Golf reduces high blood pressure and strengthens breathing

Berlin- Professor Sven Ostermayr said that golf has many health benefits, stressing that it is suitable for all ages.

The German orthopedic surgeon explained that golf is one of endurance sports, noting that it stimulates the metabolism and helps burn fat, maintain cardiovascular health, reduce high blood pressure and strengthen breathing.

Ostermayr added that golf also trains balance and movement, and strengthens the thigh and arm muscles, as well as being kind to the joints.

Sven Ostermayr: Golf is suitable for all ages

In addition, it works to increase the ability to focus, as well as to fight psychological stress.

Ostermayr stressed the need to practice golf with the correct techniques to reap its benefits and avoid elbow, shoulder and back problems.

Golf is a sport practiced outdoors on large grass fields interspersed with hills, narrow holes and waterways. The length of the golf course varies between 3 and 7 kilometers, depending on the number of holes in it, which are between 9 and 18 holes, and a small ball should be placed in it by means of a stick called Megara. Scotland is the first to discover this game.

Golf reduces heart disease, lung disease and atherosclerotic disease. It also operates the mind and intellect which works to increase thinking. The person maintains the organization of himself and his time through golf, which burns a lot of calories and loses weight, and helps to mix individuals with each other and form many social relationships, so that the individual becomes social.

And golf is not just for fun and entertainment, which has been repeatedly confirmed by doctors and physical education experts and proven by showing its health benefits and positive effects, including muscle activation.

Activating the skeletal muscles of the body does not require a supernatural effort or a tendency to practice one of the types of violent sports such as bodybuilding or fast jogging, and this is proven by the many health benefits such as those achieved by simple types of games such as walking or cycling, and recently golf has been added to the list. Although it seems simple, physical education experts confirm that hitting the golf ball correctly requires 69 different muscles in the body to be moved at the same time. Therefore, regular practice of this sport activates the muscles and makes them more flexible.

Golf also helps to pass time and improve the psychology of the individual. And it works to activate the spirit of sportsmanship among the players, as it makes the individual accept the victory of the others over him, and this will help him to insist and desire to progress.

◙ Golf helps to waste time and improve the psychology of the individual

If the individual is a fan of golf and wants to practice it in the open air and on large grass areas, it will bring him many benefits, especially the reduction of heart diseases and atherosclerosis.

As it is practiced in the open air, it is beneficial for the lung, moves all the muscles of the body, and activates the blood circulation in the body because the person walks a lot in it, since the length of the golf course varies between 3 and 7 kilometers.

Golf also engages the mind, mind and intellect, keeping its practitioner away from dementia. It also helps in losing weight and burning a lot of fat and calories. It gives the individual softness, agility and lightness in movement and movement.

It is important for the individual to know that the practice of this sporting activity reveals to him what he is ignorant of about his personality and himself; Where this sport combines range, rhythm, power and flow, it should be noted that this sport is excellent for the mind and improves thinking, self-control and focus.

It should also be noted that this physical activity encourages the individual to practice walking for a long time, and it reduces the risks of cardiovascular and lung diseases, and among the benefits of this sport is also that every easy kick of the ball covers about 69. muscles of the body, and the most important of all this allows The course of this sport burns about 1000 calories, while cycling helps to burn from 400 to 600 calories.

It is important for the individual to know that this activity brings a positive effect that rids individuals of their physical and mental problems, and gives them hope and a return to normal life. Specials are advised to have a stock of positive thoughts from the beginning, and before you leave the house; Aiming to end the adventure with the best desired results.

In this sport, the individual discovers the physical body; Where this body comes as a result of physical fitness and diet followed when practicing this sporting activity. It also discovers technology; The technique is the sum of the body position, the stroke and the effects of the balls.

Fitness experts stress the need to practice golf with the right techniques to reap its benefits

He also discovers in this sport the improvement in mental processes; Where this activity helps to stimulate and focus to hit the target, and improve in emotion, as this sport leads to the removal of negative energies.

The history, origin and origins of golf go back to more than one opinion. There are those who say that France, the Netherlands and others, but the predominant opinion is that it originated in Scotland, which the majority agreed on. Players used to practice it in the streets with a ball filled with feathers and a stick bent at its end, and the first club was opened for it in Edinburgh, and perhaps this supports the correctness of the last opinion as to its origin of the game, also as the establishment of an association of golfers, the Saint Andrew’s Association, and the association established thirteen rules of the game to be observed by the players and these rules still exist until now, then the game spread from Scotland to Ireland, then England and North America, it received wide attention and distribution, and the first game was held in the United States in the state of New York, which made it more popular.

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