The Community Contribution Authority provides the Abu Dhabi community with 12 start-up companies specializing in the fields of financial culture and educational technologies.

Through the Moon Social Incubator

Under the slogan “Entrepreneurship for the community”, companies within the sixth group of the Ma’an Social Incubator presented innovative solutions to deal with social priorities related to financial culture and educational technologies.

Social entrepreneurs contribute to strengthening the strength, activity and cohesion of the UAE’s society and economy

The Together Social Incubator provides a platform to enable entrepreneurs and innovators to address social priorities in pursuit of its strategic goals of supporting a strong “third sector”.

Abu Dhabi: The Social Contribution Authority “Ma’an” today organized an event to celebrate the emerging social companies within the sixth group of the Ma’an Social Incubator, and the first for 2022, which included 12 start-ups that presented ideas for innovative business projects submitted, and it is organized through a strategic partnership that connects the Ma’an Authority with the StartAD platform to accelerate business Supported by Tamkeen, a company based in New York University Abu Dhabi.

The event was attended by His Excellency Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Chairman of the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi, and His Excellency Salama Al Amimi, Director General of the “Ma’an” Authority, where companies within the sixth group, under the slogan “Entrepreneurship for the Community” , presented innovative solutions to deal with societal priorities related to financial culture and educational technologies.

At a rate of twice a year, the Ma’an Social Incubator receives promising startups and provides them with the support and resources that enable them to grow, thrive and develop highly effective solutions to make a positive social impact. achieve, as well as contribute to the expansion of their sustainable businesses. The companies were selected in the sixth group because of their innovative ideas and proposals that will enable the third sector in Abu Dhabi to continue to thrive, as well as helping to inspire social entrepreneurs to contribute to strengthening the strength, activity and cohesion of the UAE society and economy.

Her Excellency Salama Al Amimi said: “We are pleased to witness today the presentation of the sixth batch within the Ma’an Social Incubator, which incubated 12 innovative social startups. In “Together” we are confident of the positive and its tangible social impact.

Her Excellency added, “Ma’an, through its social incubator, continues to affirm its commitment to initiatives and ideas that promote the prosperity and empowerment of Abu Dhabi society. From this point of view, our activities revolve around the social priorities of the Emirate. , including financial culture and educational technologies, given their fundamental role in advancing the future of our society.” and a positive impact on its economic development.

Her Excellency concluded by saying: “The positive impact of social startups supported by the Authority on society is a reflection of the strategy of the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi and its effectiveness in empowering social entrepreneurs to create social deal with priorities in the emirate.”

The list of startups in the sixth group of the Maan Social Incubator, which provided solutions related to financial culture, includes “Lon”, a startup company in the field of financial technology that works with banks and companies to improve customer culture and improve their financial conditions, by providing them with simplified data and features dedicated to managing their money. As well as Finstarat Bidaya, which focuses on social impact and designs and creates innovative community financial education programs targeting adolescents and youth in the UAE, and Cashy, which empowers young people and teaches them how to manage their money through financial responsibility in a way that to bring which supports their future as adults in the future. Scorel is a financial education platform that offers students a range of educational benefits through play and aims to equip them with management and decision-making skills related to day-to-day financial matters. Edfondo is the first financial information application for children and adolescents in the world, as it includes an educational laboratory and a smart money management application developed with the participation of specialized professors.

In terms of educational technologies, a group of startups graduated from the incubator, which includes “red onesIt’s a smart app that provides audio summaries in Arabic, each lasting about 20 minutes, for a group of the world’s best-selling books as well as the most popular podcasts. As for Totoro, it provides an educational network that connects university students with high academic potential and their colleagues who need help in While the Skull Play app enables students to learn the skills needed for their future, opportunities for offer internships, acquire accredited certificates, as well as win special prizes by participating in a game for one minute per day. It seeks to bridge the gender gap and improve the presence of women in leadership positions through a variety of digital academic lessons. Lately is also a platform or space to showcase the products of independent designers who embody the heritage, culture, traditions and art. of the UAE.Geek Express is the first digital educational platform specializing in technology in the Middle East and North Africa and adopts an accredited educational curriculum for students from kindergarten to secondary education through an interactive and comfortable environment that best suits them possible experience. skills needed for the future labor market. As for “Kam Kalima”, it is an electronic educational platform that aims to improve reading and writing skills, achieve better educational outcomes and improve children’s self-confidence and their desire to communicate in their Arabic language .

In addition to office spaces and the ability to access a network of partners and potential investors, as well as financing opportunities, the participants in the sixth batch of Ma’an Social Incubator benefited from the workshops and training and guidance programs offered by the authority . The companies of the sixth group of graduates were also able, through the strategic partnerships owned by Ma’an Authority, to gain access to an integrated system of partners, financiers and media outlets for their business sectors.

As one of the five main pillars of Ma’an, the Ma’an Social Incubator promotes innovation and entrepreneurship locally to develop effective solutions to address social, cultural and environmental priorities. The incubator has so far been able to incubate 53 social institutions and accelerate the establishment of 21 non-profit institutions operating within 5 sectors related to social priorities in Abu Dhabi. The incubator was also able to support more than 40 start-ups to start or complete business licenses, while 361 deals were negotiated that had a positive impact on more than 200,000 members of the Abu Dhabi community.


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About the Community Contribution Authority – Ma’an:

Ma’an Community Contribution Authority was established in February 2019 by the Department of Community Development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Ma’an Authority is working to shape new horizons in the field of social innovation, to promote a culture of participation and social contribution to address challenges in line with the social priorities set in the emirate.

Ma’an works to strengthen partnership and collaboration between the public and private sectors and civil society, with the aim of finding innovative sustainable solutions to social challenges and contributing to building a cohesive, active and collaborative society .

The authority has launched a number of pioneering programs within the framework of its five strategic axes, which include the social investment fund, social impact contracts, incubator, social accelerator, community participation, communication management and partnerships, to develop innovative solutions that contribute to a social transformation that will reflect positively on the lives of the residents of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Ma’an Authority provides the necessary resources and support to contribute to the building and development of social institutions, the establishment of channels for the collection of financial contributions and their allocation to social institutions, and the promotion of community participation and a culture of volunteering. “Together” is an initiative that falls within the axis of community development in the “Ghadan 21” program which aims to stimulate the economic agenda, in order to position Abu Dhabi as a leading destination at the global level for investment, life, residence and work.

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