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Friday 29 July 2022 until 16:11

Oujda – The digitization and offshoring sector is a development lever on which the East is betting to accelerate its economic growth, given its competitive advantages.

This trend falls within the framework of His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s vision for an integrated and sustainable development in the East, which is implemented through the Royal Initiative for the Development of the Region, which includes the interventions of all those involved in the promotion of investments in the region. Orient, especially in the digital field.

And if the entity bets on digital services and offshoring, it is because it is full of undeniable qualifications, especially the great possibilities in terms of qualified human resources, formed in various public and private institutions, especially the various colleges and schools affiliated . at the University of Mohamed I of Oujda, in addition to a network of 36 training institutions Professionally attached to the Office for Vocational Training, Employment Promotion and Competences, which allocates 8% of its training offerings to information and communication technology, as well as offshoring, according to figures provided by the Regional Investment Center issued for the East.

This bet is also strengthened by the availability of important reception structures, including more than 10,000 square meters of offices set up for this purpose at very reasonable prices, as is the case for the rental price and the cost of labor, which remains very high. competitive; which provides an undeniable competitive advantage; Which would contribute to the development of the sector.

Indeed, the embodiment of this trend was initiated by the establishment of (Oujda Shore); It is the first area of ​​its kind dedicated to offshoring professions in the east and the fourth nationally.

This zone, created 6 kilometers north of the city of Oujda, falls within the technological pole of Oujda; The first part was delivered on an area of ​​7,500 square meters and includes offices equipped according to the latest designs, which led to attracting important investments in this sector.

The entity continues to attract the interest of more investors looking for a suitable investment environment that enables them to develop their investment projects and increase their number of transactions. The French group “TagadaMedia” which recently launched its call center in Oujda made this possible. the creation of 100 jobs.

Jonathan Zizerman, one of the founders of this group specialized in telemarketing, incidentally said in a statement to MAP that he chose the city of Oujda for the first settlement of his company in Morocco after collaborating with local actors and informed about the great potential of this sector in the east.

He pointed out that the relocation sector is experiencing great dynamism in Morocco, benefiting from a highly qualified and active workforce.

For his part, Director of the Economic Stimulus Pole and Territorial Provision at the Regional Center for Investment in the East, Rachid Rami, indicated that the authority has an integrated offer in the service of actors in the service relay sector, which enables it to provide all the conditions for the sustainability of their investments.

In order to keep up with the developments and transformations in the digitization sector at national and international level, the Eastern Regional Council has become involved in programs and projects aimed at promoting this sector, which the Council sees as a challenge for it and one of the most important priorities during his current term.

Perhaps reflecting this strong involvement in the sector is the council’s recent approval of several partnership agreements related to the support of applied scientific research and innovation, a program for training and integration in digital professions, as well as the creation of the National School for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, which will be the first of its kind in Morocco.

It is also about a partnership agreement aimed at developing the operation of the digital sector in the region, improving the possibility of employing young people in the field of new technologies, and providing qualified resources for actors on to provide the field of information technology.

This agreement envisages the establishment of a system for education and employment at the level of the entity in the digital professions, by preparing and equipping the role of the youth by creating special centers for programming and information coding in the entity in partnership with the contracting parties to employ. the competences and talents formed in the programming institutions to deliver services at all local, regional and international levels.

Incidentally, the Chairman of the Council of the Sharq Region, Abdel Nabi Baawi, confirmed the Council’s zeal through this agreement to create a general atmosphere for the establishment and development of a regional digital infrastructure, which the region as ‘ a digital pole characterized by its national, international and continental radiance.

He added that this station also embodies the importance of engaging in the digital transition; A promising course that contributes to the achievement of strategic transformation affecting various aspects of governance, transparency, performance of public utilities and economic dynamics.

The East Side Council is betting on the success of these partnerships and the promotion of institutional cooperation to improve indicators related to job creation and increasing regional competitiveness, as well as to contribute to making the East region a magnet for innovative investments and involved to the knowledge economy. and digital society.

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