Words of happiness for the Islamic New Year 1444 distinctive and new phrases

Islamic New Year greeting words 1444 of the new Hijri year 1444, the beginning of the next year, is one of the most important moments we go through every year, and on this beautiful occasion it is not without greetings and congratulations, and wishes for all those who have fulfilled their wishes and more, and that the next year will be better than the previous year, Full of achievements and good news, and the congratulations of the Islamic New Year are sought by Muslims, to exchange congratulations with others. , follow us.

Islamic New Year greeting words

Words of congratulations for the Islamic New Year 1444

Often we can neglect to congratulate our parents, family members, friends and loved ones, even though they are the closest people to us, and that this should be the first greeting and congratulations to them, but what prevents us is the argument of joining with us to live parents and family, and this is not true, so we must look for words of congratulations on the Islamic New Year. I pray to God to protect them for you from all evil, and do not break such a beautiful custom. Congratulate your family every year and make the family happy with these greetings. You can use one of the following greetings:

  • Every year and you are healthy and happy, may God Almighty fill your life with happiness, and love you with contentment and success from Him.
  • The new year means a new beginning, and I wish you strength in this beginning, accompanied by the honorable family, may God Almighty protect them.
  • What we do today paves the way for the future, the lofty and straight path, the path in the guidance of God Almighty, the path that leads to heaven, so let’s promise ourselves in this new year to be better people with new souls to become.
  • My friends, my loved ones, I wish you on this day a year full of joy and prosperity, a year full of what you love from the things that Allah, the Most High, is pleased with and with which He pleases you.
  • May God make goodness and blessing the ally of your days, happiness and a smile your companion on your way, victory and pride is your steadfastness, and Islam preserves your religion for you, every year and you are a thousand good.

Congratulatory phrases for friends in the Hijri year 1444

Friends congratulate each other and wish each other good luck on the occasion of the dawn of the new year, and celebrate by exchanging greetings and remembering the events of the great migration, which was carried out by the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him , accompanied by a group of Muslims, and their move from Mecca to the city of Yathrib, and the approaching date of the Islamic New Year This makes us look for words of congratulations on the Islamic New Year, and exchange congratulations and beautiful pictures, to speak ‘ a happy start of the Hijri year to us and all our friends, and these are some examples:

  • O Lord, open the door for him who has opened my message for his happiness and enlightened his affairs, and make Paradise the first and the last of his course.
  • May God increase his enlightened face, grant him the sweetness of the poplar, and inform him of the Hijri year while he is happy.
  • I ask God for you.. light in darkness.. rak’ah in health.. tear in fear.. supplication, forgiveness and paradise.
  • The full moon has risen upon us again, and in another reminder of the Prophet’s migration, we wish you from the bottom of our hearts congratulations and have a happy new year.
  • O sun of life and moon of nights, whose love does not leave my heart and whose memory does not leave my mind, I congratulate you on the dawn of a new Hijri year, every year and you are good and dear and precious to my heart.

Congratulations to the beloved on the new Hijri year 1444

Of course, no family member ignores any occasion, but rather they are among the first people to whom we should congratulate on every occasion, because we remember Valentine’s Day and other holidays that we congratulate on their arrival, and we offer gifts in kind with the expression of congratulations through soft words, and sincere invitations to goodness and happiness And closeness and acceptance of God for a lifetime, and that this year be happy, and everything you dreamed about that you did not achieve in the past year, come true, and These are the most beautiful words of congratulations on the Islamic New Year, which you can use to congratulate your family members or friends.

  • A year has passed with everything in it, and we have had a year, and what do you think of it, but you are surely the most precious and sweetest thing in it?
  • The number of leaves and the number of eyelashes, I congratulate you in front of people
  • Longing precedes my step, before I do not come to you, and the eye longs before my tongue utters, and I am completely humiliated with exaggeration.
  • Congratulations from vein to vein and in front of crowds and dates, every year you are happy, long life and a kiss to you, my dearest lover
  • I ask the one who brought us together in a mortal world to reunite us in a paradise plucked by Danny.
  • May God bless you and yours and fulfill your wishes and make you the apple of your parents’ eyes.
  • I ask God for you a light in every darkness, a rak’ah in health, a tear in fear, supplication, forgiveness and heaven.
  • O Lord, a smile lights your face, joy fills your life, and faith perpetuates your heart, you and those around you.

Words of congratulations on the occasion of the new Hijri year

There are many suggestions for words and phrases of congratulations for the new Hijri year, matured by searching for them on various Internet sites, and they help to put happiness in the hearts of every Muslim, and help to build intimacy among Muslims. the anniversary of the Prophet’s migration, but there is no need to search a lot for these words, where we have collected for you a wonderful set of congratulatory words for the Islamic New Year, we will review them for you as follows:

  • Oh dear people and loved ones, a new year is at the door and my tears are upon me.
  • My heart and I bought your eyes. I got used to your art. I don’t want a new year without you. Dad, I live the splendor of your madness
  • I defy the world while I’m with you and tell people in the loudest voice that I love you and at the beginning of a new year I say, my love, my heart, my soul and my feelings are satisfied with you
  • A new year begins and we don’t send old messages, we say everything new, we are optimistic about a happy year

Prayers for the new hijri year

Undoubtedly, congratulations on the new Hijri year contain many unique phrases and words that enter the heart of every Muslim, and they vary between the words of a happy new year, words about migration, prayers and sayings about the Noble Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace upon him, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. Here are some examples, which we present in the following points:

  • In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful, and may God’s prayers and peace be upon our master Muhammad, his family and his companions. Oh God, what have I done in the past year and you didn’t like it, and you forgot and you didn’t forget it, and you dreamed about me with your power to punish me, and you converted me called after my aggression against you..
  • O God, I seek Your forgiveness from Him, so forgive me, O God, and whatever deed pleased You, and for which You promised me reward and forgiveness, accept it from me and do not cut off my hope from You , O Merciful of the Merciful.
  • O Allah, enlighten our hearts, our graves, our paths, our sight, our insight and all our limbs, and make us among the people of dawn, the people of the Qur’an and its champions, the people of the night prayer, and the people of highness.
  • O God, O Lord, let the reasons pay off our debt, enrich us from poverty, and grant us our request in both houses, Amen.

Thaqafni services to congratulate the Islamic New Year

We offer you a package of greeting services for the Islamic New Year 1444:

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Beautiful words written about the Islamic New Year 1444

Phrases and words are among the most prominent forms of congratulation on religious occasions, because we exchange these phrases and words with each other directly or through messages and posts.

  • The best moment in my life, I hear you say Happy New Year on the occasion of the Hijri New Year.
  • O Lord, open the door of happiness to the one who opened my message and enlightened his affairs, and make Paradise the first and last of his course.
  • O God, grant this dear forgiveness without torment, paradise without reckoning, and vision without a veil.
  • O God, mock hearts for him, and protect him from all evil, and make him happy when the sunrise and sunset are punished.
  • They are all hours of a new Hijri year that stays late and another coming, and you continue to pray Happy Hijri year.
  • I give you roses and their colors, send an answer, you address them, and I congratulate you on the coming of the year 1443 and its days.
  • Every hour every day every week every month happy new year.

So here we are, we have reached the end of the article in which we have given you the kindest words of congratulations on the Islamic New Year, which is a fragrant reminder of the migration of the Prophet, may God bless him and give him peace, from Makkah Al-Mukarramah to Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, to establish the Islamic state and spread Islam as a light in the world and all mankind, so do not miss this opportunity, And congratulations to all, and a happy new year.

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