Trump News – Latest: Kushner says “Sam” Bannon threatened to break him “in half” if he betrayed him


Steve Bannon threatened to ‘break’ Jared Kushner in half over leaked allegations and written allegations

Donald Trump’s senior adviser, Jared Kushner, said he receives threats and suspicions from Steve Bannon.

He described the “toxic” work environment inside the Trump White House in a new book. Read more at the link below:


Trump continues to use the presidential seal as a slogan – read the story here


Jared Kushner reveals ‘toxic’ White House fights with Steve Bannon

Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and former top adviser, has released a new book detailing managing a rocky working relationship with far-right Steve Bannon.

Mr. Kushner said that Mr. Bannon accused him of trying to “undermine the president’s agenda” and claimed he threatened to kill Mr. Kushner to “break” in half “if he betrays him.”

Mr. Kushner’s book, Shattered History: A White House Memoir.


The candidates supported by Trump are behind the Democratic opponents

A new poll shows that candidates endorsed by Donald Trump are struggling to keep up with their opponents.

Fox News polls show Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Peterman, a Democrat, leading Trump-backed Dr. Mehmet Oz leads by 47 percent to 36 percent. This state’s governor’s race between Democrat Josh Shapiro and Republican Doug Mastriano shows that Mr. Shapiro leads by 50% to 40%.

Senator Raphael Warnock narrowly outperformed Trump favorite Hershel Walker, 46 percent to 42 percent, though well within the polls’ margin of error.

Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp – who Mr. Trump, desperate to be removed because he couldn’t find more votes after the 2020 election, is ahead of Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams, 47 percent to 44 percent. This distribution falls within the margin of error in surveys.

Although Mr. Trump not specifically me. Abrams did not endorse, he once said he ranked her above Mr. Kemp favored.

“…of course there is [Ms Abrams]I think it might be better than you being your current ruler, if you want to know what I think. It can be done very well,” said Mr. Trump told the crowd.


Trump still uses the US Presidential Seal as a brand logo

Donald Trump is seen using the US Presidential Seal on various items on display at the LIV Championship at Bedminister Golf Course.

According to The Washington Post, participants in the Saudi-sponsored golf tournament dried themselves with towels and crossed the course in golf carts emblazoned with the presidential seal.

This is illegal under US law. The presidential seal is not intended to be used in any way that might create a “false impression of favor or approval” by the government. Mr. Trump has previously been criticized for using the seal as a logo on his golf positions.


Justice Department ‘may compel former president’s aides to testify on Jan. 6’

Justice Department prosecutors are preparing for a legal battle to compel former aides and former White House officials from the Donald Trump administration to testify in the ongoing investigation, according to a CNN report.

Aides to the former president may be asked to testify about Mr. Trump’s conversations and actions around the January 6 uprising.

According to Attorney General Merrick Garland, Trump is not considered outside the jurisdiction of the investigation, despite his assertion of executive privilege from the presidency.


Trump wants the court to declare he has ‘absolute immunity’

Donald Trump has asked the court to rule that he enjoys “absolute immunity” from all civil lawsuits related to the riots that took place at the Capitol on January 6 last year.

In a report submitted to the United States Court of Appeals, Mr. Trump’s lawyer urged the court to reject the judge’s February ruling, Amit Mehta, who dismissed a request to dismiss the allegations related to the attack on the Capitol.

Referring to presidential immunity, Mr. Trump’s lawyers are trying to completely dismiss the possibility of civil lawsuits against him, reports Politico.

Read the full story here:


Elizabeth Warren says the Department of Justice cannot avoid impeaching Trump after the hearings were revealed on January 6

Senator Elizabeth Warren said she doesn’t see how the Justice Department can do anything other than indict former President Donald Trump after recent revelations from the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol riots.

The senator said he could not see a scenario in which the Justice Department could continue to investigate the Capitol riots without impeaching Mr. to impeach Trump.

“Based on the investigation at home, I don’t see how they could have avoided it,” she said. “Ultimately, the Department of Justice will make its own independent decision if it has sufficient evidence to prosecute some or all of the people involved in the January 6 uprising. The Ministry of Justice must make its own independent decision, which means independence from politics. That’s how the justice system works.”

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On January 6, the panel interviewed Steven Mnuchin, the Trump administration’s impeachment

The House Committee has begun negotiations to speak with several former members of Donald Trump’s cabinet and has already interviewed former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin this week.

Committee members consider the days after the Capitol uprising and debate whether there were attempts to remove the then-president from office.

One person said Mr. Mnuchin was the subject of questioning in talks between cabinet ministers to ignite the 25th Amendment constitutional process to impeach the former president after the attack on the Capitol.

The committee is also in active discussions to meet with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who may appear for questioning in the coming days.


“Nobody got to the bottom of 9/11,” Trump said while hosting the Saudi Leaf golf event.

Donald Trump claimed that “nobody got to the bottom of 9/11” as he hosted a Saudi-backed Leaf golf event at his New Jersey country club.

Asked about the families of the victims of the attack who plan to protest the Bedminster incident because of their connection to the Middle East country, the former president replied: “Unfortunately, nobody got to the bottom of 9/11 not.”

Graeme Massey reports on the former president’s comments as families of 9/11 victims protested the heroism.

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