Dr.. Yasmine El Kashef writes: “Your bike is your life.” A youth initiative to promote tourism and national projects


11:03 – Saturday 30 July 2022

►The initiative aims to introduce young people to the civilization of their country and spread the culture of cycling

►The founder of the initiative confirms: “Egypt is beautiful with its youth.”

► The initiative was able to organize a large number of celebrations and marathons in towns, cities and archaeological sites

► “Your bicycle is your life” is an important step to support major national projects such as roads, bridges, new cities, and their progress and development in all fields.

The youth of Egypt was, is and will continue to be a role model in persistence, perseverance and giving, in order to create a better future for the Mahrousa to occupy the prestigious position it deserves among the nations. These young people surprise the world day after day with everything that is new and innovative in various fields and at all levels. In this context, I followed with great interest what the media recently reported about an important event that Egypt has seen from the north to the south, a group of young people touring the governorates, cities and towns of Egypt on their bicycles, and document their adventures and journeys with their cameras. With their touch and vision, they show the beauty of the Egyptian countryside, its picturesque details and stories that touch the soul to overflow in its charm and simplicity, and they promote places overflowing with the history and heritage of the past, and forgotten areas that have not yet been discovered and their touristic importance has not been recognized, which the slogan “Egypt has a sweet need.” This is the “Your Bike Your Life” initiative, that youth initiative launched by Mahmoud Abu Al-Nasr, a student at the Faculty of Commerce at Zagazig University, 20 years old from the village of Kom Al-Nour, attached to the Mit Ghamr Center in Dakahlia Governor, two years ago, to spread the culture of cycling, encourage young people to practice and support domestic and rural tourism And to become familiar with the cultures of the people through a number of trips to organize with the participation of a large number of young travelers and who travel long distances between different towns, cities and governorates to motivate citizens to enjoy the internal and rural tourist attractions and introduce young people to the grandeur and civilization of their country and its beauty, including the neglected natural and recreational tourist attractions despite its magnificence Its beauty and charm.

I stood for a long time before these important statements made by Mahmoud Abu Al-Nasr to the media, where he said that he founded the initiative from his love for cycling since childhood and his interest in volunteering and his participation in ‘ a large number of volunteer work to serve his village, noting that after completing secondary education and joining the university, he considered starting a new life and decided to set a clear goal for himself through which he can achieve his dream, ambition and passion in professional cycling. Therefore, he relied on himself and went through the experience alone and was led to establish his initiative to promote his homeland as a tourist and break the stereotype of tourism in Egypt by spreading the culture of cycling. He added that he launched his initiative two years ago from his hometown, the village of Kom El Nour, noting that his love for his village and his belief in its natural internal tourism that simply shines through its people spurred him on to establish and introduce his idea. the starting signal from it with the participation of a large number of travelers and the most famous cyclists in Egypt.

“Rural tourism” is one of the main pillars on which the initiative is based, and when I started to consolidate the principles of the initiative, I started from my village and my country, and managed to immortalize the launch day of the initiative , which was attended by a large number of travelers and cyclists who flocked from different governorates in Egypt with their travels and bicycles, it was an event and a day. Historically, the Mit Ghamr Center and the entire Dakahlia Governorate.

He added that the initiative was established in October 2020, and the starting signal was launched in April 2021, as the initiative team and travelers were received from various governorates, such as Sharkia, Menoufia, Gharbia, Sohag, Qalyubia, Cairo, Damietta, Qena, Sinai , Port Said and Ismailia, who used to travel between Egypt’s cities and governorates to support tourism The interior and promotion of cycling culture at the entrance of the village of Kom El Nour to the tune of national songs and folk songs. He added that the initiative was then able to organize a large number of celebrations and marathons throughout towns, cities and archaeological sites, and visited many Egyptian governorates known for their historical status.

He pointed out that his first trip outside Dakahlia Governorate was his trip to Sadat City, Menoufia Governorate, noting that during his studies in the first year at the Faculty of Commerce, Sadat City University, he traveled by bicycle on a trip which lasted five and five years. half an hour, during which he traveled 145 km to attend his final exams, from the village of Kom El Nour in the Mit center Ghamr of the Dakahlia governorate, through the Banha road, then the regional road, then the desert, up to Sadat City, Menoufia Governorate. He points out that at the time he was highly praised by his college professors and was honored by dr. Abdel Hamid Shaheen, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce at Sadat City University, and the college praised his initiative and honored the Dean for his encouragement and encouragement to continue and continuity in the initiative and to spread its goals and idea on social media pages to encouraging young people to join and participate with their bicycles to achieve goals Initiative in the promotion of domestic tourism.

The idea was very welcomed by the youth of Sadat City and lasted for six days in the city, during which it succeeded in establishing the “Sadat Riders” team and qualifying the players to use bicycles in the right way and how to support tourism through cycling internally and rurally, achieving an important result and a great achievement for the initiative to establish it. with their initiative a very large number of cities and governorates, such as Monufia, Ismailia, Port Said, Zagazig, Gamasa, Ras El Bar, Damietta, Gharbia, Alexandria, Fayoum, Halayeb, Shalateen, Siwa, Qantara, the administrative capital and others Through pointing out that they always emphasize in their cycling trips to visit rural villages that have natural and archaeological tourism potential that can be maximized in various cities and governorates, adding that Egyptian villages and cities are rich in natural monuments and enjoy many advantages. which qualifies them to be on the map of tourism and famous tourist cities. .

He pointed out that they promoted tourism in the cities of the delta, where they organized one integrated trip, that is the “Tour of the Delta”, which lasted for two days, with the participation of two cyclists, who from Come El-Nour through Gamasa, Damietta, Ras El-Bar, Port Said and Ismailia, then Zagazig, and back to Mit Ghamr in Dakahlia, He explained that through his initiative he shed light on the cities that enjoy rural tourism, therefore he participated with a number of cycling teams from Cairo governorate to organize trips and trips to cities and towns that enjoy rural tourism, and he traveled on a 14-hour trip to Fayoum governorate, during which he traveled 195 km , and from there with The cycling teams went to Fayoum, during which, with the participation of 47 cyclists, they visited Wadi El Rayan and its waterfalls, beautiful tourist spots and attractions, Lake Qarun, Tunis Village and Shakshuk Village, and they has various recreational activities activities such as sand boarding and horse riding.

“The experience was one of my greatest victories.” With these words, Mahmoud continued his speech: His visit to the cities of Halayeb and Shalateen was one of the best trips I have undertaken, during which I enjoyed a journey that spans 1,135 km along the Red Sea coastline, passing through Marsa Alam, Safaga, Al Qusayr, El Gouna and Hurghada, note that the fun in that The trip is on the same travel route, from the north of Ain Sukhna. During your journey on the road, you will be fascinated by the chains of beauty of the Red Sea on the right and the Red Sea and its coral reefs that give joyful colors that delight the onlookers of its extravagant charm and beauty, and the tourist villages that lookout on the left side of the road, which indicates that they During their travels, they are interested in the smallest details In addition to documenting the journey and promoting tourist attractions, they are also interested in supporting major national projects such as roads , bridges and new cities, and their progress and development in all areas, as well as their interest in learning about the customs, traditions and cultures of the people in various towns and cities, emphasizing that the initiative Its goals are not only sports not, but also tourism, economic, social, religious and cultural.

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