Selena Gomez seeks answers to her questions and considers her psychological composure

The American singer and actress Selena Gomez keeps thirty years of life numbers, and in truth, what she stores lights the candles of years. Three decades of tumult of intense experiences affect her “sensitive” character, where love bumps, illness turmoil and lessons of victory over life. She was five when her parents divorced, to live with an Italian theater-loving mother, Mandy Teffi. The impact of the first molt left sediments that Selena Marie thought were transient. Her emotional failures are like repercussions of that family separation.

In July 1992, a girl was born in Texas. Her Mexican father named Selena, after Selena Perez, the country singer. The talent for acting blossomed in her seven years, and her presence was linked to the magic of “Disney” and its fantasies, so it was difficult for people to take her seriously, until she changed the unfair impression to a sense of overcame exhaustion. She reconciles with Omar, who scared her, and she says at the age of thirty: “Wow, my life has completely changed!” She thought it would be different, and she didn’t expect to make it what it is. Stop caring about the outside noise and enjoy inner peace, the source of happiness.

She lives her life with gratitude for the joys and pains. The first gave her great times and the second made her comeback. The “The Heart Wants What It Wants” singer tries to be a copy of herself, detached from the appearance of others and obsessed with imitating others. Self-love becomes a message you try to spread; As if the issue is another form of objection to suffering. Since she was young, she has felt that the framework placed within it has narrowed her down, even though it seems to the world that it is launching her to glory.

Only she knew the effects of early makeup and the appearance of an older age, and the impact of lights on her soul. About that love that changes everything, self-love, listen to the whisper of an admirer who says three words: “Love yourself first,” and it turns into a tattoo in Arabic, in the male tongue, on her body.

The jump from the twenties changes it to the first pages of the thirtieth chapter. It relieves some of the weight of the whirlwind of days. On her head there are moving gusts, pierced by winds that are not the original in her composition. So she thinks of old age, and tries to fight it with a sarcastic smile, asking for awareness of mental health and disclosure of suffering, so that it does not lurk in souls and let them suffocate. Explore its depths to gain the strength to continue. In the depths where the signs of life.

Her short-term romantic relationships have been numerous, and the heart still aches for the split from Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber. They separated and returned several times, and between the two stations there were attempts to “free yourself” from him. She makes her torment an excuse to dig into her and understand what is going on. And to ask questions about her path and the path.

Then the disease hit a life that was not originally stable. Selena Gomez attends when “lupus erythematosus” and kidney transplant surgeries are mentioned. Her immune system and healthy tissue were under attack, and in 2015 doctors diagnosed him as dangerous to the star, only to later announce on Instagram that she would withdraw from public events because of him. Her best friend Francia Raisa donated a kidney for her, soothing the pains and assuring those who still want to find the love of their life that it becomes easier to step forward by encouraging those who are able to give.

She looks forward to a busy life, which began with commitments at the age of seven that later forced her to move from Texas to Los Angeles. Where the glow of fame is mixed with a flicker of confusion that won’t leave it. The owner of cosmetics brand Rare Beauty is not one to see half the glass. There is always a battle, half full, with the other empty of form and color. There is something that disturbs her bliss, beyond sickness and healing, separation and disappointments. Perhaps he classified her “sensitive” personality and her constant feeling of being under pressure due to her excessive sense of responsibility towards others. Exhausting responsibility, where anxiety worsens and depression nests.
Selena Gomez with actors Steve Martin (right) and Martin Short (AFP)

Filled with fear for teenagers, she plays the role of influencer for the cause of awareness. Selena Gomez moved away from “Social Media” for nearly four years, and when she came back, she wanted a thoughtful comeback. Don’t prolong your browsing and you might be away from apps for days. She talks about the negative impact and terrible repercussions on the children of her generation. She describes people receiving false information as a serious issue. Now you are calmer and more in touch with people. and happier.

And he drew attention to a danger that many do not pay attention to: the obsession with form. The American star, who gained fame after her role in the hit Disney series “Wizards of Waverly Place”, encourages teenage girls to have the courage to accept themselves. She was young when she resorted to the exaggerations of make-up for the essentials of her television appearances. She had questions about her true form, and was she a victim of fame and the desire to change her face according to beauty trends ?! She became obsessed with appearance, her mental health always on the line.

In her thirties, she begins to look for answers to her questions and considers her psychological calmness. She feels full and every bit of her memory is polishing her character: “I’m still learning, but I’m more confident about what matters and what I want. Grateful for every gift and lesson I’ve passed along the way. I can say that I am already starting to love the thirty.

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