5 thousand students compete for the “best application” for Uzbek universities

Tashkent (Union)

The Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan honored the winners of the “Best Application of Government Services for University Students in Uzbekistan” award during its second session, which is one of the outcomes of the strategic partnership between the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Uzbekistan in the area of ​​government modernization, which was signed in April 2019.
The honor ceremony, held in the Uzbek capital of Tashkent, was attended by Her Excellency Sherzod Shermatov, Minister of Information and Communication Technology Development of Uzbekistan, Mohammed bin Taliah, Head of Government Services for the UAE Government, and Saeed Matar Al Qemzi, UAE Ambassador to the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as a number of officials and members of the joint teams of the governments of the two countries.
In its second session, the award witnessed a great participation of more than 5,000 students from 93 universities and educational institutions in Uzbekistan, who submitted 104 quality applications in 8 main categories, focusing on vital sectors, the most important of which are education, health, environment, clean energy, transport, logistics, entrepreneurship and tourism.
The Minister of Technology and Communication Development of Uzbekistan met, as part of a ceremony in honor of the winners of the UAE government delegation led by Mohammed bin Taliah, during which they discussed the outcomes of the strategic partnership between the two countries in the discussed development of government services, and the efforts made by the two governments through the launch of the “Best Government Services Application for Students” award Universities in Uzbekistan, which reflects positively on building the capacities of young people and students and the improving their participation in the efforts to make the future, as well as reviewing future partnership opportunities with the aim of promoting innovation and digital transformation and developing new business models that serve the two countries.
His Excellency Sherzod Shermatov praised the qualitative achievements of the award, which was a practical result of the strategic partnership between the governments of the UAE and the Republic of Uzbekistan, and praised the support of the UAE government to the government’s modernization efforts in Uzbekistan and improve its share of its success stories in the development of future business models, and the intense efforts made by the joint work teams to achieve the best results, in a way that contributes to a positive change in the process making government work and improving performance to make people’s lives easier and enable them to access the best services.
For his part, Mohammed bin Taliah, Head of Government Services for the UAE Government, highlighted the UAE Government’s eagerness to share its success stories and advanced experiences in the modernization of government work, embodying the mandates of the UAE leadership to global joint working models with various governments of the world, and to improve its investments in the energy and competencies of the youth in The way to achieve leadership and future development efforts.
He said that the second cycle of the Award for Best Government Services application for university students in Uzbekistan revealed a high emergence of young talents, as the results showed the high scientific and technological level enjoyed by university students and their abilities to perform government services to design and revealed provision. distinguish experiences to clients, and praised the creative ideas that The students presented it and their efforts to develop the government’s future, and urged them to continue to innovate ideas, experiences and development proposals that efforts to modernize government work , improve.

winning apps
The “Tahrirchi” application, which provides a free keyboard for the game program in Uzbek, for the Android smartphone and smart tablet system, won the first place in the award for the best public service application for university students in its second session. app checks for spelling errors, and offers an auto-completion function for words, sentences and prediction of the next words.
The “Eco Portal” application came in second place, and its idea is to provide healthy alternatives to environmentally friendly daily necessities by providing support and assistance to individuals, enabling them to lead a healthy lifestyle. by being environmentally friendly.
In third place came the “Lalo” application (Onalar maktabi), where the idea of ​​the application is to provide information and instructions for pregnant women and mothers raising newborn children, and to exchange information about the process of pregnancy and child care and its stages, in addition to monitoring the health of the mother and child in an interactive manner.
In the final stage of the award, 4 smart applications were also qualified: the “Braille Recognition” application, which provides visual recognition of Braille for the blind, and its translation into normal letters from images taken with a smartphone, and the “Robo contest. uz” application, which is considered one of the most advanced platforms in providing assistance to individuals in the field of programming and learning its languages, and the “MathTask Setagi” application that focuses on the development of logical thinking and providing a unique approach to understanding the importance of mathematics in life, in addition to the “Don’t Waste” application, which enables users to donate food and products quickly and securely.

104 applications compete for the award
The award witnessed a great turnout of university students, and the participants included more than 100 student teams that submitted 104 quality applications in 8 main categories, competing for the grand prize, and Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi School of Information Technology.
The applications that participated in the award varied between various sectors, with the education sector leading with 32 applications, then the health and entrepreneurship sectors with 17 applications each, the tourism sector with 12 applications, in addition to the environment, clean energy , transport, logistics and justice sectors with eight applications and 18 applications for other sectors.

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