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The world is in the midst of a double trial. The pessimists may see it as two trials, but the optimists and the “pessimists” see it as one trial, the threads of which are intertwined and complicated. But the similarity between its two components is clear, undeniable. As the onslaught of the new Corona virus, the cause of Covid-19 disease, rages, it adds up to at least one million new infections around the world every day; Fears are growing of a worsening of the risks of an outbreak of the monkeypox virus, which last night the world heard of its first two deaths outside West Africa, which is its main stronghold where it is considered endemic. And before the world wakes up to the horror of that tragic news; New York Governor Kathy Hoschel declared a state of emergency in her state as new infections with this virus increased.

In the preservation of Covid

Over the weekend, the world witnessed a worsening of the health crisis in many parts of the world. During the past 24 hours, the cumulative number of injuries in each of the United States has risen to 93 million; India up to 44 million, Canada and South Africa up to 4 million injuries each, since the outbreak of the Corona virus; Romania and Denmark each have 3 million injuries. Bangladesh has also joined the club of countries affected by more than two million injuries. Several countries, especially in the old continent (Europe), are ready to move to a higher level of the epidemiological crisis. These are: the Czech Republic and Switzerland (3.98 million cases each), Peru (3.89 million) and the Philippines (3.77 million cases).

Japan is the first place in the world to record the highest number of new cases. On Thursday, it recorded 230,055 new infections, and on Friday, it added 221,938 cases. The United States came next to Japan, with 127,022 new cases recorded in the last 24 hours, leading to an increase in the number of inpatients with Covid-19 in American hospitals to 43,972 people, according to figures published by the “New York Times “yesterday (Saturday). South Korea ranked third in terms of the number of new infections; On Thursday, 85,275 injuries were recorded. On Friday, 81,944 new infections were recorded. And yesterday Australia was fifth in the world ranking in terms of recording new cases, with 45,245 injuries on Thursday, and 49,157 new cases on Friday. Therefore, it was natural that the cumulative number of infections in the world since the beginning of the outbreak rose to 581.21 on Saturday afternoon, leading to 6.42 million deaths worldwide.

“Monkeys”.. the latest face of danger

The United States’ declaration of a state of emergency in New York state last night, regarding the escalating outbreak of the monkeypox virus, confirmed that the world is on the brink of a two-dimensional health crisis. Fears have intensified in the past 24 hours after Brazil and Spain announced the deaths of two people each from monkeypox. These are the first two deaths outside West Africa, which has coexisted with this virus for decades. Brazil said the monkeypox victim was a 41-year-old man. The Ministry of Health said he had already been diagnosed with lymphoma, and his immune system was weak. This development comes less than a week after the World Health Organization declared monkeypox a health emergency. The US Health Organization says that more than 5,000 cases of monkeypox have been recorded so far in Brazil, the United States and Canada. The World Health Organization stated in Geneva that only five deaths from monkeypox have been known in West Africa since the outbreak of the current epidemic attack of this virus. In Spain, the death of a person with this virus is the first of its kind in Europe. Yesterday, the Spanish Ministry of Health stated that it had recorded 3,750 cases of monkeypox so far. She added that 120 of the injured were admitted to hospitals. Official US figures put the number of people infected with monkeypox in New York state at 1,400, most of them in New York. The state announced last week that it will get an additional 110,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine from the federal government.

The suicide of an Austrian doctor because of the threats of anti-vaccine!

The Austrian government has declared mourning for a female doctor who was forced to commit suicide after facing threats from anti-Covid vaccines and conspiracy theorists about the global epidemic. Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen said there is no room for fear and intolerance in Austria. He added that Dr. Lisa-Maria Kellermayer stood up to treat and protect people from the epidemic, insisting that careful measures be taken against it. He explained that anti-vaccine opponents and conspiracy theorists were not satisfied with this, so they threatened the deceased, through the Internet, and by threatening her in person in her private clinic. Dr. Killameyer was found dead in her office on Friday. The judicial authorities stated that they found a note written by Kellermayr before she committed suicide. The late doctor was known for her constant appearances on television screens to comment on the developments of the health crisis and to urge people to undergo vaccinations against the new Corona virus. Prosecutors said they have no plans to perform an autopsy on Kelarmeyer. Austrian Health Minister Johannes Rauch said there can be no excuse for those who hate others.

The success of the first trial of the “inhalation” vaccine

Reuters reported, based on clinical trial data, that an experimental vaccine developed by Cansino Biologics and administered by inhalation showed the ability to generate antibodies against the sub-strain of Omicron, greater than the dose of the Sinovac vaccine . However, the level of the indicated antibodies decreased within a few months. Data indicate that more than 100 adults who received a light dose of the Cancisino vaccine by inhalation, after receiving two doses of the Sinovac vaccine, 92.5% of them with a level of antibodies against the Covid -19 virus produced. However, the antibody level decreased to about 70% after six months of receiving the inhaled vaccine. The inhaled Cansino vaccine is similar to the same company’s parenteral vaccine components. Cansino says he is experimenting with a new vaccine based on messenger RNA technology.

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