An exhibition of the graduation projects of the eighth group of the Faculty of Art and Design, October University of Modern Sciences and Arts MSA

October University of Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) adopts a curriculum that defines strategies that accept sustainable development issues, the 2030 country plan, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) announced in 2015, also known as the Global Goals, as a global call to action to end poverty and protect the planet from global warming and the effects of climate change and to ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Dr. Nawal El-Degwi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and dr. Khairy Abdel Hamid, President of the University, accepted It is the method to improve the lifestyle and human needs

And theDr. Tariq Saleh Said Dean of the College of Art and Design That more than 90% of the graduation projects this year serve the state’s plans for sustainable development and achieve the vision of the political leadership of the new republic, and they deal with a number of problems on the ground to find a set of solutions for the various ministries .The four college programs covered it to serve the different sectors of society in the areas of: Recycling – Various awareness campaigns to change citizens’ behavior – Educational facilities – Training and rehabilitation centers – Basic and supplementary tourist facilities – Projects for the environment and climate changes – Agricultural centers – Contributions to developing towns through the state’s various initiatives for a decent life – Community initiatives for the poorest families and the poorest families – digital transformation

The following is a list of some projects according to the intended beneficiaries: –

Ministry of Culture:

  1. A proposal for an environmental cultural center for textiles in Akhmim village, Sohag governorate, to support and promote the craft. Interior design department.
  2. The Egyptian Local Village for Cultural Heritage (Egypt Tour), in the new administrative capital Interior design department.
  3. Development of the Balloon Theater (affiliated with the Ministry of Culture) Graphics department.
  4. Our Ethics Initiative Graphics department.
  5. A theatrical treatment of the novel “Seven Days of Man” by Abdul Hakim Qassem Film and theater department.
  6. Theatrical treatment of the novel “The Cure for Religion and the Magic Shirt – Section Cinema and theatre.
  7. A cinematic treatment of the novel “The Last Days of the Earth” by Khaled Mahdi. Department of Film and Theatre.

The Ministry of Environment:

  1. Technical center for the design of recycled plastic products Interior design department.
  2. E-waste recycling center in Sheikh Zayed City – Interior design department.
  3. deep initiative – Graphics Department.
  4. An initiative for biodiversity and ecological balance and endangered animals and plants under the Eco Egypt initiative Graphics department.
  5. Aquatic Life Initiative “See through it Graphics department.
  6. turn green – Graphics department.
  7. Our wealth is in our trash Graphics department.
  8. Smakla Steak – Graphics Department.

Ministry of Solidarity:

  1. Contemporary fashion design for women by homeless girls with the aim of achieving sustainable development goals and fighting poverty. Fashion design department.
  2. Design modern women’s fashion using handicrafts for female breadwinners to improve the standard of living and quality of life. Fashion design department.
  3. Design modern women’s fashion using handicrafts for poor women to improve the standard of living and quality of life. Fashion design department.
  4. Design a contemporary ready-to-wear collection using artwork for young people in orphanages with the aim of eradicating poverty and improving living standards. fashion design department.
  5. aggressive behavior in children Graphics department.
  6. Egypt Debt Free InitiativeGraphics department.
  7. People of determination – JanjaGraphics department.
  8. Al-Gharmat – 24 million Graphics department.
  9. Nurni – Literacy – Graphics department.
  10. Egyptian children’s choir Graphics department.
  11. Nine children – accept the others – Graphics department.
  12. no garmin – Graphics department.
  13. be safe – Graphics department.
  14. “Dawi” initiative to empower girls Graphics department.
  15. homeless children – Graphics department.
  16. The #Amani_dot_com initiative of the National Council on Motherhood and Childhood – Graphics department.
  17. decent life – Graphics department.
  18. two is enough Graphics department.
  19. A loving initiative to rehabilitate Egyptian youth who will marry both sexes. Graphics department.
  20. Noura Initiative (to support girls) – Graphics department.
  21. Forsa initiative Graphics department.
  22. Talk Relaxing Initiative Graphics department.
  23. Bina initiative Graphics department.
  24. Love initiative – for spouses – Graphics department.
  25. Small and medium industries complex project (producing families in Egypt) – Graphics department.
  26. Homeless Children Initiative – Laiba Baladna Initiative – Graphics department.

The Ministry of Education:

  1. A primary school to support children with ADHD through multisensory design Interior design department.
  2. Alwana / under the Early Childhood Development Initiative – Graphics department.
  3. My own / under the initiative keys to success – Graphics department.
  4. Cut and paste / understand the differences of children with special needs under the initiative of Messengers of Peace Graphics department
  5. Our future / early childhood development initiative Graphics department.
  6. Technical school development Graphics department.

Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities:

  1. Horus City Construction Project Graphics department.
  2. Ain Al-Sira Development Project Graphics department.

The Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad:

  1. Forsa initiative Graphics Department.
  2. Speak Arabic Graphics department.
  3. Travel with Altaïr Akiki – Graphics Department
  4. A filmic treatment of the novel “holes in black clothes” by Ihsan Abdel Quddous Department of Film and Theatre.

Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation:

  1. A promotion marketing center for hydroponics in the new administrative capital to achieve the principle of Zero Mile food Interior design department.
  2. Raising awareness of surface cultivation (Urgen Green Initiative) – Graphics Department.
  3. Land reclamation Graphics department.
  4. Turn green Graphics department.
  5. Nabta is affiliated with the Get Ready initiative Graphics department.

Ministry of Tourism:

  1. A proposal for a balloon services center in Luxor to support sustainable tourism Interior design department
  2. A proposal to develop the Mit Rahina Museum in Badrashin to stimulate tourism in the region Interior design department
  3. The Big House Farm for Eco-tourism in Fayoum Interior design department
  4. A proposal for an astronomical tourism center in the new city of AswanInterior design department
  5. The Cultural Center of the Hieroglyphic Language in Luxor Interior design department
  6. A proposal for an ecological therapeutic tourism center in the vicinity of Hammam Farao in Abu Zenima, Sinai. Interior design department
  7. Proposed gold museum in Sukari area, Marsa Alam Interior design department
  8. A spa resort with medicinal and aromatic plants using plant tissue culture technology in Wadi Zghair, South Sinai. Interior design department
  9. Behind every palace is a story Graphics department.
  10. Orman Garden Development Graphics department.
  11. Under the initiative to develop and restore squares and parks in the governorates – Graphics Department
  12. City of Culture and Art in the New Administrative Capital Graphics department.
  13. St. Catherine’s Development (The Greatest Transfiguration Project) Graphics department.
  14. City of Culture and Art – Graphics department.
  15. Egypt International Olympic City in the new administrative capital Graphics department.

The Ministry of Communications:

  1. digital transformation Graphics department.
  2. Our Digital Future Initiative Graphics department.
  3. e-waste Graphics department.

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