Greetings for the Islamic New Year 1444| The most amazing and new messages for the Islamic New Year

Congratulatory messages for the Islamic New Year 1444 The words of congratulation for the new Hijri year are characterized by eloquence and fragrant content arising from the importance of this great historical religious and Islamic event in the Hijri year, and they are mixed with sincere wishes for health and happiness for the recipient, and invitations to fulfill their dreams with the rising of the sun in the new Hijri year, making them perfect to usher in the new Hijri year, and the bonds between brothers, friends and family to strengthen, it is in Muslim families during this unique religious event.

Islamic New Year greetings messages

Islamic New Year greetings messages

Various Islamic celebrations receive a lot of attention from Muslims around the world, and one of the most important of these events is the Islamic New Year, since the biggest event in it is the first adoption of the so-called Hijri calendar, and this by the commander of the faithful Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, this name was given in connection with With the migration of the Messenger of God from Mecca to Medina, so the subscribers of social networking sites, WhatsApp and multiple chat applications compete to choose messages of congratulations on the Islamic New Year, and exchange them with their families and relatives with them, so that they express their joy at the arrival of the fragrant celebration with the nectar of Muhammadi, including the following:

  • Every year your paper is better in deed, your heart is purer, and your tongue is more moist in supplication for me.
  • All the roses of spring.. and the birds of the world.. tweet to congratulate you on the occasion of the new Hijri year.
  • Happy New Year, well-being, safety, farmer, success, sustainable joys, a meeting with loved ones, and no blame or blame.
  • Happy new year and long life to you, God willing, on the occasion of the Islamic New Year, in which I pray to God that it will be a year full of goodness and joy.
  • O God, at the beginning of the new Hijri year, make my dear ones happy and make good for them and give them good tidings in their next year with all that is easy, and deliver them from fatigue or harm.
  • Best wishes written with the most sincere feelings for the most precious friend in existence, every year and you are closer to obedience to God, and I wish you more happiness and success in the new year, God willing.

Congratulatory phrases on the occasion of the Islamic New Year

The anniversary of the Noble Prophet’s migration is one of the most important and prominent religious celebrations, celebrated annually. This celebration takes place on the first of Muharram of each year, which is the first month of the Hijri year. Calculation of the lunar months, to calculate the times of Hajj and the holy months, to determine the beginning of the month of Ramadan and the holidays, as well as the times of zakat, and to congratulate the new Hijri year by the most beautiful of the following messages to choose from. Happy Islamic New Year:

  • May God make you happy and guide you and in heaven He promises me and promises you.
  • A bouquet of roses for the coming of the New Year, fragrant with old, for you, O owner of generosity.
  • With the number of dew drops and the fragrance of the fragrance, I offer my happiness to those who are close to my heart.
  • May the blessings of Allah be upon those who migrated from Mecca to Medina, and every year and you are a thousand good, a happy Hijri year for you.
  • Oh dearest people and loved ones, a new year is just around the corner. I give you the best peace and I hope to hear the best answer from you.
  • Every year you are in joy, contentment and peace, may God always make your hearts happy, and your books with Him are among the happiest of creation and people.

Words of congratulations on the new Hijri year

Relatives and friends in the virtual world use messages of congratulations on the Islamic New Year on this special religious occasion, which is the anniversary of the celebration of the Islamic New Year, to support the bonds of kinship between them and reach family, as well as to express their sense of belonging to the Islamic religion, and translate pride and pride in religious events marked in Islam, which is what It is manifested in their words to participate in the Islamic New Year, so we offer you the most beautiful words of congratulation for the new Hijri year as follows:

  • O God, grant this dear forgiveness without torment, paradise without reckoning, and vision without veil.
  • All hours and the beginning of the new Hijri year, happy new year.
  • They are all hours of a new Hijri year that stays late and another coming, and you continue to pray Happy Hijri year.
  • I give you roses and their colors, send an answer, you address it, and I congratulate you on the coming of the year 1444 and its days.
  • Every hour every day every week every month happy new year.

Congratulations on the occasion of the Islamic New Year

The vast majority of Muslim account holders and smartphone owners shared their congratulations on the occasion of the Islamic New Year 1444, reflecting their zeal to establish a spiritual holiday that suits their culture and enhances their Islamic heritage, not to mention the care for the hearts of loved ones, family and friends, to feel their precious place in the heart of the sender, and show his interest in communicating with them, And supplications for them throughout the year filled with success and closer to God. Examples of greetings on the occasion of the Hijri New Year include the following:

  • Our simple words are not able to express our love for you, and on the occasion of the new Hijri year, we say Happy New Year, and we ask God that it will reach the year of dreams, God may it with goodness bring back to you .
  • Oh God, I ask you for my family and loved ones for a happy Hijri year, free from any sorrow or worry.
  • Happy New Year on the occasion of the next Hijri year, may God honor you with what you love and desire, and may God bless you with your ages, every year and you be in full health and well-being.
  • The years accelerate to leave, and your love remains in our hearts as firmly rooted as mountains. Happy new year on the occasion of the Hijri year. We ask God to bring you back with all the best, well-being and happiness.
  • O God, years in which our chest does not shrink and we do not shed a tear, may God honor us in the fulfillment of our needs and swear to us of the good that prevents us from our sins and inspires us with truth and right, so that we do not wander or wander.

The most beautiful greetings of the Islamic New Year 1444

The greetings of the Islamic New Year are sought by all Muslims who like to congratulate family and friends, since it is one of the most famous celebrations among users of the social network platform, and the fans of WhatsApp and other chat programs, as it contains the most beautiful and beautiful congratulations with the value of the Hijri year in the hearts of the participants, and the recipient enjoys a feeling of Joy and tranquility, dominated by a divine aura, and calmness arising from the supplications and good wishes that it contains , including the following:

  • Oh God, I ask You for my beloved brother for a Hijri year free from sorrows and sins.
  • May God bless the years of your life, and I ask God Almighty to protect you for every year, oh God, a year for my family and loved ones in which they do not tighten their chest and do not mourn for them in this a soul , Happy New Year.
  • Oh God, it’s another Hijri year, I ask you for the good and I ask you to pay us all evil, oh God, the most beautiful fortunes we wish for you every year, may God bless you your Hijri year and may God bless you with all the best.
  • In the Islamic New Year, hearts are sweetened and souls are proud when they look at the speed of days and years, because nothing remains but God, God’s mercy and God’s obedience. Oh God, we hang on to your ropes, even if you let us go from them.
  • Oh God, we entrust You with our next year, so write us of all goodness, Oh God, give it meaning with cover, forgiveness and well-being, Oh God, a year that brings us joy and carries us there .

Greetings for the new Hijri year

The greetings of the Hijri New Year carry a content of faith and a fragrant spiritual breeze, which fills their hearts with joy and energizes the recipients of the Hijri New Year greetings messages, helping them to welcome the New Year with a spirit of optimism, energetic determination, and determination to achieve hope. They are satisfied with their loved ones, as they remembered them on this occasion. The beautiful woman sends a classy congratulatory message, and you can use one of the following messages:

  • My love, you are the bond with which God honored me close to you, you are the one who asked God to preserve him for a lifetime, every year and you are the joy that inhabits my heart.
  • Darling of a happy life, the butterfly of days and the laughter of joy that fills my soul, every year you are in my heart, every year you are the bond with which I trust my soul, every year you are the lover with which ends all names and possibilities.
  • My dear husband, that brave man for whom I thank God for his closeness, so thank God, blessings last, may God bless us with you, and may God reward you with good for every drop of sweat for the sake of your family, and may God save you for us in your next Hijri year and every year.
  • God is a mercy and welfare that descends on the heart of my beloved, O God, I ask You to give him the best of predestination, the best livelihood, and the good of the world and the hereafter in the coming year, who is saved by him and his life is good, every year you are loved.
  • To the love that flies me to his closeness with every opportunity, to the girl who brings me years and years back in old age, so I see myself as a child who seeks a smell of her perfume every year and you are deeper in my heart .
  • To the one whose names worship and butterflies paint his face, every year you are my love, who escaped from the world to his chest and found the world in him.

Prayers on the occasion of the Islamic New Year

Obtaining messages on the occasion of the Islamic New Year, and choosing supplications to include on the occasion of the Islamic New Year, to clarify the wishes of friends and relatives in the new Hijri year, are some of the things that the thoughts of members of the Islamic community now, especially with the approaching start of the new Hijri year. Muharram, which is July 31, 2022, uses the following messages to congratulate the Islamic New Year and to deepen the concept of believers in love and brotherhood:

  • O God, as the hours of our last year pass, we ask You, by Your mercy, to forgive us the sins we have committed, and to compel our thoughts through the intercession of our Master Muhammad, and to bring us under to accept your sins. and penitent servants.
  • My God, have mercy on our weakness, our lack of tricks, and our preoccupation with religion in the world. O God, we entrust You with a coming year that we will place in Your hands, so we write in it all the good and divert our attention from all this evil, and do not for a blink of an eye or less than that ourselves.
  • O Lord, for the sake of all your most beautiful names, I ask you to make our next Hijri year a waiting year in which the days become sweet and the world is sweet, and we thereby escape from the miseries of the world and the torment of the Hereafter O God, Amen.
  • Our Lord, a year without loss, without pain and without sorrow, O God, we trust you with joy in our hearts, so fill it and force the breaking of the minds of the Muslim nation in the east and west of the earth .
  • O God, Merciful of the heavens and the earth, send down your mercy upon those whom we have lost in the last Hijri year, honor them with forgiveness, and make them among the people of your gardens, the gardens of happiness, for You is able to that.

Here we have come to the conclusion of the article in which we have presented you the most beautiful messages of congratulations on the Islamic New Year, on the occasion of the approach of the new Hijri year 1444, we hope that it will be a good year full of goodness and blessings to all dear readers.

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