Golf News | Graduation projects “Information Systems” at the University of Bahrain originate from the community and reflect the academic performance of students

Including a platform for research and development of the activities of the academic department and a program for memorizing the Qur’an

The Head of the Information Systems Department at the College of Information Technology at the University of Bahrain, Dr. Hussain Mohsen Al-Areedh, confirmed that students benefit from Information Systems courses, their application of what was learned in graduation projects, and their use of modern information and communication technology, Through the development of systems and applications that serve the individual and society, and contribute to increasing practical research and knowledge production for graduates Division.

He added that the graduation project course is one of the approved courses to complete the graduation requirements at the College of Information Technology, and is considered a culmination The student’s outcome during his undergraduate studies. Due to its importance, an exhibition of graduation projects is held at the end of each semester, in which projects that have passed committees are presented for departmental evaluation. The exhibition receives interest and interaction from various professional sectors in the Kingdom, as the best three projects are selected – After passing the arbitration process by a committee of external arbitrators with experience in the sectors of information systems – to then be the first winning teams will be honored.

The Head of the Graduation Projects Committee in the Information Systems Department, Dr. Amal Muhammad Al-Rayes, explained the importance of completing the graduation project To qualify postgraduate students to engage in the work environment in the future. To complete the course requirements, work in a team is required to acquire various skills, including: The skill to identify a researchable problem In the field of information systems, the application of analytical and statistical knowledge to display, process and interpret, and the development of information systems According to modern needs and requirements, in addition to academic writing skills by writing a complete research report with Original sources, time management to achieve project objectives on time, project presentation and verbal defense of opinion. The graduation projects committee in the department forms committees to evaluate projects at the end of the semester, consisting of examiners: internal and external, to be selected to match the topic of the project, and to be from the appropriate sector in the labor market be , to introduce the department’s projects and outputs.

The “Inspiring” project, a Bahraini training program created by students, Ahmed Abdel Rahim Marhoon, won first place Hussein Abdel Latif Hussein, and Mishaal Waheed Janahi, under the supervision of Dr. Ghadeer Ismail Mohamed. The second place was awarded to the project “The Idea of ​​​​the Higher Information Technology Project”, from the work of the female students, Zainab Khader Hassan, Hamda Rashid Al-Qais, and Yara Walid Al-Amin, under the supervision of Dr. Ghadeer Ismail Mohamed and Mohamed Seddiqi. The project “Al-Nour Site for Preserving the Noble Qur’an” won the third place, from the work of Tahira Bassem. students Ahmed, Rawan Marwan Nasser, and Hussam Abdeen Hamed, under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Zaki.

Regarding the winning projects in the last second semester, student Ahmed Marhoon said that the “Mulham” platform is a platform that is easy to use, educational, suitable for everyone, and aims to learn more efficiently and effectively, and it is built on a system that facilitates access to information, finding a trainer, following his courses, and through which you can book a consultation appointment with someone Professional trainers. He added that the project is looking for recent developments in the field of open educational curricula, to create an educational portal that is provided to all learners around the world, professional and upgradable educational courses are expected from the Molham platform Expand out to the Arabian Gulf countries more.

While the student Yara Al-Amin indicated that the aim of the project is to provide an online tool to simplify the “Fikra” system Higher Information Technology Project” at the University of Bahrain, automate operations and coordinate with all parties ( student, supervisor, team members and project committee) within a single system to efficiently complete and work on the project selection process. The system requirements were determined based on the analysis of similar systems, to determine the features that could be implemented, and then System Development using programming languagePHP. The student, Yara, added: “The test proved that the system is successful, and that it can be implemented and used by the system department. It will also contribute to encouraging collaborative research between university professors and students.”

The student Hossam Abdeen expressed his hope for the contribution of the “Noor Program for the Memorization of the Qur’an” in spreading the sciences of the Qur’an people online, and delivers lessons on Qur’an memorization to all students in their places, with the expectation that The student memorizes the entire Holy Qur’an by developing a tool that predicts the timing of the student’s completion of the Qur’an and monitors his performance. The website records the performance of each student, and accordingly helps teachers and administrators to assess students and make decisions. Different, anticipate, manage and plan the period of students’ memorization of the Holy Quran. He added: “The system of memorizing the Holy Quran has been completed and verified by various tests, in order to provide its services fully and satisfactorily to users.”

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