Higher Education announces the performance harvest of the Metals Research and Development Center during the year 2021/2022

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, reviewed a report prepared by Dr. Imad Owais, Head of the Metals Research and Development Centre, about the performance harvest of the Center for the year 2021/2022 was submitted.

The report indicated that the center occupies the 17th position in the Spanish Scimago index of research centers in the Middle East and North Africa for the year 2022. The report also indicated that the center’s scientific publication increased by 26.8% compared to last year, as well as the issue of the second edition of the International Journal of Materials Technology and Innovation.

The report highlighted the centre’s success in implementing a number of research outputs funded by various academic and industrial bodies during the period from 2020 to 2021, including the success of the model and characterization of a reverse osmosis water plant -technology used, the design and implementation of an industrial sewage treatment unit, and the recycling of treated water, and this unit won In the competition for the best industrial wastewater treatment and water recycling plant, by the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Wastewater in Cairo, and the acquisition of a patent for the production of a model for a mobile unit to generate liquid chlorine with concentrations up to 1%. The center also succeeded in preparing non-alcoholic water-based sterilization solutions using the methods use. and an industrial entity is contracted to produce it.

The report also highlighted the success of the center in the design and implementation of various research and scientific devices, including an ozone generator from atmospheric oxygen, a body temperature measuring device and an ultraviolet sterilizer, as well as the success of the design, implementation and manufacture of a silver nanoparticle. face mask prepared by electrochemical methods, as well as the design of the production of a mechanical industrial joint for medical uses using reverse engineering technology, the center’s success in the production of medical models and medical and surgical tools, the design, implementation and manufacture of the first integrated self-sterilization gate “Egyptian industry”, and the design and manufacture of parts for various machines, using 3D printing technology and industrial laser forming; To serve power stations and production lines for food companies, and joint manufacturing with five-dimensional grinding technology for petroleum companies .

The report pointed out that the center manufactures parts to serve industrial bodies in the fields of iron, steel, metal foundry and cement, by signing protocols and cooperation agreements with research bodies and relevant industry bodies, in addition to participating in conducting scientific research and necessary research tests , the most prominent of which was the center’s success in conducting tests Corrosion to various industrial bodies, development of future plans for new coating technologies in the field of metallurgical industries, the transfer of innovative technology to foundries, and the evaluation of mechanical properties.

Regarding the centre’s projects, the report indicated that there are (5) contractual projects funded by funds and institutions of the ministry that are being worked on during this year, in addition to (22) contractual projects carried out in collaboration with scientific research . funds and institutions, and (13) international projects are ongoing. In collaboration with international research institutions, as well as financing of (49) internal projects from the center’s budget for the year 2021/2022 distributed among the different sections of the center, as well as contractual projects for the benefit of production and service agencies, and signing a number of contracts with some industrial bodies and companies.

The center has also made many efforts in the framework of supporting Arab, African and international cooperation during this year, and improving opportunities for research cooperation with its counterparts from international research bodies. To discuss the opportunities available for researchers to study at French universities and research centers, the Center held a workshop entitled “Advanced welding techniques for materials difficult to weld by traditional methods”, in collaboration with the African -union for welding technologies, with the participation of 20 African countries via the Internet; To transfer the center’s expertise in the field of welding technology to African countries. It also participated in the International Exhibition of Iron, Industries and Metal Construction in its 12th session, which is the largest industrial forum for metal industries and construction in Egypt and the Middle is East, in addition to his participation in the annual meeting of the Association of Nanotechnology “Iraq Branch” ; To discuss strengthening the efforts of Arab scientists and researchers in the field of nanotechnology and using it in the service of development and economy in the Arab countries.

In the area of ​​international cooperation, the report pointed out that the center has signed (5) international agreements during the past two years, including: an international agreement with Luleå University of Technology in Sweden; With the aim of exchanging experiences and expertise and cooperation in areas of common interest, by adding the center’s participation and organization of many events, workshops, seminars, scientific visits and training courses; With the aim of marketing the centre’s products, and deepening the partnership between scientific research and industrial sectors.

In the field of training, the report indicated that the center trained (210) students from the faculties of engineering, science, agriculture and education in various universities and educational and research institutions, in addition to organizing training courses to enhance the technical capabilities of members . of the Research Authority and technical specialists at the center, and organize training courses in collaboration with the Ministry of Military Production to increase the efficiency of the engineers of industrial companies, and their acquisition of the practical basics in their fields of specialization. for Human Resource Development at the Center is one of the specialized centers at the national level in the administrative field.

Dr. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, media advisor and official spokesperson of the ministry, said that the Metals Research and Development Center makes excellent efforts to link research outputs with industry bodies by concluding protocols and cooperation agreements to transform relevant scientific research into products, and collaborate . in their production and distribution, and providing local alternatives for the requirements of the national industry.

The official spokesperson indicated that the ministry is currently implementing a scientific policy based on the use of scientific research to serve the Egyptian community and meet its needs in all fields, through the research role of research centers and institutes and universities, and emphasizes that it works in permanent operations. and ongoing collaboration with all development sectors in the country.

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