Markazia – Abu-Ghazaleh sponsors a ceremony to announce the plan of the Syndicate of Education Technology in Lebanon

Under the protection and attendance of dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, chairman of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global Organization and chairman of the Foundation Board of Trustees of the Middle East and North Africa Alliance for Educational Technology, the Education Technology Syndicate in Lebanon held its first annual ceremony and the launch of its program and work plan for the next two years, in Beirut Coral Beach Hotel, in the presence of the Founders CEO of the Alliance Middle East and North Africa for Educational Technology President of the Executive Board of the Syndicate of Educational Technology in Lebanon, Captain Rabie Baalbaki , and in the presence of high-level educational and technological events, led by Dr. Bassam Badran, President of the Lebanese University, represented by Dr. Nadim Mansouri, President of the Educational Center for Research and Development, Dr. Hiam Ishaq, and former President of the Educational Center for Research and Development The Head of the Office of Equipment and Digital Content, Mr. George Nohra, the Secretary General of Catholic Schools, the General Coordinator of the Federation of Private Schools in Lebanon, Father Youssef Nasr, the Commander of the Staff College in the Lebanese Army, Brigadier General PSC Dr. Hassan Jouni, the Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Teachers’ Union, the President of the Teachers’ Assembly, Dr. Youssef Kanaan, and the deputy secretary general of the syndicate teachers in Lebanon Dr. Ibrahim Younes, a member of the Executive Council of the Teachers’ Syndicate, Professor Antoine Medawar, a member of the Teachers’ Syndicate Council, a member of the Board of Directors of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, Dr. Youssef Bassam, the President of the Islamic Center for Guidance and Higher Education, Engineer Ali Zalzalah, a member of the Higher Education Council, Dr. Hani Haidora, and the President of the Professional Informatics Association. President of the Informatics and Communication Union, Mr. Camille Moukarzel, President of the National Commission for Science and Research, Mr. Radwan Shoaib, President of the Association for Initiatives and Decisions, the Coordinator of the Empowerment and Creativity Sector in the Transformation Network and Digital Government, Dr. Dal Hitti, president of the association of Lebanese Innovators, Dr. Jamal Maslamati, Mr. Tony Kayrouz and Mr. Ali Ahmed And the representative of the Scientific Society for Technology and Humanity, Mr. Fadi Ahmed, and representatives of private universities, school directors, professionals, media, technology and community events, information experts, members of the General Authority of the Educational Technology Syndicate, members of the Executive Council of the Syndicate, vice president Mr. Elie Saab, and higher education advisor dr. Hisham El Khoury and Amina The secret is Mrs. Nora Al- Mara’bi and media relations consultant The talented Mrs Ghadia Helal and the professional education and inclusion consultant

National anthem
The ceremony opened with the Lebanese national anthem, followed by a presentation of the union’s goals and the road map for the union’s action plan, and an introduction to the tasks of the advisers presented by Al-Marabi.

Captain Baalbaki:
He welcomed the attendance, congratulated the members of the general meeting of the trade union, introduced the action plan program, and the patronage and attendance of His Excellency Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh appreciates and thanks him for his qualitative contributions, especially in the world of innovation and digital transformation, and the establishment of knowledge stations in Lebanon, where his visit culminated in a set of important agreements in the field of educational technology and digital literacy. Captain Baalbaki thanked Minister Mustafa Bayram for his faith and support of the union, with the wish that the specialization of the educational technology expert in the list of national positions is approved for its importance to the productive digital knowledge economy support and open innovation opportunities in education and digital content and keep pace with the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
He added that the union, in its plan, will work to improve the status of teachers, laboratories, content and advanced technology, including equipment and integrated educational technology programs that support teachers and trainers in all educational, health, security, military, economic, environmental and other sectors.
He said that the Educational Technology Syndicate, as a founding member of the Middle East and North Africa Alliance for Educational Technology, and with the efforts of Dr. Abu Ghazaleh, left for the world to exchange experiences, conclude agreements and be equipped with all abilities that achieve his goals The projects on his agenda will pave the way for creativity and innovation in education and high respect and professionalism and ‘ a lever for the knowledge economy and supportive of entrepreneurship and emerging educational technology companies and support for their distribution worldwide as we did in the Dubai Expo and the Sultanate of Oman and soon with the rest of the Arab and international countries. Education, His Excellency Deputy Hassan Murad, and his rapporteur, His Excellency Reverend Edkar Traboulsi, and the Chairman of the Technology Committee, Professor Tony Franjieh, who apologized for not attending due to the reasons for attending a extraordinary prosecution session, which was decided at the same time.
Then the captain confirmed the effort to be actively present in the prosecution committees and educational and technological institutions, emphasizing that the union will support the Lebanese National University, especially the Faculty of Education, and will comply with its directives to support and support. it with all might.Educational Center for Research and Development.

Abu Ghazaleh
He expressed his happiness to be among a group of thinkers, educators, informatics and innovators, and the importance of the Syndicate of Educational Technology in Lebanon, and cooperation and partnership with it will have Arab and international prospects and important results in the spread of digital culture and improving technical skills in education and innovation, list the successes of his career. Professionalism through learning in Lebanon and challenging it from the technology, technology and knowledge portal all the curses and transform them through Abi Naamat and opportunities, accepting the goals of the syndicate and search through knowledge stations to eradicate digital illiteracy and creators to discover and open prospects for work and national and international production
Abu-Ghazaleh also confirmed that the strategic partnership with the specialized digital civil society, such as the Education Technology Syndicate, will be the director and coordinator with knowledge projects in terms of the establishment of stations or innovation colleges and the innovation contest, stressing that the Lebanese youth must be equipped be with advanced technical skills and with this digital knowledge to be self-sustaining and resist.
And let us enjoy the blessing of life in the service of humanity

Abu Ghazaleh Award
Captain Rabie Baalbaki announced the launch of the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Innovation Award in honor of his support for youth and education in the Arab region, with conditions to be announced later. Abu-Ghazaleh, President Ishaq, Captain Baalbaki and members of the Executive Board Membership certificates for the members, followed by the cutting of the cake and eat a cocktail buffet for the occasion, then take commemorative photos and the exchange of acquaintances between the union members and the participants, optimism, determination and fun prevailed.

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