Good news.. a new treatment for acne

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Clascuterone is the first real breakthrough in the treatment of acne, after several decades during which anti-aging treatments for this skin disease were not developed… And while the promising treatment began to be used in the United States a few months ago, the timing of its availability in the rest of the world is still unknown.

“The most promising treatment for clascutiron is that it counteracts the hormones that cause acne in a new way,” American dermatologist John Barbieri told AFP.

Since the end of 2021, American doctors have been able to prescribe the new ointment that treats acne, which is a skin disease from which people rarely escape during their lives.

Acne, which is the appearance of pimples on the skin and oily skin, affects about three out of four teenagers. A large number of adults are also affected by this skin disease.

There is a dearth of therapeutic developments to tackle this very common disease, although research into other details such as the role of diet in the onset of acne has recently developed.

Before the discovery of claskotron, anti-acne treatments had not advanced for nearly 40 years.

The topical treatments are divided into two main categories, the first is a treatment that kills acne-causing bacteria by taking antibiotics, while the second treatment works to reduce the accumulation of dead skin cells that promote inflammation.

As for claskosterone, it makes skin cells less responsive to the hormones that secrete sebum exudate, an oily substance that acne sufferers produce in excess.

Other oral treatments also work on the hormonal level, but they are usually birth control pills, so they are only prescribed to women. And through its direct effect on hormone production, it leads to side effects stronger than acne.

But any new effect mechanism cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the drug, since it must be proven that the latter has positive results, which happened in the case of clacosterone, which was addressed by a study published in 2020 in the journal ” Gamma”. Dermatology”.

And I have found that this drug is more effective than the alternative treatment that is automatically given to patients, as it does not lead to serious side effects.

The results of this study were sufficient to allow the US authorities to allow the use of clacosterone.

But this new treatment isn’t magic or a revolution against acne.

“The study did not compare clacosterone with existing treatments, so we do not know if the new treatment is better,” French dermatologist Emily Spidian told AFP.

However, she notes that the new drug is “very interesting” because it gives new hope to patients who are reluctant to use other treatments, or can be added to these treatments to increase their effectiveness.

strategic mistake

In Europe, the issue of the new treatment is not currently being raised and there is no indication that calcosterone will be available soon.

The reason for this delay is not due to the reluctance of the health authorities to study the subject. The European Medicines Agency tells AFP that it has not yet begun to evaluate the drug.

The issue is currently related to the options of the Swiss company “Cosmo Pharma”, the manufacturer of the drug.

“Because we are a very small group, we initially focused on the issue of licensing the use of the drug in the United States, which is the largest market in the world,” says Diana Harport, responsible for dermatology at Cosmo, where another company, Sun Pharma, currently distributes the drug.

Harport believes that the market for anti-dermatological drugs is not important for pharmaceutical giants such as the American “Pfizer” and the French “Sanofi”, and therefore “Cosmo” must find a different partner in each country.

During the publication of its quarterly results at the end of July, “Cosmo” indicated that it had found a partner to distribute the drug in China. But it has not made similar progress in any European country.

The company attributes the reason it took so long to find a distribution partner to the prolonged slowdown in markets due to the pandemic, but this justification does not convince all observers.

“The market for medicines and dermatological products is thriving to some extent,” financial analyst Jamila Al-Boughrini told AFP, adding: “I think it is related to mistakes made in the strategy adopted by the group .”

Al-Bukrini, who finds it difficult to understand why the European authorities have not released any evaluation of the drug, points out that “Cosmo” has resorted to bad options in recent years, one of which is the group’s desire is to sell its only product for the Dermatology division, which is clascuterone, but it failed due to the buyers’ lack of interest in this drug.

“Was the middle not attractive enough?” she asks, considering that it is a difficult step to increase buyers’ interest in a treatment that has not been proven to be more effective than other drugs available on the market.


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