The Minister of Local Development together with the delegation of the World Food Program follows up the files of joint cooperation between the two sides

Major-General Mahmoud Shaarawy, Minister of Local Development, met Pravin Agrawal, the resident representative and director of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) office in Cairo, Rosella Vanelli, deputy director of the Cairo office, and Alaa Al-Zuhairi, received responsibly. for relations with government agencies in the program, in the presence of Dr. International.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister of Local Development expressed his appreciation for the initiatives and programs that the program implements in collaboration with the ministry in the Egyptian governorates, of which the implementation of a sustainable local development project in 72 villages in the first place is. and local units in 6 governorates: Aswan, Luxor, Minya, Fayoum, Beni Suef and Qena to make them sustainable and models of rural towns. Empowerment of women in those towns, especially in the towns of the presidential initiative “A Dignified Life” , which points to the importance of this project, currently implemented in some 72 villages so far, which includes among its fields the training and empowerment of women to provide funding for the implementation of micro-projects and help them with the marketing of their products.


Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy emphasized the ministry’s zeal to continue and increase this cooperation during the coming period to improve the local administration’s ability to implement projects, communicate with governorates, meet citizens’ needs and supervise hold over the institutional development system.

The Minister of Local Development indicated that the ministry is constantly striving to build an advanced local system capable of following up and implementing the directives of the President of the Republic and reflecting the aspirations of citizens and their satisfaction improve with the local services provided to them in various governorates. .


Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy added that the past period saw the completion of more than 15 training programs for about 500 coordinators of the sustainable local administration project in the targeted local units on a number of basic files for the work of the local administration and support them with smart screens and tablets, in addition to providing a complete explanation of the process of use For each local unit, design and delivery of project publications.

Shaarawy praised the training received by the selected employees, especially in topics and files that are important for the work of the local administration during the current period, which contributes to building the capacity of workers, especially in the field of field follow-up to the implementation of projects, institutional development, planning and communication with citizens.

For his part, Pravin Agrawal expressed his aspiration during the next phase to formulate a comprehensive strategic plan for the initiatives and projects of the Food Program in the Egyptian governorates during the period 2023-2027, with the participation of the Ministry of Local Development, which is considered an important partner in the implementation of these initiatives. The program manager presented some features of the vision on which the program will work during the coming period in the targeted governorates and towns.

The Minister of Local Development welcomed that vision, through which sustainable development goals can be achieved in rural villages, as a continuation of the “Dignified Life” initiative, and pointed to the possibility of its implementation on a limited number of villages start and then blind them. to the rest of the governorates with the necessity of careful selection.

Shaarawy emphasized the importance of the current partnership between the ministry and the program, and the ministry’s eagerness to complete it in the coming years.

The two parties agreed to form a mini working committee to complete coordination to ensure that the targeted towns are integrated and comprehensive in terms of all services and activities, and to support the products that characterize the town to empower families and to support them healthy, socially and economically, take care of the town in a comprehensive way, and support competitive advantages in the towns.

The meeting also witnessed a review of the latest developments of the “Ayyad Masr” platform project, launched by the Ministry of Local Development in collaboration with the World Food Program and (e-markets Egypt) to promote handicrafts, heritage and to market handicraft products that are characteristic of Egyptian cities through the platform, thus contributing to the provision of new job opportunities for young men and women in the provinces.

It was pointed out that the number of sellers registered on the platform has been constantly increasing, and the development and updating of the platform’s website is ongoing, and a media campaign is being prepared about it, which contributes to the distribution of these products. enlarge and expand. opening up new markets for them internally and externally.

The Minister of Local Development also referred to the recent participation of the “Ayady Misr” platform in the Egyptian pavilion, which was held on the sidelines of the African Cities Summit in the Kenyan city of Kisumu, as well as on the sidelines of the world. Urban Forum in Poland, within the framework of the political leadership’s guidelines that the platform should have a presence in forums, exhibitions and international markets.

Shaarawy emphasized that the platform strongly supports handicrafts, heritage and craftsmanship spread in villages in the governorates, where e-marketing will contribute to the promotion of these handicrafts and their products and the improvement of families’ incomes.

Pravin Agrawal, the resident representative and director of the Office of the United Nations World Food Program in Cairo, praised the efforts of the Ministry of Local Development and all those working on the efforts made in the governorates to improve services provided to citizens. to improve, praised, and the program’s endeavor to continue coordination with the Ministry and the governing councils for the success of joint areas of cooperation and building on the achieved important development projects and effective partnerships.

Agrawal emphasized the program’s zeal to provide support for the projects carried out by the ministry and to complete areas of joint cooperation during the last period within the framework of the cooperation agreement signed between the two parties.

During the meeting, the executive position of the second phase of the Ministry’s “Geospatial” geographic portal project, which was recently launched in collaboration with the World Food Program and one of the international companies, and which includes activities, information and spatial data related keep with citizen services various initiatives and projects on geographical maps, as well as review communication between the Ministry and citizens to support decision-making processes.

Where indicated that the second version of the portal is being completed, which will include a number of projects and files for the ministry and the governors, including your project program and crisis management at the governorate level The investment and the population issue, and the Minister of Local Development has the continuous coordination between the two sides is ordered to update the information and data uploaded on the portal in a way that supports the achievement of decentralization and the goals of development programs aimed at improving the standard of living of citizens.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy pointed out that the meeting also witnessed a review of the program’s efforts to complete the institutional and administrative development and the financial evaluation of the Local Development Fund, which contributes to increasing its role in the towns to provide soft loans to citizens. establish micro-enterprises.

The Minister of Local Development stated that the possibility of cooperation between the ministry and the World Food Program was also discussed regarding the ministry’s launch of some initiatives of importance for the African continent at the climate conference to be held next November in Sharm el-Sheikh. , especially in the context of the interest that the ministry attaches to cooperation with African countries in the related files, sustainable cities and issues that concern the citizens of the continent.

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