“Communication” and “National Committee for Education and Culture” conclude “Programming for Jerusalem” project

home country: The minister of communication and information technology, dr. Yitzhak Sidr, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Committee for Education, Culture and Science, President of the Executive Board of ISESCO, Dr. Dawas Dawas, a project (Programming for Jerusalem), funded by the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), and implemented by the Young Scientists Forum Foundation.

While he also attended the closing ceremony, d. Ayoub Alyan, Assistant Under-Secretary for Education Affairs, representing the Ministry of Education, and Dr. Youssef Asfour, chairman of the board of directors of the Arab American University, prof. Walid Deeb, founder of the Young Scientists Forum, and prof. Faleh Abu Arra, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Forum, in addition to the trainers and participants of the project, in the hall of the Arab American University in the suburb of Rayhan.

He has Dr. M. congratulated. In his speech, he will address the successful and successful in the high school exams, and use this opportunity to extend invitations to successful students to go to technological disciplines with global and future concerns, in order to meet the labor market and the name to promote. of Palestine in a way that suits it locally, regionally and internationally, using this technology to serve our national issues. In addition, the city of Jerusalem, which praises the national interests and innovation presented by the participating students, and emphasizes the ministry’s continued support for these activities, which came as a continuation of the One Million Palestinian Programmed Children Project, which achieved remarkable success.

Sidr called for combating the narratives of the occupation’s opposite by promoting technology in the minds of Palestinian children and teaching them the programming language so that it will be an incentive for them in the future to do more in this field to research, especially the harassment of the occupation and its attempts to erase the national narrative and try to spread division among the people, congratulate all participants for what They have achieved, express his pride in this young and innovative audience.

For his part, Dawas praised the joint national efforts between ministries and partner institutions, which have been made to capture Palestinian students on the global stage and equip them with 21st century skills by training them on the use of programming technology, which the Palestinian promote. narrative and Palestinian content in the submitted projects, in addition to emphasizing the presence and Palestinian excellence In all new and developed areas and concerns of the international community.

Dawas expressed his thanks and appreciation to ISESCO for funding this project, which came as a continuation of the successful activities of the “One Million Palestinian Programmed Children” initiative, which aims to provide young children in the West Bank, Connecting Gaza Strip and Jerusalem with each. others through an integrated technological program that improves technological skills and national values ​​The Palestinian people, especially in this critical stage that the world in general, and the Palestinian people in particular, are going through, due to the conspiracies and attacks that are against them practiced by the Israeli occupation, and our entry, as the world, into a wave of economic, social, cultural and educational repercussions of the Corona pandemic, for which the winners were chosen. In it, through a joint committee, it has the projects in a professional manner according to specific criteria.

Alyan received the greetings of the Minister of Education, prof. Marwan Awartani, conveyed and pointed out that the pressure against Jerusalem has a clear purpose and is represented to remove it from the Palestinian story, and that we need programmed people, not those who are programmed. to serve the goals of the occupation, to redraw this narrative through the technological methods available around the world, to also be able to program their lives and the lives of others according to what the Palestinian national interest requires first, and praises the wide presence of women in these activities, which indicates the future of the adoption and transfer of Palestinian women as it has always been from generation to generation, to establish young programmers ready for the post-stage The indoctrination that the Ministry search.

Abu Arra, for his part, expressed his thanks and appreciation to all the partners involved in this project, explaining that the forum is based on critical thinking, education and conclusion to advance the society and the nation, in the light of multilateral campaigns that try to undermine Al-Quds Al-Sharif and all components of Palestinian awareness and awareness, and these programs and projects come to consolidate identity Patriotism and pride through the effective technology tool, through which our just cause will be spread, and it is reflected in the projects of the students participating in the project through the sites designed to serve these goals.

This project also aims to train participants on modern technological tools and enhancers of the use of artificial intelligence tools, to enhance and confirm the Palestinian narrative and Palestinian content in the submitted projects, and to promote culture and technical and technological spread awareness among students in schools, in order to improve the twenty-first century skills among children and train them in computer programming. The project has 150 children of the age group (12-14) years of both sexes, in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, targeted, to contribute to the achievement of the desired national goals and the promotion of Palestinian national values ​​through the work of a purposeful and comprehensive project whose main goal is to focus on Jerusalem in the light of all the processes of Judaization. and fade.

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