Mounir, Akram Hosni and the third, Tariq Al-Halawani

A shiver ran through the body of my neighbor and friend, Tariq Al-Halawani, despite the night’s tendency to warm.

Climate change was not the same in 1996, and predictions are not different from “hot, dry summers, hot, rainy winters”, and spring just started 10 days ago.

From the trunk of the car “Tareq” pulled out a small silver time machine, and I was speechless at the development we had come to. After my question, he said that it was a cd-rom device, so I didn’t add to “Oh, of course, of course”. I said this out of ignorance before commenting that this innovation is supposed to wear black clothes and his place is locked in one of the computer drawers, so how did he get free in this shiny silver form?

Akram Hosni is 3 months younger than “Tareq”, and both of them joined the Egyptian Police College in one year, and they listen to Mohamed Mounir’s songs, while I don’t like “King” songs or his style, but I treat him like my signature on a bank check: “Only for his artistic career, no”.

With great enthusiasm, “Tareq” put down the “From the First Touch” record and closed the door to the wonderful innovation that his father gave him, when he returned from London after a business trip. Up to this moment the “tape” has been the master of the situation, while we treat that shiny circle very lightly, not foreseeing that it will rule the world.

My interest in the names of poets, composers and distributors began with the release of the “tape” by Ali Hamida “Lolaki” in 1988. The song was only about 4 sentences and achieved an indescribable success. It was advice from my friend “Ashraf” “, the owner of the “Sharayet” store, and the “maestro” of the album “Min Awal Lamsa” was “The Hareef” Muhammad Saqr.

“Tariq” graduated from the Egyptian Police College with the rank of lieutenant, and was the first to graduate from it within my close circle, as Issa, Prince, Karim, Amr and Diaa joined him, and due to the proximity of the payments or the neighborhood, everyone knows everyone.

Not understanding technology, I left my friend to deal with the wonders of time and studied the names of the poets, and they were promising names. Here are Adel Omar, Bahaa El-Din Muhammad, Mustafa Kamel, Magdy Najib, Ali Salama and Kawthar Mustafa, and the latter lucked into Munir’s popularity with the song “Madad, O Messenger of God.” I swear by the virgin.” As for the composers, there is a song composed by Mounir Murad and the words by Fathi Kora. I remember that I put it aside for sure for its beauty, and I was satisfied with the name Hassan Abu Al-Saud, who deleted the series of introductions at that time, Wajeh Aziz and his money, and Issam Karika adorn the names, Of course, As for the distribution, it was Ashraf Abdo “the professional” and Ashraf Mahrous “the creator”.

Akram Hosni disliked the police life, including its problems, hardships and a permanent confrontation with outlaws. “A Tape from the First Touch” when it was released, the album was different according to everyone’s testimony, and I attached myself to a large number of his songs, especially “From the First Touch”, because at that time I lived a fake love story in which I wore the dress of the naive, and after it ended, I took the song “Before You Dream Above”. Dream and You Fayek” is a catchphrase because I was in dire need of “beyond illusion.” Surprisingly, at the end of the same year, I fell in love again and fell in love with the song “Layla.” The name of my new love wasn’t, but she used to sing it to her mother, “Layla.”

The artistic fingerprint of Mohamed Mounir in this album is not comparable to that of the album. The album was a huge public and critical success, selling copies that Mounir had never achieved before. I believe him, and he really drew me to him, and I was never one of his disciples or temptations.

After graduation, my neighbor and friend Tariq Al-Halawani traveled to Assiut, southern Egypt, and joined its security directorate at the height of the phenomenon of terrorism in the nineties. I would not have liked the new baby, and I used to ask my friends and neighbors from outside the circle of my disciples and Mujadhib Munir about their opinion about the new album before they bought it, and as a result a song or two, I wouldn’t buy the album.

Later I listened to all of Munir’s songs that were released, by the nature of my work I am no longer the connoisseur, but the critic too, and a few years after the beginning of the new millennium – I don’t remember how much now – my younger brother told me that the brother of his good friend since elementary school participates in organizing Muhammad Munir’s concerts He is very close to the King.

I was curious and contacted Mahmoud Mounir, may God have mercy on him, who is Mohamed Mounir’s cousin, and he was a good and kind person. I did this to make sure that Ahmed Essam did not participate in organizing Mounir’s parties are not, but is the engineer of influences and the secret of her departure in an unconventional way, so I called “Essam” and he was He is also very friendly, so he invited me to one of Mohamed to attend Mounir’s rehearsals, so I accepted and went. I didn’t enjoy attending a rehearsal that the “king” knew the press was recording, but I nevertheless followed Ahmed Essam’s new path with passion until he became a “registered mark” several years ago At the concerts of Amr Diab, Tamer Hosni, Mohamed Hamaki and all the “Super Stars” in Egypt and the Arab world.

My friend “Tareq” himself took the decision of Akram Hosni and submitted his resignation from the police force after years, but it was the opposite of Akram. “Al-Halwani” was passionate about business and business management, the common factor was that both of them made their way according to their point of view and achieved success in their field which is not different. About the success of Munir’s experience with Ahmed Munib, especially that the latter is the basis of Munir’s experience is indisputable, and without him he would not have become, nor became Munir, and the Nubian folklore was the basis of that experience , which required volumes to write, and together they produced more than 45 songs in about 10 Albums, even after Munib’s death, his student continued on the same path. and walked the safe path.

The “events of 2011” in Egypt, with all their social and political abuses, and everyone applauded the song “How” for “King”, and blood poured from hands in applause for this “miracle”, and with it the barrier between me and Munir increased, because I know that the “miracle” has nothing to do with it. Near or far, the “January events” were adopted by the events as newborn when Mounir decided to raise them at this time due to the similarity of her words with the situation of the street, which means that the thinking was “purely commercial” for a singer looking for a goal to achieve in lost time, and the truth was she What he wanted and ‘ scored a golden goal and finished the game and closed the stadium to himself only during that period.

I was waiting a lot for Mounir to come out with the morals of kings to reveal the secret of the song, which ignited enthusiasm and turned into a slogan in the field, but unfortunately he did it only in 2014, specifically in the second half of this year.

Munir and others’ replacement of heritage and folklore has advantages, including the re-presentation of beautiful songs that have fallen from our minds, but with modern distribution, provided the presenter is honest if it was a song that did not pass our audio memory, and maybe many stars offered us some folklore or heritage and we used to read on the covers of their albums. Frankly and clearly this song is an “artistic vision” or “modern vision”, then the name of the artist with the vision.. Mounir himself has done this a lot but he did it in an album of “Awal Lamsa “, and in the song “Ya Habibi, come back to me again”, and although it is It is not from the heritage, but he made sure to refer to its author and composer and did not attribute it to anyone , and he certainly paid a fee for it to the Society of Writers and Composers.

As for the song “Laly”, Akram Hosni illusion “King” that it is one of his tunes and words, and if we go beyond the “speaking of thoughts” in the words as intercession for Akram’s previous very successful works, and we consider that he was affected by them, he certainly erred in his right when he did not refer to It is from folk lore until after someone else came forward to claim that it was one of his words and melodies.. Why did he so kept silent for a long time and did not speak until after he had gone up to the “death table”?

Khadra Muhammad Khader, all her songs were from heritage, folklore and many others and she even sang the same melody that he quoted – and I say I am only politely quoting – Akram Hosni and presented it to Mounir as if he had composed it , and the circumstances wish that there is another Egyptian folklore singer named “Abu Khamis” who sang the same melody in 1996. What year did Mounir release the album “From the First Lamsa”? Did one of them attribute the tune to himself , Akram? Did one of them do it?

I think Mounir should retire artistically and leave the arena while he sits on it, instead of circumstances forcing him to withdraw involuntarily. He has not offered anything in the past few years, according to the testimony of his fans, disciples and temptations, who have described the song “Lee” as “a return to Mounir’s songs they know.” , so even his fans have said so publicly, and I think that his description of those who attacked him and Akram Hosni as “enemies of success” is the greatest evidence of his rejection of reality and the greatest support for the necessity of his retirement, provided he turns up from time to time to check.

I hope that Mounir learns from the experience of Amr Mohamed Mahmoud, owner of the Digit company, who produced the album “From the First Touch”, who decided, despite the success of his company, to withdraw from the market withdrawing and being content with a private studio for composing and distribution only for himself and for amateurs, although his experience in composition was strong. However, with Amr Diab in the song “I Die in Love with You”, he announced his withdrawal without any financial obstacles. His grandfather was the first to introduce the shoe industry to Egypt after it was monopolized by the Greeks and Italians, and all this commercial journey his grandfather started in a workshop in the Ataba area of ​​central Cairo before turning it into a series of branches whose number is known only to the owners.

I remember that my friend Tariq Al-Halawani loved Ahmed Adawiya, who in turn sang about the heritage, and if he chose a different line for himself, he kept himself so far, and certainly Akram Hosni is also love Tarab Ahmed Adawiya and listen to him, but although Tariq and Akram are similar in many things like They submitted their resignations to the police and chose a job other than their field and succeeded. Tariq did not do the same as Akram.. So be like Tariq !

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