a state of controversy after she documented a live broadcast in which she denied the duo’s entry into her home Dubai revealed. while she was in Los Angeles, and they got rid of her belongings and personal effects.

Hassan’s ex-wife said that the latter told her that he would take the house from her and take care of their children instead of her, provided that she would have visitation from their three children if they wanted, and that he would have another others will leave. house for her to live in.

Marta Hamed added: “The house in the name of Faeq left me and the children to raise them in it. I want the house to take it but he goes in and picks up my things in my absence and I know not where they are .. He says my children are raised by whom? .. I am their mother.”

She also believes that Fayek and Asala want to settle in the house because the Syrian artist admires it after entering it, especially since it is the largest area of ​​the house that Faik and Asala combine.

She explained that Faeq Hassan had expressed to her his desire to take the house and live in it with his children and his wife, Asala, and confirmed that she had kept the messages he sent her about the matter while she was in America.

The Iraqi poet’s divorcee also reviewed during the live broadcast the modifications that took place in her house, which she said were made under the supervision of the artist Asala Nasri, and noted that the neighbors saw her standing on the balcony of her bedroom. ​did, and she was surprised that her house was devoid of furniture and the absence of her possessions and personal belongings.

She documented the presence of a brother and the son of Faeq Hassan’s brother in one of the rooms and entered into a conversation with them in a state of anger, so they asked her to contact Faeq Hassan and establish an understanding with to reach him.

Marta Hamed also revealed that she sought the help of the police to write a report against Faeq Hassan and Asala, after she thought they had “stormed her home and invaded her privacy”, stressing that she was not talking about the case will not remain silent.

And Marta Hamed pointed out that she once met with Asala at home, in the presence of Faeq Hassan, so that the artist got to know her children from her ex-wife, stressing that it was good between them and she did not mind anything . .

Comments poured in on the video circulating on the communication sites, and many followers were surprised by the story as a whole, noting that there was something mysterious in it, while one follower criticized it by saying, “The fastest way to fame.”

Followers added that Marta Hamed doesn’t seem to be presenting the true story of what happened between her and Faeq Hassan because he couldn’t do anything illegal in the Emirates.

A follower noted: “This is not Fayek’s house at all, and Fayek is of his age, and he asks her with all politeness and respect to look at her old house and lead this house to him, and she is the one she has.”

Another wrote: “He gave her the old house and what she wanted, and she is divorced, and this house is her uncle’s house, not her house, even though she sits in it, an imposed defect from which she look.”

While a follower sympathized with her, she said, “It was originally shown that the authenticity of the sand is not easy.”

Among the comments also came: “Asala is not easy, but her condition is not reduced, and she lacks stories, and she is busy with her art, her children and her husband, which does not lead to absurdities.”

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