Advice for students of Tawjihi 2022 before enrolling in the university

Advice for students of Tawjihi 2022 before enrolling in the university ..Advised the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research Basri Saleh, congratulations and blessings to the successful and outstanding students in the high school examinations 2022

Saleh praised the procedures of Palestinian universities and their readiness to absorb the outstanding students in the high school (Tawjihi), and gave advice to students to choose the university major that suits them in the labor market.

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University Specialization

He explained through an interview on Voice of Palestine Radio that according to the study of the labor market and interviews with specialists to know the needs of the labor market after four years, he noticed that the ministry had published answers to these questions and had distributed to students.

Saleh demanded that students move away from traditional majors and turn to technical, computer-related and programming disciplines that will enable the student to set up his own project so that Egypt will be self-sufficient, despite the limited opportunities in the sector.

He emphasized that the ministry announces the scholarships available to students through its own page on its website or the official page on the social network website “Facebook”, explaining that the grants will be available inside and outside Arab countries.

Factors influencing the choice of university major

The student’s preferences for a specific specialty.

The abilities and talents that the student possesses.

The labor market for the chosen specialty.

potential future income

Student career goals.

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How to choose your university specialization?

Choosing a college major is one of the most difficult decisions a student has to make, and here are the most important things to consider when choosing a college major.

work happiness: It is advised to choose the major that offers you a specific career path or qualifies you for advanced study, as it is possible to choose the major that qualifies you for your dream job before the announcement of the chosen major, and it is advised to to take one or two semesters in the major, and the curriculum must be checked, and students from the department can also be spoken to In the chosen specialization and knowledge of courses related to the chosen field of study, especially those related to the future occupation is related.

acquired abilities: It is necessary to look at the specialization that offers opportunities and future possibilities, and some colleges or universities can guarantee a salary or work in the field of specialization, and the college can pay the university tuition, so that the student can also choose the specialties with high salaries .

The specialty you likeStudents should choose the major they like; If the student loves his studies, he will be creative in the field of study and achieve the highest grades, and will be able to build good relationships with others at work.

Explore interests: It is worth noting that many students have no idea what they want to study, but some students can benefit from it in schools and universities, as there are some universities that offer the opportunity to learn about the specialization for two years before announcing it, and it gives the student the possibility to talk with advisors and professors. It is also preferable that the student seeks an internship outside the university to explore his interests and whether the professional life of the specialization suits him.

Entry into the labor market: Many students are looking for programs that allow them to enter the job market directly.

The importance of choosing a good college major

The right choice of university major is of great importance to the student, and the most important advantages of the right choice of university major are:

Clarity of the student’s vision, and studying the specialization requirements with knowledge and understanding.

Get a great chance at training.

obtaining high academic degrees; Which increases confidence.

Determine the student’s future career; Which makes it an important decision for him.

Choosing a major early allows college students to get a head start on their programs by completing the right prerequisites from the start.

Tips when choosing your college major

There are many tips that a student should consider when choosing a college major, including:

i have to petitioner To get to know accurately all the specializations offered at the university, in addition to the courses affiliated to each university specialization.

i have to petitioner To become accurately acquainted with all the directions in which work can be done for all the specializations offered at the university, either inside or outside Jordan.

on me petitioner Then he thinks carefully and properly about all the specialties and areas of work that are available to him.

on me petitioner To identify and choose the most important specializations that suit his abilities, abilities and inclinations, in addition to the field of work that he desires and wants in the future.

on me petitioner To arrange the specializations he has chosen in descending order of importance to him, and this paves the way for him to take the final decision to choose the specialization he prefers and suits his inclinations and abilities.

Special cases for choosing a university major

There are many special cases that a student goes through when choosing a university major, the most important of which are:

Transfer specialty

University life is exciting; A student who has chosen a specialization may discover his love, inclinations and abilities for another specialty, prompting him to change his mind about the specialization he has chosen. Or not, before moving on to advanced semesters, because most majors require at least four years to get a bachelor’s degree, so the student must discover the right one for him before many years of study pass.

Double majors

The student can choose to study two or more majors together, and this stems from a love of learning, and these two majors are often in two completely different fields, as it provides a dual understanding of two different university majors, but it requires many other things; It requires twice the number of classes, and it also requires more time and effort, and it prevents the student from taking other lessons and courses outside the scope of these two areas, but in addition to that, double majors have many advantages, they make the student more probably in the labor market because the student has Greater experience, which makes him have multiple options in the labor market, and he also has a preference when applying to complete graduate studies.

The best college majors

According to the studies and research that provided the best specializations in terms of the labor market, salaries and popularity, here are the best specializations that can be studied at the university:

Computer Science: This specialization makes it possible to learn about computers and the most popular programs that can be used. This specialization also includes learning about other areas; Such as robotics, artificial intelligence and game technology

Telecommunications: Communication majors allow learning about different communication environments and their effects on the public. It also enables the student to work in many fields of work in the fields of business and human resources, in addition to public relations, education and social services.

Political Science: The study of political science is often associated with current events; It is always changing and this study helps to develop critical thinking and communication as well as an understanding of history and culture Students can work in different fields; Like politics and the press.

Commercial Business: The student must have a leadership personality and excellent communication and communication skills to study in this field. In addition, this major covers many areas of work; Such as marketing, economics and human resource functions in addition to finance and accounting.

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