Volunteers restore the luster of 6 areas in Fujairah

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During his tour, “Al-Bayan” monitored the gathering of more than 650 male and female male and female volunteers, with the participation of various nationalities, before their departure to fulfill their national role in cleaning the streets and providing water and fill juices to the vehicle. drivers and affected residents of 6 regions, supported by vehicles and cleaners attached to the Fujairah Municipality.

The media office of the Government of Fujairah confirmed the joining of 650 male and female volunteers to the initiative of the Office of His Highness the Crown Prince of Fujairah “Together, Hand in Hand”, based on the interest and acumen of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Fujairah, together with the citizens and residents of the emirate, and with the support and succession of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah, held the first coordination meeting to Launching “Together Hand in Hand” initiative, led by Salem Al Zahmi, Director of the Office of His Highness the Crown Prince of Fujairah, and in the presence of Colonel Khaled Rabie Al Hamoudi, Acting Director of the Fujairah Civil Defense Department, and Eng Mohammed, representative of the Department of Works and Agriculture in the emirate, and leaders of volunteer teams .

At the meeting, a voluntary work plan was drawn up with the participation of 650 male and female volunteers, citizens and residents from all over the country, to participate in removing the damage caused by the weather conditions in the emirate.

Hundreds of volunteer teams and volunteer individuals, in collaboration with the relevant authorities in the emirate, have started the recovery phase and operations to support the affected families in the shelter centers, clear roads and remove the consequences caused by torrential rain and torrential rain that hit the Emirate of Fujairah, in preparation for the restoration of normal life in it.

Nasser Mohammed Al Zaabi, Advisor to the Ministry of Community Development, emphasized that the initiative includes many gains achieved by the nation in light of the joint efforts of citizen and resident volunteers alongside government institutions in light of the cohesion of the Emirati society , to serve the country and show the favor, with the aim of supporting and accelerating the processes to return life to normal. Today we witness a great participation of volunteers to clean the streets and support the people, as the beginning was successful and the number of volunteers is expected to increase daily, and the invitation is open to all members of the society to participate in the national event.


Khalid Al Tunaiji, director of the “Sand” program at the Emirates Foundation, explained that the members of the program join, based on the directives of our wise leadership, within the national community initiative “Together, Hand in Hand” launched by His was launched. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah, with the aim of supporting the government’s efforts Government institutions in the Emirate of Fujairah to remove the damage caused by the recent heavy rains in the Emirate, and to support granted to the people in the different regions of the Emirate, especially the areas in which work has been launched, which includes cleaning the streets of waste and dust, emphasizing the national role played by volunteers from various Participants to the favor to return to our dear country, until all operations of that emergency are over.


Amira Al Muharrami, director of programs at the Emirates Foundation, confirmed that the volunteers from the sons of the homeland and residents were on the covenant, as they wrote heroic stories since the beginning of that emergency situation in the Emirate of Fujairah, where everyone sees the role of women in the participation of men in community service work and supports the efforts of the competent authorities involved in the process “White Hands” is under the banner of the one team, to support those parties who continue to work day and night, while volunteers have been distributed to the most affected areas to speed up the processes to restore the emirate’s luster to its position, and the different roles, whether by helping the affected families, or cleaning the streets, and the management of volunteers , everyone left. age because they work in one fabric for the love of the UAE and return the favor to the wise leadership and our dear country.


And the citizen Amira Ali, who came with her three sisters to take part in cleaning the streets of the emirate of the waste left by the heavy rain, stressing that fatigue is not mentioned for the sake of patriotism , emphasizing that the participation of the family is a response to the mercy of our dear homeland and the rational leadership that has not delayed a day in the happiness of the people of the state.

Nouf Saeed Mohammed, a student at the University of Sharjah, said that she came from the city of Kalba, accompanied by my sister and my cousin, to participate in supporting the efforts of the state to restore life to to restore normalcy, stressing that her participation in all previous volunteer work is a duty to our dear homeland and the protection of all members of society, citizens and residents on the lands The UAE, and an opportunity to show the favor and to serve the nation.

Shawq Khamis confirmed, I always participate in all the volunteer work that the country needs, and stand united by the state institutions and the government and local teams that participate in the process of restoring life in the city of Fujairah, and today we begin the process of removing waste from the streets of the emirate, where everyone works hand in hand, an affirmation of love The United Arab Emirates, which is instilled in the hearts of all citizens and residents.

Ahmed Al-Zein Khair said that spreading the culture of volunteering among members of society has contributed to raising awareness of the importance of solidarity and solidarity among members of society, and this is a civilized behavior that characterizes the UAE, whose love is not contested by anyone. the one.

Moza Saeed Al Raisi, who came to Fujairah from the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, confirmed that my participation today is part of giving back to our dear homeland and spreading comfort and tranquility to the people of the affected residential areas.

Saeed Ahmed Al-Dhanhani from the Qidfa region said: I was not late to join the volunteer teams to return the favor to the homeland and bring joy to the faces of members of the society, trying to provide everything I can for our country, which has provided us with a lot of well-being, quality of life, security and safety, so I aim to return the favor by working as a Volunteer.

Marwan Al Ghafri, from the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, confirmed that his participation in the volunteer work in the Emirate of Fujairah within the volunteer commando team, to serve our country as an obligation on us and my passion to be an active member of to be the society, where you see how all participants and participants work happily to return the favor.

Mina George, a Sudanese citizen, said: I came from Dubai to participate in the voluntary efforts and to remove waste from the streets of the emirate, stressing that all people of the world love the Emirates, so what about those who live on his land with happiness and dignity, stressing that whoever wants to participate from Dubai, his vehicle is ready to transfer them to the Emirate of Fujairah.

Hussain Muhammad al-Balushi, from Fujairah, said: I did not delay in supporting the rescue teams’ efforts by using my equipped four-wheel drive vehicle to remove idle vehicles inside water gatherings and tunnels, in addition to supporting the transport of families who inside homes that were overwhelmed by the torrential rain that fell. Quickly, I currently continue to work within the volunteer teams by cleaning the streets or providing food and water assistance to the participating volunteers and the people of the affected residential areas.


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