Astrologer Maya Hazeem reveals the most important horoscope predictions for Sunday


Sunday 31 July 2022
The Moon continues until Sunday in the sign of (the earthy Virgo) to be under the influence of the qualities and shadows of the Virgo Moon during the day as everyone works to complete routine and household tasks, cleaning and health to take care of. to deceive with the Virgo moon as we strive for perfection and look at the details..

You have a hard day in which work and responsibilities pile up and you are limited in time and make an extra effort to achieve the requirement.. Your psychological fatigue increases and you feel nervous tension.. You need to be more optimistic and patient and try to postpone some work..Reduce your expenses and expenses and pay attention to unsuccessful purchases..Also pay attention to For health from stress.. your mood is 60%.. passion: you may seem cold in your actions and can sometimes be provoked. It is a day that does not suit the emotional situation.. Pay attention to it.. and the best partner during your day is Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius, Aries, Leo and Libra.

You have a good day, chances are important in terms of multiple gains.. You show positivity in your actions.. You regain your passion and love for life.. You work to achieve harmonious relations with your environment and an improvement in your health. , especially chronic diseases.. From social aspects your relationships are more open.. Your mood is 80 %.. emotion: your day goes on as you want and you tend to have fun.. maybe this period will resolve the situation, for example a bad relationship that doesn’t last..and the best partner during your day is Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn, Leo, Bull, Cancer and Scorpio.

Your day carries some tiredness, but if you don’t pay attention to small problems, your day will be more comfortable. Concerns are often in the family aspect.. Your temperamental nature is overwhelming and hesitant. You also need someone you trust to give advice. you.. Pay attention to matters of money and purchase, as well as travel and health aspects.. Your mood This is 60%..Emotion: you tend to blame the other party and your mistakes can bear him..Reduce negativity and be less complicated..The best partner during your day is Libra, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius and Leo.

You are living a wonderful day and you have good opportunities during it..happy contacts and signs of a breakthrough on a personal level regarding the financial look optimistic and your thoughts are are involved in social activity and get help communicate more and there may be developments regarding future in your movements and you care.About issues related to brothers and the close environment.. Your mood is 80%.. Passion: You have ‘ a solvable situation. There are developments regarding stability and the future, and the time is right for reconciliation if there is a dispute.. The best partner during your day is Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn.

This is the day that will give you material happiness.. On the other hand you are ready to get involved in any argument even if there is a difference of opinion with others.. You may be nervous and beware of financial losses even if you have new gains..Try to reduce your impulse in relationships and your tendency to urgency and control and don’t neglect your situation. Healthy..Your mind is 70%..Emotion: you are exposed to some surprises and the circumstances may not be good for something so it is better to postpone anything important..and the best partner during your day is Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries, Aquarius and Leo.

Your affairs are stable after the past difficult days and your day has a lot of happiness and your sense of optimism..the moon you have to give you attractiveness, beauty, a remarkable presence and psychological comfort..your chances increase during the day with a good quality between Venus and the moon that gives you balance, self-confidence, success in your emotional relationship and your affairs is guaranteed..time It is suitable to dedicate yourself to yourself and think about changing.. your mood is 90%. .passion: the presence of the moon feature will pave the way for you in the next two days with passion, such as the success of a relationship and the achievement of harmony.. and the best partner during your day is Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn and Cancer.

Your day seems tiring and you feel that happiness is failing you as your worries and depression increase.. With the Virgo Moon you are least likely and you tend to isolate and you can remember old events, especially your suffering and look dramatic.. Also note health and material losses.. You love to sympathize with others and to provide assistance to those who need you. Your feelings of guilt and self-reproach become stronger.. Your mood is 60%.. Emotion: your emotional chances are less during your day, so you burden others with meticulousness about the smallest things and exaggerate them.. The best partner during your day is Leo , Libra, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius and Taurus.

During your day you live social activity and your fortunes align, and you can have pleasant surprises that you would not expect financially.. A good time to get support from a relationship or from friends you trust.. Your chances are better than in the past days..Your character is also more positive..You free yourself from your chains and feel that you are capable of Renewal and profits await you.. your mood is 85%.. passion: the moon forms a trine with Uranus, which makes you exaggerate your actions and you may not be satisfied with anything.. but your day is good and there is a friendship that may develop more.. and the best partner during your day is Capricorn , Pisces, Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Taurus And the virgo.

Your day may carry some negativity and worries..but the location of angles like Uranus to the moon helps you in material aspects..Daytime you are busy and have work related to the home or the living work on organizing and calculating your money matters and your expenses.. Gossip may abound around you or there are those who reduce you Your value because the moon is in the house of reputation.. Your mood is 65%.. Emotion: tends to your opinion controlling and clinging and justifying a lot.. The emotional situation on this day is tense, so pay attention.. And the best partner during your day is Aries, Leo, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and Sagittarius.

It is a day of renewal during which you are more comfortable than the previous days.. you feel the stability of your personal affairs, especially money and work.. you receive good news and important contacts.. you have a positive feeling about the future .. the time is right for hunting opportunities and you may know a new stranger and care for him.. you can plan For travel and leisure activities.. your mood is 85%.. passion: it seems that the conditions are suitable for business of stability and discussion of a previous situation If you are single, you have the opportunity to meet a new person and can prevent rapid developments.. and the best partner during your day is Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo and Cancer.

A day that is not as you want and strive, and if you wait for solutions, it will be delayed..and you must pay attention to mental and physical health and from minor accidents and watch out for the loss of important personal needs if due to your lack of focus..on the other hand your intuition has some fear and negativity so try not to be with negative people.. As for the material aspects it is very good..Your mind is 65%..Emotion: the situation is okay..But psychologically I am not comfortable and it affects your relationship..Try to control yourself and your nerves don’t explode for the slightest reason..The best partner during you day is Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini. Libra, Aquarius, Scorpio and Leo.

A day that brings you happiness and comfort.. during which you take care of your social life.. a feeling of happiness and psychological ease, especially in emotional aspects.. you tend to deal with others in a diplomatic manner and you have the opportunity to take part in a job that involves several parties.. in the next two days your money matters are going to ease and the time is right for you to decide Important things.. you may find competition so avoid any confrontation ..your mood is 75%..passion: a day for renewal and love and living the happiest times. Don’t make it tense. You always have to see the bright side..and the best partner during your day is Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Cancer.

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