The artist Ahmed Al Bastaki in an interview with “Al-Watan”: My ultimate goal is to honor Bahrain internationally in the “CONCEPT ART”

Moaz Busaiba – “Photography and Editing: Nayef Saleh”

* His Majesty the King’s encouragement to me when I was young was the greatest motive for attachment to art and painting

* I aspire to reach the global level in the field of “CONCEPT ART”

* My most prominent ambitions are to transfer my experiences in Paradox Interactive to Bahrain

* I aim to implement major projects and attract “CONCEPT ART” to Bahrain

* She requested to join 32 international companies before the approval of Paradox Interactive.

* My ultimate goal is to raise the name of Bahrain worldwide in the field of “CONCEPT ART”.

* I enjoy great appreciation, follow-up, attention and support in Paradox Interactive.

* I hope that in Bahrain we realize the importance of “CONCEPT ART” and start investing in it

* We hope to get support from the competent authorities to develop the talents of Bahrainis

* The field of “CONCEPT ART” is constantly evolving and the number of followers has increased by tens of thousands

* I hope that there will be a Ministry of Entertainment. Bahraini youth are creative in this field

* Bahraini talents in the field of “CONCEPT ART” are no less capable than international talents

* I won second place in an international painting competition in Japan

My colleagues and professors in Britain called me “the man of mad talent” and “the typewriter”.

I started drawing at the age of two after my mother discovered my talent from an early age

* I was known as a school painter, and as I grew up, my respect for art and drawing increased

* My work in the field of engineering did not impress me, but drawing is my free time friend

Engineer and painter Ahmed Al Bastaki confirmed that he “strives to reach the international level in the field of “CONCEPT ART”, explaining that he aims to implement major projects and attract “CONCEPT ART” to Bahrain, stressing that his ultimate goal is to raise Bahrain’s name worldwide in this field. .

Al-Bastaki emphasized in an interview with Al-Watan that “the encouragement of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the great king of the country, may God protect him and his care, for me in my childhood was the greatest motive for attachment to art and drawing,” noting that “he began drawing at the age of two.” After my mother discovered my talent from an early age, he added, “I was known for being a school painter, and as I grew up, my respect for art and drawing grew,” he said, speaking of “winning second place in an international painting competition in Japan.”

He said that “my work in the field of engineering did not impress me, but drawing is my friend in free time,” noting that “during my engineering studies in Britain, my colleagues and teachers called me the ‘crazy talent man’ called and “the printing machine”, revealed that he “requested to join the work in 32 international companies before the approval of Paradox Interactive in Sweden to join them, emphasizing that he” appreciation, follow-up, interest and received great support in the Swedish international company.”

Speaking about his hopes and ambitions, Al Bastaki stressed the “necessity to realize the importance of this art and invest in it, especially since this field is constantly developing and its followers have increased by tens of thousands, especially since Bahraini talents in the field of “CONCEPT ART” are no less effective than international talents, and they are also creative. In this area”. And the text of the conversation:

Are we talking about growing up?

– I am Ahmed Al Bastaki, “CONCEPT ART” artist, I started drawing when I was two years old, and my mother discovered this talent in me from a young age, when she gave me the pen and a train for me drew, and I discovered that I draw like her, and in the kindergarten and study stage, when there is a certain story. The professors assigned me to draw them, then I started participating in competitions, and my drawings were drawn in the buds’ tabs in newspapers and magazines, but my problem was that I was bored, especially when I went to the drawing exhibitions went, and when I entered the school, my teacher Mahmoud Al-Musaiqer also discovered my talent. And he took me into competitions, and I always got first or second place in drawing competitions. For art, drawing and painters.

I was raised in Hidd, and Hidd youth values ​​different skills in strength and sports, and I practiced different sports and skills, and my relationship with drawing was not strong or I did not like drawing very much.

What are the situations that influenced you the most at the beginning of your artistic career?

– One of the situations that influenced my artistic career the most, a drawing competition was at the level of Muharraq governor. May God take care of him, as the governor of Muharraq at that time took me to meet His Majesty the Great King, and my meeting with His Majesty, and the welcome I received, gave me the motivation to continue and my increased love for painting and art.

What about your academic career afterwards?

– After school I specialized in the field of civil engineering and surveying, which is a completely different field from drawing and art, and I had no passion for this specialty, but I got a scholarship to study in the UK to study, and the challenge for me was creativity in a field I don’t like, and my academic prizes It was good, and drawing helped me a lot in my specialization, since I used to draw with PAINTS, not PHOTOSHOP, or anything else. professors and colleagues at the university were often surprised by my choice of major in engineering, and that my field was supposed to be in drawing and fine arts, and one of the The professors say to me: “If you were my son, you would i get millions of you through your painting and art.” Therefore, I carried a lot of burden and concern, because I did not know how to take advantage of my formal and artistic, and I finished my studies at a British university in East London and got a Bachelor’s degree with honors, and then I returned to Bahrain and worked in my engineering field, and the field did not suit me, but art and drawing were my friend when I had free time.

Who encouraged you to return to art?

– My friend Mahmoud Al-Sharqawi insisted on my return to art, and he texted me, “I will not leave you until you return to painting and art again”, as I began to attend several art exhibitions, until the opportunity came for me in 2014, through the company “Empire Studios”, the first A Bahraini game studio, and it was the first official game company in Bahrain, and my colleague Fahad Al-Khalifa was one of the founders of the company . Simply put, it was just as he had in mind. Thus we transform the written text into drawing, art and visual characters, and this is the nature of the work of “CONCEPT ART”, it transforms speech and written text into images, and therefore it requires creativity, imagination, research, reading, science, depth, travel and to be familiar with decoration and fashion, so that the queen of creativity in The artist, for example, my friend, the Bahraini artist, Hussain Al-Musawi, has a company in America, and he worked for companies like “Adidas” and “Nike”, and he is considered “CONCEPT ART”, and he fought in the fields of shoes and cars, and I consider him one of the creators in this the field. Therefore, I believe that the field of “CONCEPT ART” is in great development and all international companies are entering this field, and 5 years ago I gave an interview, and mentioned that there are only hundreds around the world in this field, but now , the situation is different, as the number has increased to dozens of thousands, and large international companies are slowly entering this huge field, and I have no doubt that I have tasted part of the dream in Empire Studios.

Have you thought about working in art and drawing in Bahrain?

– I tried to get any opportunity in any ministry, and I applied to join the Ministry of Information because the field of information was my goal, but those in charge of the ministry told me that to join joining the ministry would be unfair to me, but then I went to Britain and it was a difficult experience for me, that is that To be the only Bahraini artist among international artists, and there were international artists from Norway, China and Britain, and in the first two weeks there was a level assessment test, but my ultimate goal was to honor my country and raise the name of Bahrain, so my main concern was training on Drawing and art during the first period of my stay in Britain, and when the result came out, one of the professors told me that my level in art and drawing was excellent and surpassed the exam and what I was prepared for. He even told me that he vi r will give me more work and assignments in drawing and art than others, and the work, drawing, art and printing that I was subjected to continued. It had been for years, and my teachers and colleagues didn’t memorize my name, but they called me “the man of crazy talent” and “the printing machine”. My paintings that I drew won first place in one of the exhibitions.

Have you participated in international competitions?

– There was a competition in Japan, and I devoted part of my time daily to prepare for that competition. I reached about 6 to 7 hours a day, and thanks to God, I got second place in achieved that international competition.

What about your plans for the future?

– Before I graduated, I hoped to join the University of Bahrain, but after a long thought, I tried to look for Arab companies in the region in the same field, then I turned to international companies, since there back then years ago not many Arab companies in this field, Contrary to what is happening now, and I realized that being academically superior does not mean that your working life should be at the same pace, but it was not easy, with evidence that I applied to about 32 international companies but unfortunately I received a job application and joined companies with rejection, and maybe that made me feel a little nervous, but in 2018, when I was on my way to the World Cup -matches in Russia, I got approval from PARADOX INTERACTIVE, a global Swedish company, and I felt interest and follow-up from the company, as it was done.My promoter g in the company, after they saw my work and before they inquired about me. Therefore, one of my most prominent ambitions is to transfer these experiences to Bahrain, and to attract this field to the Kingdom, and I have many projects.

Do you feel that you need support and assistance?

– Yes, and at the beginning I hope that there will be a Ministry of Entertainment, especially since there are creative Bahraini youth in these fields, and it is important that we in Bahrain realize the value of this field, and start investing in it. , and I always remember the story of the Japanese who went to Germany and learned and gained more experiences and were able to From transferring those German experiences to Japan, and that step was the beginning of success and excellence, and one of the most prominent wishes for me is that the competent authorities take on the young Bahraini talents, whose abilities are no less than the international talents I saw in Sweden, and therefore we need support, especially since there is a lot of good in this field is, and great income from it, and there are many young people who are ready to go through this experience with global expertise, and we can compete globally.

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