Mai Amin raises the slogan “Cook it and don’t buy it”

An Egyptian chef challenges the temptations of “fast food” with home dishes

With an attractive, quick and simple cooking method, Egyptian chef Mai Amin has succeeded in deciphering the fast food code, through home meals that keep up with the times and satisfy the tastes of young and old.

By following Mai, through her Facebook profile, or watching her TV programs, “A eater from every country,” you will realize that she offers important alternatives that are healthier and more beneficial for the family. She has about three launched an initiative years ago. “Cook it and don’t buy it.”

With Mai, the viewer dives into an enchanting world of Kentucky-style fried chicken meals with potatoes and coleslaw, pizza filled with vegetables and meat, cheeseburgers or tacos, chicken tortillas, hot dogs, club sandwiches and stuffed eggplant rolls.

She believes a mother is the number one chef in the life of any experienced chef

Mai told Asharq Al-Awsat: “Fast food has provided the solution for the modern family in terms of time, effort and taste, so many have used it, and it has come to the point that some consider it as an alternative to home food adopted as a result of to constant concern,” adding: “Unfortunately, they overlook its harms, such as the high saturated fats.” And calories that use cheap ingredients like high-fat meats and refined grains, sugars and some mixes that contain chemicals and artificial flavors.”

She said, in the face of these temptations, the idea came to me “cook it and don’t buy it”, and continued: “I started monitoring the fast food menu that attracts families, especially children and young people, and found that include a large number of dishes that contain delicious ingredients with smart smells, in addition to the characteristic coordination of dishes, so I wondered Why not offer my fans who follow my TV and social media programs food that looks like (fast food) and (as if just coming from a famous restaurant).”

Homemade dishes

And she continued, “I decided to provide recipes that help the mother to prepare food for restaurants, but with reassurance of the safety and health of the ingredients, in addition to saving the budget in light of the wave of global high prices.”

Amin first launched her initiative after a private trip that none of her fans knew about, and she recounts moments of her saying, “Before I started on the ground, during that period, I learned more about the kitchen and its secrets, and delved more into the cultures of eating around the world, the task is not easy, but persistence It was greater.”

She says her reference in cooking was wide and long, which she acquired from her childhood. be sure that the mother represents the first chef in the lives of many chefs around the world.”

Mai’s initiative was well-received on the ground, with restaurants disrupted for the past two years due to the “Corona” pandemic and shops ceasing to operate, and even after her return, some were afraid to buy food from restaurants, and in this atmosphere , the ideal alternative was home dishes that kidnap hearts Those related to “fast food” as a start to change their wrong eating habits, and to convince mothers that it is possible to prepare these dishes at home.

Even sweets can be healthy like Mi Amin

“The responses have been beyond amazing,” says Mai, as she was surprised by the amount of interaction with her publications. Gradually, big companies, clubs and schools started inviting her to organize seminars and cooking workshops to present live models of their delicious fast. food; This prompted her to become more diversified and think about organizing specialized courses.

She explains, “Because eating in restaurants is not dependent on (fast food), it has also worked to provide traditional dishes with modern touches to satisfy all tastes, and to prove that any food can be successfully prepared at home and with ‘ a taste that surpasses the skill of restaurants; That’s why I offer various dishes with the taste of fatteh, tagines, tortillas, duck and stuffed Egyptian style, in addition to Saudi kabsa, Moroccan chebakia, tanjia Marrakesh and Kuwaiti qout.

Traditional dishes with a modern twist

Chef Mai offers her followers tips on storing food and ways to coordinate it, adding: “It is preferable to use fresh vegetables and fruits, and not to store meat and fish for long periods. Provide it of butter paper and it can be made at home or bought in stores.”

The owner of the “Cook it and don’t buy it” initiative reveals that her husband “doesn’t prefer to eat in restaurants, but the problem sometimes lies with the children when they insist, intermittently while traveling or the summer holidays spend , and during that time I am unconsciously engaged in criticism to eat in front of them, and I explain to them how the restaurant’s chefs used harmful substances such as the type of fat, and if they were strange or unconventional dishes, the next day could not pass. without me starting to make them on my way.”

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