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YouTube started as an online video sharing platform by 3 PayPal employees, then it became a $15 billion business, and its platform contains more than 800 million videos.

In the report published by the American “Investedwallet” website, author Ram Shukradar said that YouTube users, content creators and viewers are from all over the world, with half of the world’s internet users accessing YouTube every month .

According to the author, based on the user base and popularity criteria, YouTube is one of the best platforms to make money online. If you have the ability to create content and want to earn extra money from your hobby, you should learn how to make money on YouTube. In this report is a comprehensive guide that explains different ways and tips to make money on YouTube.

Create a YouTube channel First you will need to create a YouTube channel that allows you to publish your content, but you should not confuse this with a YouTube account, as anyone can have a YouTube account, but you need a youtube channel to upload and share videos.

Creating a Gmail account will help you sign up for a YouTube account, and once you have a YouTube account, you can create a channel.

Creating and Uploading Videos Creating and uploading videos is one of the important steps to becoming a successful YouTuber. In fact, content is the key to your success.

The actionability of the content is a key element in its success, as viewers find the content by performing a search within or outside of YouTube. Therefore, you should upload search engine optimized videos with title, description, thumbnail, hashtags and related category.

Set up a Google Adsense account Google manages ads on websites, blogs and YouTube through Google Adsense, so you must link your YouTube channel to an approved Google Adsense account to receive money, as Google Adsense Pay will initially suspend and then mailed by direct deposit or paid check.

Sign up for the YouTube Partner Program The YouTube Partner Program is a partnership agreement between a content creator and YouTube for the site’s terms and conditions for video advertising, where you must join the YouTube Partner Program to start monetizing your channel, and you can join the program through YouTube Studio.

It should be noted that YouTube does not allow everyone to join its partner program, as your channel must meet the following requirements to be eligible to join the YouTube Partner Program:

A YouTube channel should have more than a thousand subscribers. You should get more than 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months. You must have a linked AdSense account. You must accept YouTube’s monetization policies. You must live in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available. Your channel should not have active warnings for policy violations. Once you join the YouTube Partner Program, you can allow ads to be shown on your videos, and your channel will start earning right away.

Different ways to make money on YouTube YouTube Adsense explains in detail how to make profit and how to get real income through YouTube.

Although YouTube ad revenue may be the main method, the AdSense page indicates that it is not the only way to make money on the site, there are many creative ways to make money on YouTube.

YouTube ad writer Shukrandar says that YouTube ad revenue is the primary way to make money. Once you qualify to monetize your channel, you can start earning by displaying ads. There are 4 different types of video ads depending on the ad format:

1- Skippable video ads that viewers can skip after 5 seconds.

2- Non-skippable ads ranging in length from 15 to 20 seconds with no skip option.

3- Bumper ads of 6 seconds duration.

4- Ads that appear only on computers and cover 20% of the video.

The author points out that based on the internal algorithm, YouTube determines the type of advertisement that will be shown on the videos, and the content creator does not control the displayed advertisement, as well as how to turn it on or off for monetization.

How much money do you earn per thousand views on YouTube? List CNBC’s revenue per thousand views in a report.

The report confirmed that earnings depend on the length of the video, content category, language and geographic location, where profits range from a few cents to $15, and the revenue per thousand views represents the total profit based mainly on video advertising , which is not the amount that content creators receive, since YouTube pays 55 Only % of the net revenue is through advertising and it accounts for 45% of it.

YouTube doesn’t pay for video viewers, so while a video with millions of views has the potential to earn more than a video with fewer views, it’s the total playback that determines monetization and creator earnings, not just watch time.

The report confirms that advertising is still the easiest way to make money on YouTube. Once you upload new content, you have an effortless additional source of income, and you’ll be able to earn money even while you sleep.

Affiliate Marketing YouTube Adsense explains that you can start using affiliate marketing right from YouTube without offering any products for sale and paying subscriptions. YouTube offers a great affiliate link marketing platform, where you can add links to the descriptions of your videos as you upload right away, even if the channel is waiting for approval from the YouTube Partner Program.

Channel Membership The YouTube page indicates that channel membership is another great way to increase your earnings on YouTube, which is the channel subscription feature, and allows loyal fans to join your channel for a monthly fee, which give your privileges and levels to subscribers. , allowing them to have instant access wherever they are to members-only content, live broadcasts and some other interactions.

Membership is only available to eligible creators, who are part of the YouTube Subscriber Program, and is not available on children’s channels.

There’s also YouTube Patreon, another separate third-party membership program that creates membership tiers with subscription privileges that creators typically use to receive subscriptions from their fans.

YouTube Merchandise Store YouTube Adsense has determined that the YouTube Merchandise Store displays branded merchandise owned by creators on their YouTube channel, and this feature allows creators to sell their merchandise to potential customers without leaving their channel, but it is only available to the creator who owns more than 10 Thousands of subscribers, which makes him eligible to earn money. You can enable the “Merchandise” feature within the monetization section of YouTube Studio, and YouTube also allows you to organize your store through separate third-party platforms such as Spread Shop and Spring and link them to the featured products.

Increase business and increase sales YouTube is the second largest search engine, with more than two billion users per year; Therefore, it is an ideal platform to promote your products or services. In this regard, YouTube attracts companies to showcase their products, educate potential customers, get new customers and increase sales, as business channels on YouTube help companies reach a larger audience by leading visitors to become customers.

YouTube Premium and Shorts YouTube Premium is a paid subscription program in which subscribers can enjoy YouTube content without advertising promotions. The earnings from paid subscriber views are not monopolized by YouTube, but shared with content creators, so those creators earn money even if their ads are not shown.

In addition, YouTube Premium has many features such as downloading videos and the ability to play them in the background; It is known that the viewer prefers to watch the content continuously without being interrupted by the advertisements and it is also useful for the creator of the content because it also profits from downloads and playing in the background.

The conditions page on YouTube indicates that a fund of $100 million has been allocated to “YouTube Short”; These are short videos, to reward content creators for creating short and engaging YouTube videos. One of the advantages of this fund is that you are not required to be eligible for the Affiliate Program, eliminating the minimum number of subscribers, which has made it easier for anyone to compete for this fund, as the content creator between $100 and $10,000 through “YouTube Shorts.” .

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