Lake Marchica in Nador.. From a swamp to an attractive Moroccan tourist destination

A visitor to Nador, who is two years behind since heading to this coastal city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, can notice the real and striking change in its infrastructure and its tourist and leisure facilities.3 km away .

This is if we take into account the limited space of time and the pace imposed by the acceptance of the restrictions of the Corona pandemic during the last three years. Regarding going back to 10 years ago, according to the same testimonies, it is not possible to compare “Yesterday’s Nador” with “Today’s Nador” or “New Nador” according to the official designation and the future vision of those responsible for the local affairs from the city, as well as officials from the Lake Development Agency.” Marchica”.

The memory of the Nadorites still preserves the scenes of the accumulated and floating waste on the surface of the lake, along the “Corniche”, due to the thousands of tons of waste water that flowed into “Marchika”, originating from the sewer. network of most of the neighborhoods of Nador, and before that of the washing of iron ore in Mount Atalaion At the beginning of the twentieth century, something that, if the eye missed it, would not escape from the noses, because of unpleasant odors.

From aversion to polarization

2006 was a “historic year”, according to the Marshika Lake Development Agency, as the region saw a visit by King Mohammed VI which culminated in the idea of ​​preparing the lake, following royal instructions to think about changing the lake. present and future of the lake, and prevent it from becoming a “black point” in the city of Nador. In 2007, a major program was set up that seeks to valorize this eco-geographical location while addressing its problems.

Since 2010, the characteristics of the lake and its surroundings have started to change continuously. Since its launch by King Mohammed VI and the appointment of Said Zerou as its general manager, the agency “Marshica” has focused on the purification of the lake as a first phase , by setting up a wastewater treatment plant and a controlled discharge and opening corridors in both directions, which required an investment of 5 billion dirhams, which allowed the collection of more than 7,000 tons of waste, before the natural resources of Nador could be valued. by creating “7 thematic cities” around the lake; With a financial value of about 26 billion dirhams.

Adopting the slogan “From an area of ​​alienation to an area of ​​entertainment and polarization”, Marchica Agency worked to change the gloomy image of the local population and visitors to the coastal pier. As for the area of ​​its operation, it extended over 115 square kilometers, and on a coastal strip of 25 kilometers that separates the lake from the Mediterranean Sea; The workshops include the “Nador Corniche”, the “Attalion” resort, the “Boukana” and “Mohandes” beaches, the “City with Bahrain” and the “Fishermen’s Village”, in addition to the preparation of the “artificial beach” adjacent to the Corniche, which has become a destination for many for the purpose of relaxation during the summer season current summer.

Along the Corniche, elegant cafes and restaurants, with organized and digitized parking lots, attract tourists from all over Morocco, which is a favorite destination for the Moroccan community living abroad, who in identical statements to the Hespress electronic newspaper expressed their admiration for the level of services provided.

environment and tourism

The purification of the lake brought back migratory birds to settle there, which the agency planned as part of its strategy by creating a bird park to create ecological balance and biodiversity, and to attract special tourists. The Marchica bird park is one of the largest parks on the Mediterranean coast.

At the entrance to the city via “Street 80”, or “Jinan Al-Matar Street”, which is described as the second outlet for the population after the Nador Corniche and extends over a distance of two kilometers and a width of 65 meters , then the other entrances created to enable visitors to reach the city center via the coastal road from Arkman or Bouarak, visitors notice remarkably large areas of green areas, play areas for children and high-level sports equipment with clear lighting, in addition to a water canal project connecting the lake to “Street 80” where works are still in progress, which added to this. The street is beautiful and charming and has earned distinction.

sports footprint

The role of sports and its importance in human life made it among the priorities of the agency “Marshica”, as it was created in the various areas under the supervision of multi-specialty sports fields, and high-quality and free exercise equipment, and at the level of the “Attalion” resort, a golf academy has been established on an area of ​​30 hectares. Previously, it was just a random dumping of solid waste.

Over the years, the lake has attracted athletes from various regions of Morocco by organizing the most beach sports competitions. In 2019, it hosted the first edition of the Marchica Sport Forum for water sports, in collaboration with several Moroccan royal universities related to their aquatic and beach sports activities.

The first session of the Sports Forum witnessed the participation of almost 400 practitioners, representing different segments of society in Nador and neighboring provinces, with the participation of twelve Moroccan Royal Universities for various sports.

Atalion Resort

Within the same list of projects, Marchica Med has created the city of Atalion on an area of ​​154 hectares, a peninsula with a wonderful view of the lake, offering residents and visitors a unique resort with luxury housing units, a haven for leisure activities, restaurants and a sports academy, golf.

With the launch of the first luxury hotel “Marchica Lagoon Resort”, overlooking the most beautiful lakes of the Mediterranean basin and exploiting 3.75 hectares, in addition to providing 33 residential units, this luxury hotel unit has contributed to domestic and to encourage foreign tourism, and to reduce unemployment by employing people from The region has an average of 70 percent of the total human resources.

Inspiration for African countries

In 2018, Said Zero, Director General of Marshika Agency, President and CEO of Marshika Med Company, presented the model of radical transformation that affected Lake Marshika in front of 170 countries in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, at the invitation of the United Nations, where “Marshika Med” has imposed itself as a “social and economic model” that inspires many countries, especially Africans,” Zero confirmed in a statement to the press at the time.

The official stressed that the slogan “From a region of alienation to a region of entertainment and polarization”, adopted by Marchica Med, has attracted the attention and interest of these countries, noting that “Thanks to the wise leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the visionary vision of His Majesty, Morocco has become a leader in the field of development.” soil and pollution control.

Through this openness to other African countries, Marchica Mid Africa was created, which contributed to the valorization of the “Cocody” bay in Abidjan, in the Ivory Coast, and the rehabilitation of the “Bangalanes” channel in Madagascar. Marchica Med from various other countries, and also from officials in Kenya.

So, thanks to the royal will and care, this great Moroccan workshop stands as a clear project, to rise to a reference in the field of sustainable development, and will contribute to the achievement of economic, touristic and social ascension on the level of the whole East.

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