Famous post-divorce scandals show ongoing details

30/07 22:10

Written by: Heba slave mercifully

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Last week, the singer Sherine Abdel Wahab, through a telephone interview with the media, Lamis El Hadidy on her show, hit her privacy and personal life against the wall after she disclosed the secrets of her married life with the artist Hossam has. Habib after their divorce, despite her silence during the previous period since her divorce, but he decided Suddenly and without warning, she breaks her silence, and tells the most accurate details of her married life, at the top of the list of searches on social media a few hours later, and caused a sensation in the whole Arab world, between a supporter who is sympathetic to her and opponents of her behavior and bad talk and her words about her secrets with her ex-husband Hossam Habib.

Sherine said among her statements; “Hossam Habib blackmailed me, caused patients, cut off my hair and also robbed me. I married a man who is not working, psychologically complex and sick. He is a harmful and bad person in the true sense of the word.

She also said; He asked me to buy him a Mercedes car, then I was surprised that he stole it when I was not at home. Nervous.” For his part, Hossam Habib responded to her statements, which he considered offensive, saying in an audio recording of one of the programs, saying: “There will be a very quick legal action, and I will respond with documents and not with the words which were sent, and which were said, are very great, insulting and illogical.”

Days after the uproar caused by the artist, Sherine, blogger “Maryam Seif” who is followed by more than 2.5 million followers on the Instagram photo sharing site, has come out with a new uproar that has unleashed her by announcing her separation. of her famous husband, also on social networking sites, “Mohamed Sharaf”. A divorce suit for damages against him, after a great love affair that brought them together, and she launched a sharp attack against him, accusing him of not being on her and her daughter since her birth, and had abandoned her at the time of her difficult illness, which she still diagnoses, and indicated that she was doing analyzes for cancer.

She addressed other personal problems between them, she said that throughout the years of marriage she had spent on the home and that her husband preferred his restaurant, which he owned, to her, and audio recordings and conversations between published them. and said that the divorce has nothing to do with it not being spent on her, but she will reveal the real reason for the divorce after the session that is issued This is the final verdict.

Maryam Seif wrote in her story, “You were the best man before you were selfish, and before I fell into a coma and lay next to me, and before your daughter got tired and stayed with us, before every penny after came to you and acted. the stranger before the family member, you can’t afford the blessing of your daughter and I am the most shocked one of you, I stood by your side for 3 years, I sacrificed everything for the sake of you, and one day you have a job, you and your daughter threw me.”

Her husband, Mohamed Sharaf, responded in a video on his page, saying: He has been away from social media and presented his problems to her, but what his wife is doing is public blackmail because he does not want her as not have his partner in his new restaurant.

And a few days before that, the YouTuber Amal Abu Al-Majd and her husband, Ahmed Juba, had a crisis. She caused an uproar after posting a video clip on the “Instagram” website, in which she talking about her assault by her husband and her attempt to abort her fetus, saying; “I am sorry to tell you that Josie Ahmed, whom all of you have seen, loves me, oh he who loves, you have seen manhood, what do you think? He wanted to abort the fetus.”

After all this exciting controversy, it was necessary to discuss the opinions of sociologists and the law and to know the opinion of religion Many questions have been raised about the ruling on the disclosure of marital secrets after divorce, and the Al-Azhar International Center for Electronic Fatwa responded on its official website by saying: When a separation occurs between spouses, one or both of them talk about the flaws of the other party and exaggerate them, or some of his relatives do it on his behalf He publishes it on social media, and it is all against Sharia, and the Al-Azhar Center for Electronic Fatwas added that he told that Abdullah bin Omar, may God be pleased with them, had a problem between him and his wife, Safiya bint Abi Obaid, so his friends and sister Hafsa, the mother of the believers, came to ask him about this problem between him and him. He married him. so he said, “Glory to God?! How can I reveal the secret of a woman who is closest to me? She is my wife.” He did not reveal any of his secrets to them, then he divorced her, so they asked him about the reason, and he said: “Glory be to God, how can I reveal the secret of a strange woman who does nothing have anything to do with him?” between me and her.”

Dr. Iman Abdullah, Professor of Psychology and Family Therapy, says: Whoever does this does not understand or realize the meaning of marriage, in which there is love and mercy, which is the heavy covenant, and slander after divorce is a behavior that all reject except, as it is something extraordinary and a social heresy alien to Egyptian society, and must It be rejected at all levels.

Divorce is in many cases a solution to problems and not the beginning of new problems so that people live without tension and the wrong use of technology to defame spouses makes it a sharp deadly weapon that each party uses in the face of the other, until it spoils his new life and his right to a decent life after divorce, and the matter no longer stops at the celebrity; Social media went all out, after people went out of their way to make videos to show her life.

The motives for this strange phenomenon are due to several reasons, namely slander out of revenge, the spread of many scandals to gain public sympathy for the victim, and also the obsession of celebrities with the idea of ​​trend, which has become for some artists . much more important than their personal lives until it becomes the talk of the world, as well as those who follow this behavior as an extension of the personality aggressiveness;

Regarding the consequences caused by men’s slander against each other, Dr. Iman Abdullah: It has a negative impact that threatens family safety, security and community stability as a whole because it causes boredom and anxiety and can lead to revenge motives that can reach murders, and it has serious effects on children, and the distribution of privacy makes problems. Extended to the divorce, and the disclosure of secrets leads to the collapse of the relationship forever, and there is no opportunity to return, and there is no fertile ground between men. to raise children in a positive way. These models cause psychological disturbances and give opportunity for imitation, so he should be punished legally.

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