The Governor of Fayoum and the President of the University inaugurate the 7th Employment Forum of the Faculty of Computers and Information

Mustafa Farghali

Posted on: Thursday 28 July 2022 – 17:22 | Last update: Thursday 28 July 2022 – 17:22

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari, Governor of Fayoum, and Dr. Yasser Hatata, President of the University, inaugurated the activities of the seventh employment forum, organized by the Faculty of Computing and Information, at Norias Resort on the shores of the lake. Qarun, to provide more than 1,000 job opportunities to graduates of the Faculty of Computers and Information of both sexes, in the field of modern technology, within the framework of an assignment The state towards digital transformation.

It took place in the presence of dr. Muhammad Imad, Deputy Governor, Dr. Mahmoud Muslim, chairman of the media, culture and antiquities committee in the Senate, dr. Muhammad al-Tuni, the deputy governor, and the university’s vice-presidents, dr. Muhammad Khafaji, Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Information at Fayoum University, the forum’s president, and a number of faculty members at the university Graduates of the Faculty of Computing, a number of content producers on the Internet, and representatives of a number of companies on the field of modern technology.

During the opening session, the governor of Fayoum thanked the university president for his kind invitation to attend this forum, and expressed his happiness with the unique relationship between the governor and Fayoum University, which is in the interest of the people of the governorate, by strengthening cooperation in various fields, and taking advantage of the expertise and university scientific cadres in projects implemented by the province.

Al-Ansari also reviewed the governor’s efforts in the field of digital transformation in line with the vision of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which includes the delivery of high-speed internet to schools, increasing the efficiency of technology centers in city councils, the included archiving of files. and training public sector workers on digital transformation.

He added that preparations are being made to launch an integrated platform to manage all the governor’s resources, human resources, infrastructure and superstructure, through an interactive digital map, and the preparation of an information base and a geographic map of what is being implemented on the governor’s land, to facilitate decision makers, and points to collaboration with the Faculties of Computing and Letters, Fayoum University Information Center, and the Ministry of Communications, in this regard.

He emphasized the need for networking between the efforts of all stakeholders in the field of digital transformation, in order to achieve the desired goals, and explained that digital transformation and the use of information technology is not an end in itself, but rather a became method and work. philosophy to facilitate mechanisms for providing services to citizens.

For his part, the President of the University welcomed the Governor of Fayoum and thanked him for his support and permanent support to the University in all cases, pointing out that the employment forum aims to provide employment opportunities to young people who meet the requirements of the labor market, through a vision of the requirements of the external market, and to prepare a graduate capable of competition and excellence.

He emphasized the university’s zeal to support digital transformation, through the digitization of the university book, and the electronic payment of tuition fees, with the aim of facilitating students, and declared that from next August all academic courses will be available electronically on the colleges’ websites. will be loaded. .

The Deputy Governor of Fayoum appreciated the forum’s role in coordinating with a number of large companies to provide employment opportunities to students and graduates of the Faculty of Computing and Information, pointing to a number of the governor’s efforts in the field of digital transformation and improving the quality of services provided to citizens by making them available in more than one form and reducing the cost of their access to citizens. .

The deputy governor pointed to the cooperation protocol signed between Fayoum governor and the Ministry of Communications to support digital transformation efforts in the governorate, and pointed to the governor’s zeal to fully mechanize state assets, improve property registration services, post offices expand, as also monitor violations on agricultural land, and establish service centers in the towns targeted by the presidential initiative “a decent life”, adding that the mobile technology center car roams the various towns of the governor, to citizens facilitate to obtain services near their location. of accommodation, and work is in full swing to prepare the executive plan for the new government complex in the new city of Fayoum, and to automate Health Initiatives and all their data to facilitate the development of new plans for this important sector.

It is noteworthy that the seventh employment forum of the College of Computing and Information offers job opportunities in the fields of software engineering, information systems, software applications, web applications, design, graphics and networking. 15 companies, and the forum also includes a number of seminars.

On the sidelines of the forum, an exhibition of companies participating in the forum and projects for students of the College of Computing and Information was opened. University shields were awarded in honor of a number of participants. The governor of Fayoum and the president of the University viewed Wadi Al-Hitan and Al-Rayyan regions using virtual reality glasses.

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