Smart devices..a friend in summer vacation

Investigation: Jihan Shuaib
Extravagance in any matter always reflects negatively and harms without benefit, and in the summer holidays with schools closing their doors, most students befriend smart devices, immersing themselves in them, if not uniting with them, while being isolated from those around them, and of attention to the course of their families, and awareness of what is going on in their environment; They weave with the machines their own worlds, and spend most, if not most, of their holidays with them, content with them, and separated from anything without them.
Excessive use of devices by students without legalization, or specifying a specific time for them from their families to do so, with no attention to the multiple risks reflected on the health of children due to autism with these technologies, what comes and later affects them, between the impact on the safety of the eyes, legs, and psychological state educational achievement, as well as family bonding; Over time, the efficiency of many of the body’s systems decreases and the efficiency of many of the body’s systems decreases, and the son of these people becomes a victim of an electronic device that does not leave him, and thereby destroying his correct sight, the safety of his body, the strength of his understanding, the alertness of his mind and his social integration with those around him.
Scientific studies have revealed that most students who use their smartphones excessively, their academic performance declines, and they lose focus while revising their science lessons. This has a negative effect on the sleeping habits of students; It reduced sleep quality by 11%; Phone users slept 12 minutes less than normal people.
The study confirmed that students often wake up to see the latest notifications that have come on the phone, with the so-called “FOMO” phenomenon, which is the fear that a person will lose information, or happen as a result of leaving of the social platform, and the light from the phone also affects sleep hormones, while the study found Good sleep improves students’ score by 5%, according to the Medical Express website, in addition to the fact that children spend long hours without movement with electronic devices leading to back pain , eye fatigue and weight gain.
lack of vision
From here Dr. Muhammad Imad Alilo, Physician, Ophthalmologist: The summer vacation is a valuable opportunity for our students to enjoy various physical and social activities, and this has been the real picture over many years, but the advancement of modern technologies, and their invasion in all areas of life, especially the educational process, have made children dependent on It has become an integral part of their daily reality, and it has become difficult to convince them to give it up during the holidays, due to the various electronic entertainment materials that it provides.
This reality, in all its details, has clearly affected the health and safety of the eyes, and may have indirectly contributed to the increase in the incidence of refractive vision; Various statistical studies have proven that the incidence of myopia, especially myopia, is greater in urban areas than in rural areas. Where the child spends more time in the natural environment, away from the lifestyle in houses and closed rooms, it was therefore necessary for parents to pay attention to these aspects, and obtain the necessary information, to properly look after their children’s health.
Various symptoms
The so-called visual stress syndrome, or computer screen syndrome in children, is manifested by a set of symptoms, some or all of which may occur, depending on the severity of stress, and the boy may not be able to clearly distinguish it, or pressure he feels accurately out, so parents should pay attention to a group Of the ocular symptoms, the most important of which is redness and congestion in the conjunctiva “a thin membrane that covers the white of the eye.” He can complain about a fire. sensation and dryness in the eyes,
In addition to intermittent disturbance of vision that increases in the evening, as well as sensitivity to light, especially when exposed to the air, the sun, or when entering brightly lit places, with a feeling of pain, heaviness in the eyes and headache in particular; The child wakes comfortably, and the pain and heaviness begin as the day progresses, and the child may not complain until it peaks at night, and before bedtime, and the child’s complaint may remain vague, about one or other kind of pain, without determining its source, or its type.
Mandatory tips
And for families, if you notice one of these symptoms, or some of them, on the boy, it means that there is a flaw in the pattern of his use of electronic devices, or his excessive use of them, and important adjustments are needed in the way he interacts with the devices, and here we advise to preserve the eye health of the children from screens The electronic device, by specifying the period of sitting in front of it for a short period, in accordance with the age of the son (usually between 30-60 minutes) per day, and enough sleep at night, to enable the eye muscles to relax, rejuvenate and combat dry eyes by using moisturizing eye drops, if the family sees There is redness and congestion in the boy’s eye after using these devices.
It is necessary to choose a suitable place for the computer screen; so that it is on a parallel horizontal plane, or slightly lower than the level of the head, to avoid excessive neck curvature, provided that the distance of the screen from the eye is within 70-75 cm or a distance of about an arm’s length , and control the lighting conditions in the place; Since the excessive lighting makes it difficult to work on the screen, care should be taken to reduce the glare, and to avoid placing the screen directly under the light source, and to maintain a comfortable body position, the back should be perpendicular, based on the seat, with a comfortable neck position.
muscle cramps
The damage to the spine is very dangerous; Where according to dr. Omar Abdel Mohsen, neurosurgeon and spine specialist: Sitting for a long time without attention and in incorrect positions leads to muscle spasms and a change in the position of the spine, which leads to pain in the back, lower limbs, and most importantly, many problems in the cervical spine, because the wrong position leads to spasm, affects the vertebrae, and the occurrence of nerve contractions in the cervical column, which leads to pain in the upper limbs, therefore we advise against using smart devices and social media for long periods of time, except when necessary, necessary, and for intermittent periods.
nervous and tense
In terms of psychological impact, the psychologist dr. Gayeh Al Shamsi, that students’ use of smart devices in an exaggerated manner, in terms of the time they spend with them, and the intense focus on them, leading to great mental effort, exposes them to many psychological risks; Where they may suffer mental stress and nervous exhaustion, whereby nervousness, tension and laziness in movement become a feature in their personalities, in addition to loss of focus in daily life duties and social life; Where one of them may be isolated from those around him, due to his interest in using smart devices, which he prefers from those around him, which makes him unaware of social developments, nor does he keep up with ideas, and follow up about developments, due to the fact that he is occupied with the use of devices for long periods of time, and sometimes slow moments of thinking, and laxity in the use of the mind, because its connection with the device becomes his preoccupation, which makes him exposes to a feeling of mental and physical lethargy, so parents should instruct their children to use their time well, away from smart devices, and to set an example for them not to overuse it.
digital security
Regarding the role of schools in educating students about the importance of legalizing the use of smart devices, the educator, Hiam Al Hammadi, said: The school education institution and schools have a significant and effective role by implementing the digital safety initiative; If one of its main roles is to spread values ​​in the hearts of students, accustom them to research through their high technical skills, establish the principles of safe safety concerned with young people, emphasize values ​​and consider digital to take systems, which enable them to search smoothly and safely when navigating through different sites, To ensure safe safety and access to research information. To spread safe awareness, arm children to ensure their security and safety, apply all precautions and security regulations, integrate it with the various curricula, face all influences, overcome problems and create positive renewed opportunities which makes the learner an effective member of his school and community, preserving the property His country, as the basic building block in building a qualified society, facing global challenges, and familiar with technical research skills, of quality and renewable.
family liability
On the question of whether families can be subject to legal liability if any of their children suffer from a health condition due to excessive use of the smart device without follow-up and legalization thereof, lawyer Dr. Abdullah Sahoh said: I imagine that families cannot be detained arbitrarily. responsible for the children’s extravagance in the use of technology. We must excessively identify what are the disadvantages, what are the alternatives, the optimal solutions and the appropriate time to use, and present successful models of ideal families, who have developed a strategy. in this regard.
I imagine that there are previously involved parties guiding families to ideal solutions; Where the matter is still ambiguous for them, these parties must explain the damage, find alternatives, educate the community about it, write instructions and ask them to follow them to save the children. To do – and as we have already said – to educate her about the negative and dangers of prolonged use by her children, and to clarify the optimal period for this, and to facilitate alternatives for the children.
The truth is that there are employees in need and willing to do additional work in exchange for cash, and there are job seekers, even temporary, and this can be used in the summer to organize different courses in school buildings, for example, or in horse riding, karate, taekwondo, or aikido and others. , And so on, and follow up children, and supervision during them.

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