Naked without clothes.. the bride appears in a swimming pool, and the surprise is what the groom does in front of everyone.. If the bride endures, she becomes his wife! (The strangest marriage customs in the world)

Marriage is considered the sweetest days of life, and the bond that completes the love story between the two parties, and the customs of marriage vary from country to country, and there are some countries that are characterized by the strangest marriage customs that no mind believes, or that they may occur in any human society, as they reach out to Knock and burn with fire. China topped the throne of the strangest marriage customs among 18 other countries, including large and famous countries, including small countries and islands that no one cared about, but they were famous for their strange customs in marriage, which are as follows: 1 – Marriage Customs in China:

Despite the economic, civil and social development that China has achieved, in marriage customs, it still follows its own style, which is that the groom does not see his bride except on the day of the agreed ceremony. And when they arrive at the groom, they give him the key to the howdah so he can see his bride for the first time. 2 – Marriage customs in Guinea: In Guinea, the bride swims naked in the water, until someone offers her a piece of cloth, and this indicates that she liked it. 3 – Marriage customs in Malay: A man who wants to marry a certain woman lives with her in the same house for two years without touching her in the Malay tribes.

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A Saudi man was divorced from his beautiful wife after he found out the truth about what she did with his two friends while he was sleeping.. What she did is turning his head gray!

A beautiful bride does not love her groom and does not want to live with him, and what she did on the wedding night was shocking and shocked everyone!

On the night of the wedding, a reckless groom wants to prove his masculinity, so he shocked and frightened his wife after she saw what he put in front of her, so she completely lost consciousness.. You won’t believe what she said saw!

A Bahraini bride could not control herself on the wedding night due to her insane lust.. Without an iota of shame she made a dangerous move in the bedroom, and the groom lost his most precious possession.!

Moments before intercourse.. Use cloves this way and see for yourself the wonderful difference that will change your life during intimacy?

“Vaseline” .. you won’t leave it after today because its magical benefits will make you use it every night in the bedroom .. the result will amaze you!

An Egyptian groom could not bear the force of the shock and lost consciousness and fell unconscious as soon as the bride took off all her clothes on the wedding night.. And watched the unexpected surprise!!

A beautiful girl left her cat alone at home.. She put a surveillance camera and when she came back and saw, she discovered the shocking surprise that shocked her.!!

Half an hour after the wedding night, an Egyptian groom shouted hysterically from inside the bedroom, and when they went to him and saw the bride, it was the biggest shock!

She was the most famous actress in Syria and one of the stars of the Bab Al-Hara series, and she turned into a night girl. You won’t believe who she is?

The miracle of olive oil and yogurt.. Applying it on these important parts of the body will bring youth back to youth even if you are over 70 years old.. Try it and see the difference?

This beautiful actress who played the role of “Dalal” in the series Bab Al-Hara.. You will not believe who the Arab minister married her and how much he paid her dowry!

He saw his honeymoon shaving her beard, so when he approached her and put his hand on her shoulder, it was the surprise!

A reckless groom causes his bride to be transferred to the intensive care unit, and when the doctors examine her, they discover a shocking surprise!

On the night of the wedding… a bride exposes this sensitive member in front of all the audience, so the groom immediately divorced her!! (shocking details)

A beautiful bride discovers 10 months after her wedding that her groom is a girl and shocks everyone with what happened between them every night in the bedroom and on the bed… Fiery details!

Goodbye to insomnia and restless sleep: a simple movement before bed gives you a deep and restful sleep (get to know it now)

Goodbye to men’s weakness during sexual intercourse.. Will putting a navel like that make you a stallion like a lion in the bedroom?

The strangest marriage in the world.. The groom marries the mother and daughter at the same time, and the surprise is who sleeps with him on the wedding night

Secrets of happiness in the bedrooms: Let your man have you with love and desire.. Will Vaseline and carrots change your life forever?

Naked without clothes.. the bride appears in a swimming pool, and the surprise is what the groom does in front of everyone.. If the bride endures, she becomes his wife! (The strangest marriage customs in the world)

Minutes before you sleep in bed with your wife… Use three “carnation” nails in this way, and you will have the power of 100 horses in the bedroom!

While her mother gave birth to her, the star of the beautiful Ertugrul series publishes scandalous photos and sets social networking sites on fire (Watch)

The hero of the series “The Founder Othman” falls into the trap of scandal and appears naked and his girlfriend as God created them on the bed on a red night (see photo)

This famous plant is a man’s weapon in the bedroom.. 3 spikes of it make you like a horse even if you are over 70 years old

A Saudi woman hid a shocking secret from her groom, and when he discovered it, she begged him not to divorce her.. You won’t believe what she hid and how the groom reacted!

The night of the wedding was revealed.. the star of the series Bab Al-Hara, her groom discovered that she was not a virgin, so he punished her and took revenge in his own way!

Before intimate intercourse.. Put a clove of cloves in this way. It keeps you away from Viagra and turns into a strong tonic in the bedroom.. (Goodbye impotence)

Hours after the wedding night, a beautiful bride dies, and when the reason is revealed, was the tragedy that shocked everyone?

The shy groom..he couldn’t have intercourse with his wife on the wedding night, so he asked for help after midnight to break her hymen for fear of scandal..and the surprise in the bride’s reaction?


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