Mohammed bin Salman spent $3 billion on this race and supervised it himself. Why?

home country An account known for its political leaks on Twitter has revealed the details of what it described to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to whitewash his reputation and his poor human rights record, by exploiting sporting events to his advantage direct.

Mohammed bin Salman and Saudi Arabia’s human rights record

The “New Testament” account, which has a following of more than half a million people on Twitter, was revealed in a series of tweets it monitored (home countryFor the first time, information about the “Formula One” races that recently took place in Saudi Arabia, its employment in sports washing operations, its billion budget and its income.

The account indicated that at some point after the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, at his country’s consulate in Istanbul in 2018, a foreign adviser, Mohammed bin Salman, suggested he take up sports. To reshape his international reputation and divert attention from his appalling human rights record.

From the beginning – according to the “New Testament” – the decision to go to sports that interested the West, such as: golf, Formula car racing, international boxing, the purchase of an international club, was the idea that was actually achieved later . by buying Newcastle English club.

The crown prince himself oversaw the race, and it cost $3 billion

He added that the Saudi Crown Prince personally supervised the establishment of these events and followed them closely.

The total cost of the “Formula One” race was $3 billion, and Mohammed bin Salman expected a profit from it.

The crown prince himself oversaw the race, and it cost $3 billion

However, according to what “The New Testament” mentioned in its tweets, the returns were less than what the government expected and published six times on its platforms, since its returns did not exceed $480 million.

The aforementioned account also pointed out that invitations were sent to more than 100 personalities at world level, most of which are far from sports.

Where the invitations varied between politicians, former presidents, leaders of the intelligence services, military leaders, journalists, artists, writers, some great athletes, and others.

The New Testament says that Prince bin Salman himself also oversaw the invitations and their sending, and even entered the details of the details.

According to him, the crown prince arrived to address the letters to the relevant local officials under the title of “secret and urgent telegrams”, which are the orders dictated to the Emir. Abdulaziz bin Turki Oral, with whom he met frequently and unusually.

Mohammed bin Salman also opened a direct line of communication with a senior employee of the Ministry of Sports named “Hossam Al-Khalifa”. To be informed quickly and directly about the answers of those invited, he says: “The New Testament.”

He pointed out that Hussam Al-Khalifa is the Communications Officer at the Ministry of Sports, and he was the one who sent invitations to personalities, entities and myself, and presented them with offers and temptations to persuade them to participate.

Strange invitations made by the Saudi crown prince

A group of heads of state and governors were also invited, including: Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland, Alexander Novak, deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation, and Juan Mansour, prime minister of Argentina.

In addition to Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the Brazilian president, and Joanna Mikl, governor of the province of Lower Austria.

And Al-Ahd Al-Jadeed continued: “Invitations were also sent to a group of intelligence leaders, including: Pompeo: the former director of US intelligence, and Abbas Kamel, the head of Egyptian intelligence.”

Invitations were also sent to Salem Al-Sabah, head of the Kuwaiti State Security Service, Bernard Aimee, head of the French Directorate General of Foreign Security, and Richard Moore, head of intelligence at the British Foreign Office.

The New Testament also pointed out that Ibn Salman also invited the CEOs of major international companies, such as: Peter Rawlinson: CEO of Lucid Motors, and Travis Calatic, CEO of City Storage Systems. David Solomon, CEO, Goldman Sachs, and Janice Gorzman, CEO, Morgan Stanley.

Invitations were also sent to a group of researchers and authors, including: Mohsen Khan, Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, and Paulo Coelho, the famous Brazilian author who wrote The Alchemist.

In addition to Jean-Louis, he is one of the prominent figures in the field of interior design and architecture, according to the novel “The New Testament”.

He continued: “In addition to football celebrities, such as: Mohamed Salah, who apologized and did not attend.. Cristiano, who also apologized and did not attend.”

As the Saudi Crown Prince mentioned, Lionel Messiwho is accused of participating in sports-laundering operations with the Saudi regime.

And the “New Testament” claims in his tweets, which were monitored (home country), that Mohammed bin Salman ordered a number of princes to be brought in, including: the Minister of Interior, the Minister of the Guard, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Culture, the Minister of Tourism, the Minister of Investment, and the Minister of Economy.

In addition to the Prince of Makkah, Turki bin Muhammad bin Fahd and Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

It is also strange – according to the New Testament – that there were military leaders who were also invited to this event, such as: Leon Banta, the former US Secretary of Defense, and Petraeus, the commander of the US Central Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Formula 1 racing in Saudi Arabia

It is worth noting that Saudi Arabia’s hosting of the Formula 1 Grand Prix has embarrassed it due to its controversial human rights record.

The Saudi state oil company shut downAramcoSponsorship agreement with the Formula 1 racing series.

Formula 1 racing in Saudi Arabia

Soon after, Formula 1 organizers announced in January 2020 that races would be held in the Kingdom.

The Aramco contract spans ten years and brings the equivalent of around 535 million euros (450 million pounds) to Formula 1. Other sources even speak of 800 million euros.

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