Major positions and viewpoints in the life of the famous preacher

Habib Abu Bakr bin Ali, the famous Imam al-Adani, a preacher and Islamic thinker. In Aden, he was able to attract people from all walks of life to stand among his administration and listen to his religious, moral and intellectual sermons and sermons. Some of the elite found him a modern and academic thinker, as the public found him Sophia an ordinary person, and he found students of science with their purpose in contemporary jurisprudence and forensic sciences. He is fluent in explaining poetry, prose and rhetoric in short. And the riddles address the thoughts before the hearts, you hear them as if they bite you and not people.

He conducted his first scientific debate in Aden in the year 90 AD in the Aban Mosque. He conducted it with his intelligence, wit, wisdom and abundance of knowledge before a crowd of contradictions and the alleged ideological and ideological differences of Sufism and Salafism presented. It was a balanced dialogue in which Abu Ibrahim (Sheikh Ihab), who was an eloquent writer, reader, eloquent speaker, participated in it. Despite the sharpness of the speech, his words and his expressions, but Jami’ Aban at that time was surrounded by calmness and mercy, and he was safe and calm, surrounded by angels. The debate ended and the prayer ended, and the followers went away, all thinking of the analysis of the debate and the wisdom and skill of the debaters.

What distinguished him was the hadith of the councils held by the famous sheikh after the dawn prayer or after the sunset prayer, whether in the Al-Aidaros Mosque or elsewhere, that his hadith was not like the hadiths of scholars and their textual and verbal expressions are not. recorded in books. And the rules, but they are not far from science, jurisprudence, hadith and biography. The common people and scholars listen to him and he is good at talking to them in their languages ​​at the same time.
If the famous sheikh attends a gathering, whoever it is, the hadith is his hadith and the maqam is his place.

Among some of his modern sayings and readings that we have heard is that he underestimated the value of the dispute between Salafism and Sufism that raged in the nineties, and his saying as if looking into the future with his piercing eyes and saying: Do not him don’t worry yourselves with this nonsense. We are Sufis and Salafis alike, the Imam of the Shiites, and when we look at where the Shiites have reached in our time, we go back and remember the famous Sheikh’s recitation of events, and his reading comes true .

What we remember as instances in which he was distinguished, may God be pleased with him, with God’s permission, is the confusion that plagued the former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, when he inaugurated the al-Saleh Mosque in Sana’ a inaugurated , with a group of scholars and preachers from Zaydism and Salafism in his hand, and scholars from the Islamic world with illustrious names, and the president could not choose the scholar and the preacher. The one leading the scene and ascending the pulpit of the Al-Saleh Mosque for the first time could only find his spectator and choose the beloved sheikh, the famous preacher and the eminent Islamic thinker, to summon from the lands of the Kingdom to arrive in Sana’a by private plane to climb the pulpit of the Al-Saleh Mosque and deliver a symbolic sermon similar to mysteries that only those who know understand. The famous Sheikh’s method of public speaking, praise, slander, advise, reproach, will and refuse. The most famous thing he said in the sermon was (Yes, to build buildings and build people at the same time) The sermon was attended by Sayyid Tantawi, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Al-Bouti, and sheiks of Morocco, Hijaz , Asia, Africa and from all the countries of the Islamic world and countless constellations. Some of the scholars of Yemen with their various affiliations

The famous lover has passed away, leaving behind him what he left of crises and trials, and he calls people to steadfastness and dependence on God of self, and he says: “Go back to your life and your dependence on God.” will come upon you when you will not get salaries.
May God have mercy on you, our sheikh, our beloved, our mentor-teacher and the Islamic thinker who calls to God Almighty with moderation and moderation He has a vision of the four pillars of religion (Islam, faith, charity and the signs of the hour).

May God have mercy on you, reader of thoughts, preacher of scholars and leaders, and teacher of the principles of da’wah and the noble prophetic patriarchal thought related to the ancestor, the father of the grandfather of the repeater of the series, the thought of the scientific license and scientific research in jurisprudence, principles, doctrines and morals.
There was a furrow in the world with your loss, our famous beloved, may God’s grace lead you, and you will return with your soul to your Creator with the prophets, the upright, the martyrs and the righteous and the good of these are companions.

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