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The great Egyptian artist, Yousra, confirmed that the electronic platforms opened up many areas of work, and facilitated the presentation.
In her interview with Al-Riyadia, she explained that art takes effort and time, stressing that she doesn’t care about titles as much as she cares about the love she feels from her audience.
The series “Rose and Laila” will be shown soon. Your first meeting with Nelly Karim since “Saraya Abdeen” in 2015, tell us about the experience?
I am happy with this experience and with my participation in this work, Nelly Karim.
What new will we see in action?
The series is a new form of Arabic drama, written by British writer and screenwriter Chris Cole, and directed by Briton Adrian Shergold in their first presence in Arabic drama. The work combines comedy, “police”, excitement and suspense, and its story revolves around two investigators, Laila and Rose, who are hired to uncover a huge bank fraud, planned and prepared in Egypt, but they do not have the professional competence to carry out this difficult task, and with the events that unfold They face many different problems and struggles.
You said before that you are afraid of the series “Happy Dreams”, which was shown last Ramadan, why do you have all this experience?
No matter how much experience and success the true artist has, the feeling of anxiety continues to haunt him with each new work he presents. Indeed, I was scared of the role because, as I said, a new role for me, this is the first time I am playing the role of a blind woman. I was afraid at first, but this feeling disappeared after the presentation of the first episodes of the series, where I found a strong interaction of the audience with “Didi Hanim”, the aristocratic lady who gets into a car accident and begins to deal with with those around her with a kind of skepticism about their behavior, which makes a comedy The situation, as I found a great deal of love and interaction with her, made me very happy.
Your success in a job, how does it affect you?
This is reflected in more responsibility and zeal to make the audience happy with what I present to them through films, drama, radio or theatre. Likewise, when I sat in the presenter’s seat, I was eager to present everything new and make my audience happy. The happiness and love I find from them with everything I offer is a wonderful feeling, difficult to describe in words.
You are known to care about choosing your works. How did the director Hala Khalil’s script get your approval in her first experience with writing?
The work is beautifully written, and Hala is an excellent writer as much as she is an outstanding director, and she was able to write a wonderful script in her first experience in the field of comedy writing.
What about the director Amr Arafa, with whom you have not met for more than eight years?
Amr is a friend of life and we had a strong relationship even before we worked together in the series “Saraya Abdeen” as he supervised the first movie I produced that is the movie “Laughter , Play, Find and Love”, and it was my first experience in the field of production, as I treated him as a director in “Saraya Abdeen” “And it was a very dangerous experience, because everything in it was different, the style of speech, the voice, the performance, the clothes, and Amr was one of the main reasons for my participation in the series because of his possession of the tools of success, in addition to being a comfortable person in dealing with others, and he has a special vision in directing, and can bring the artist to the point of creativity.
You are currently shown “Sweet Dreams” on electronic platforms, and your new series “Premiere” will be presented on it. How would you describe these platforms?
No one can deny the importance of electronic platforms today, as they have been able to open up many work areas everywhere, and facilitated the presentation method without waiting for long periods in the queue, and promoted the spread of business, and I think it’s an excellent idea to show five or ten episode series through it.
You have many nicknames, the latest of which is “The Drama Leader”. What do you think of the idea of ​​nicknames?
Titles in themselves don’t concern me, and I don’t work to get them, but it makes the artist happy, especially since the audience is the one who calls him, and I thank everyone here who loves me and keeps me close to his heart ah , because this is the most important thing for me.
In all of our lives there are many curves, how are you going to face them?
I am a strong personality, and I always feel my strength in crises, I face all my problems, and I look for serious and objective solutions to them, especially in my professional life, and thank God that I have always been able to confront them and solve. their radical.
What is your message to the young generation who are striving to reach stardom fast?
I tell them that art requires a great effort, and that you give it your time and your life, because it deserves it, and it will give you what you want of fame and stardom if you work conscientiously and honestly and the respect mind and feelings of the public.

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