Celebrity interviewer Adnan Al-Kateb interviews Stefania Valenti, director of the Marangoni Institute for Design and Fashion

a dialogue: Adnan Writer Adnan AlKateb

in Dubai and through visit her to me our office i met you Over near to me Stephanie ValentineStefania Valenti Director administrative for institute MarangoniIstituto Marangoni Worldwide for fashion, specialist in the design and fashion, Which Multiple talent and positions, result on me Certificates high in fields multiple, Of the most important Masters Of University theSorbonne, and turned on positions high in Markers commercial the big one roll fashion throughout her life professional, And she was member plate Management in Collection Elite a model managementElite Model Management, and achieve Jump quality In which to play Position President Executive for the group, turn a road company On the way globalism, then taken over positions prestigious As: vice President Executive in a company no PerlaLa Perla, and the manager the public in Dar: house Fashion MSGM, and the manager Executive and the manager the public in Collection to needLes Hommes, Eventually i joined to me Collection GalileoGalileo to play Position Director administrative for institute Marangoni.

tell us start Over your passion professional and your experience in Scientist fashion?

distance graduation ceremony in College Languages foreign and literature the talk in University Cavoscariin Venice (and get on me certificate BSC in Management Business), I have on me certificate specialty in semiotics Of University theSorbonnein Paris, and on that I started my work in the desk journalist international for my biennial Venice, and work in the form of near with better directors filmmakers creators in that the time, As Jello Pontecorvo, And theBonito Oliveand others. sway my passion ambition in semioticsThe Road to go to me Scientist Marketing and business digital, and work with groups big As a company i answeroil, and a company quickly webfor software, and a company 21 for investment and others. And I discovered Scientist fashion When appointed position the chief Executive for group Elite, then i joined to me a company no Perlaposition vice President, at home Fashion MSGM for men position Director Executive. and paved Mine capacity expansion intellectual Worldwide and skills digital obtain and know Management fashion, the road for appointment in Collection institute Marangoniin November 2019 with a mission basic to pay the group in its development futuristic. wash the challenge Big the first that accept it he is re Planning approach Undertaking to deal with with turbulence induced Over the pandemic.

What The project or The initiative the most Importance that i worked on her Ago your appointment manager administrative forinstitute Marangoni?

i worked on me the place on me Alter our courses, what in that everyone skills digital and skills Personal Further, also if skills New According to for needs futuristic to produce fashion and design (inside or Visible and industries Products). I have launched us courses New focus on me Trade eon me manner example, which Related sustainableMoreover. while in products fashion, we have program a certain chosen able to on me construction Forms primary in a way digital.

while Attention Develop business, my goal the first It was Opening institutes New in Golf Arabic And we started Of Dubai, Where We will open Institute in September Following, and we will move to me Saudi Arabia almost, I am happy that your magazine high end it will be our partner media and the shepherd More important for our activities, and look ahead to work together continuously with you let us take advantage Of your experience tall and distinguish in Scientist Fashion and fashion as such looking forward for your support in Investigation our aspirations opening institutes New especially in Saudi Arabia.

we started Investigation in market Of While Research in start general 2020 and our hair that there interest real at the school As institute Marangoniin Dubai, And we noticed that market miss this Type Of Institutions in territory education whore, wash there Request big on me School advancement courses in Fashion system international able to on me to merge the students with better Roll fashion luxury in everyone round the scientist. right now we ready to go. Prepare this over Mine one more projects Importance, addition while Attention activate woman, Which a task real for the institute Goals to me development Community Of Ladies Business talents and creators in Golf and the Emirates. Develop Institute successful methodology educational able to on me Strengthen Attitude leadership Business, and in the truth, we found 36 in hundred Of our students start their business own.

What Conditions recordings when Submission in institute Marangoni?

Of between Requirements the chief for candidates Who says they are progressing to study Fashion and art and design that become They have Qualifications and references Academy. addition to me that, Advise by choosing date for a meeting guide Finish through it an interview Candidates Around their experiences Previous and their aspirations and their skills linguistic and their potential the right for growth. subject Software educational in the language English to levels specific Of master the language English.

tell us complete Over project Institute For mentors?

it is idea I gave it in everyone Curriculum because i convince that better approach he is file through exercise, and set guides able to on me Transmission it is skills in a way professional for students, Which Chance amazing for them.

Of While our program academic, will be available for students Chance for work Over near with more Professionals fame and influential in Scientist fashion, and who they will participate with our talents young woman their experiences and their personality and their style Alfred. on me manner example, Oliver rust, Director artistically at home Balmain for fashion, And theKatie Big, design and the manager creative and journalist Fashion famous.

it is Chance Farida, Is characterized by seasons study especially and projects general, to discover talents applicants Of While construction project tangible under Guidance exceptional Of leader.

What that will specialize in it your institute in Dubai? signaled that Make the study room in it Farida comparison schools Fashion the other?

in the form of Basic, we able to on me if better Courses training Sell in Institute Specialized in fields Fashion and design, addition to me if courses educational New in in the future Design special country UAE. we will start our journey in September 2022 by four Certificates BA, under verification CAA, with concentration on me design fashion and design inner and design Products and design the visible and courses Undergraduate in Business Fashion and design fashion. we will offer Our courses the basic, Of Yes if Values and assets experiences institute Marangonieducational in region the east middle, and in the time Himself, we will award courses New in UAE in territory Accessories fashion luxury and testimony Master’s in Science jewellery almost very.

As well as Over that, we on me Contact with Markers commercial luxury active in emirate Dubai To develop Projects especially and stimulating for students Of the year first Of Increase BSC to give them the occasion To participate in a program Opposite schools, Where Can for the student that Started the year first or the second Of Increase BSC in Dubai, And yet that will get on me Certificate in one schools the Union European.

Why you chose emirate Dubai? What Your opinion in the scene educational for fashion in it is City?

I showed study state market We apparent that there Chance big for foundation educational As Our Foundation. no exist in Region School self Network international with Specialties upgraded and detailed Over fashion and products and design the visible and internally and studies Art media multiple. it is Chance to enter Market region the east middle, Where we can continue sophistication our reputation in Region, which his Already popular fame on me well Of not his existence in Region Of Previously. represent our plan on me Term distant in School Dubai focus on me investment in education qualification.

We are happy that join Stephanieto me our writers start Of Number September Following.

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